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Castaway Paradise PS4

Castaway Paradise

Washed up on an idyllic tropical island, you are free to explore, go fishing, plant a garden, decorate your house, dress up with hundreds of different items, and more
  • US July 31, 2018
  • EU July 31, 2018
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Stolen Couch Games
Publisher: Stolen Couch Games
  • 18 Trophy bronze icon
  • 21 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Got all trophies
Adjustment pixel Got all trophies: Got all trophies
Started a collection
Adjustment pixel Started a collection: Get your first collectable
Helped the Museum
Adjustment pixel Helped the Museum: Donate a collectable
You can be trout of yourself!
Adjustment pixel You can be trout of yourself!: Donate all fish
That's a buzzing collection!
Adjustment pixel That's a buzzing collection!: Donate all bugs
Stop being so shellfish!
Adjustment pixel Stop being so shellfish!: Donate all shells
Adjustment pixel Hoarder!: Donated every collectable
Fully equipped
Adjustment pixel Fully equipped: Used every piece of equipment
Meet the villagers
Adjustment pixel Meet the villagers: Introduced yourself to all the villagers
Home Crasher
Adjustment pixel Home Crasher: Visit all buildings and rooms
Très bien, grasshopper.
Adjustment pixel Très bien, grasshopper.: Rebuild Gustave's Bakery
Thanks a lot, quack!
Adjustment pixel Thanks a lot, quack!: Rebuild Amelia's Planehouse
That took RIDICULOUSLY LONG, wee one!
Adjustment pixel That took RIDICULOUSLY LONG, wee one!: Rebuild Angus' Trailer
You're the best, honey!
Adjustment pixel You're the best, honey!: Rebuild Victoria's Mansion
Young master, that's real nice of you!
Adjustment pixel Young master, that's real nice of you!: Rebuild Harold's Museum
Great work, little swabber.
Adjustment pixel Great work, little swabber.: Rebuild Francis' Pirateshack
I can sea clearly now
Adjustment pixel I can sea clearly now: Rebuild the Lighthouse
Expanding Business
Adjustment pixel Expanding Business: Rebuild a bridge
More room to fill!
Adjustment pixel More room to fill!: Unlock the second room in your house
Open Sesame!
Adjustment pixel Open Sesame!: Unlocked a gate
Enjoy the Island Life
Adjustment pixel Enjoy the Island Life: Completed the tutorial
We make a great pear!
Adjustment pixel We make a great pear!: Grow every type of fruit
Leaf me alone!
Adjustment pixel Leaf me alone!: Grow every type of flower
Lettuce turnip the beet!
Adjustment pixel Lettuce turnip the beet!: Grow every type of crop
Dressed to Impress
Adjustment pixel Dressed to Impress: Changed every piece of outfit
Clothes, but no cigar.
Adjustment pixel Clothes, but no cigar.: Wore an outfit of the opposite gender
Living the Luxurious Life
Adjustment pixel Living the Luxurious Life: Live the luxury life of a VIP
Something is bugging me
Adjustment pixel Something is bugging me: Donate 15 bugs
I don't quite sea it
Adjustment pixel I don't quite sea it: Donate 15 fish
Are you shore I can have these?
Adjustment pixel Are you shore I can have these?: Donate 15 shells
Well read
Adjustment pixel Well read: Read 50 chit chats
Easy job!
Adjustment pixel Easy job!: Completed 25 quests
Employee of the Month!
Adjustment pixel Employee of the Month!: Completed 100 quests
Wise Investor
Adjustment pixel Wise Investor: Make a profit of 500 gems on the Stock Market
The Wolf of Castaway Paradise
Adjustment pixel The Wolf of Castaway Paradise: Make a profit of 5000 gems on the Stock Market
Money in the bank!
Adjustment pixel Money in the bank!: Make a profit of 2000 gems at the Bank
You are so RADish!
Adjustment pixel You are so RADish!: Harvest 50 crops
May all your weeds be wildflowers
Adjustment pixel May all your weeds be wildflowers: Remove 50 weeds
Picky, aren't we?
Adjustment pixel Picky, aren't we?: Remove 25 stones
Weave come a long way.
Adjustment pixel Weave come a long way.: Remove 25 cobwebs
It's a total dump out there..
Adjustment pixel It's a total dump out there..: Collect 25 pieces of garbage
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