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Chicken Police PS4

Chicken Police

Chicken Police is a story- and dialogue-heavy game combining elements of the visual novel and classic adventure genres. There will be more than 30 characters to talk to, with some requiring you to apply fierce interrogation tactics. Collect tons of clues, evidence and sensitive personal information from the shady characters of Clawville to be used ruthlessly against them
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: The Wild Gentlemen
Publisher: HandyGames
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  • 6 Trophy gold icon
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The Chicken Police
Adjustment pixel The Chicken Police: Unlock all trophies
Adjustment pixel Detour: Complete the first chapter
The Killing
Adjustment pixel The Killing: Complete the second chapter
Out Of The Past
Adjustment pixel Out Of The Past: Complete the third chapter
Farewell, My Lovely
Adjustment pixel Farewell, My Lovely: Complete chapter four
Chicken Police is back together?!
Adjustment pixel Chicken Police is back together?!: Reach the ending
Nice work, partner!
Adjustment pixel Nice work, partner!: Get a "Living Legend" grade on a questioning
Now, let's grab a bite to eat.
Adjustment pixel Now, let's grab a bite to eat.: Get a "Frank Drebin" grade on a questioning
A real bookworm!
Adjustment pixel A real bookworm!: Find all 10 Chicken Police novels
True collector
Adjustment pixel True collector: Get all the collectible extras
The explorer
Adjustment pixel The explorer: Visit all the limited locations
Drinking problems
Adjustment pixel Drinking problems: Steal that fancy whisky from the Czar Club
Santino Featherland
Adjustment pixel Santino Featherland: Complete all the questionings with "Living Legend" results
Shadows from the past I.
Adjustment pixel Shadows from the past I.: Talk to Marty about his feelings before confronting Wessler
The librarian
Adjustment pixel The librarian: Get all codex entries
Adjustment pixel Psychiatrist: Get all personal informations
Shadows from the past II.
Adjustment pixel Shadows from the past II.: Talk to Marty about the case that separated the Chicken Police
Adjustment pixel Songbird: Collect all the songs for the jukebox
It was her, right?!
Adjustment pixel It was her, right?!: Get the secret ending!
The social type
Adjustment pixel The social type: Talk with all the characters in the game
Pictures at an Exhibition
Adjustment pixel Pictures at an Exhibition: Get all the 58 art gallery pictures
Burn, baby, Burn!
Adjustment pixel Burn, baby, Burn!: Die at least 3 times on the burning ship
Lights out
Adjustment pixel Lights out: Kill the 2 lights of the enemy car in one of the car chase sequences
Adjustment pixel Sharpshooter: Score at least 5000 points at the shooting range
Golden Heart
Adjustment pixel Golden Heart: Help Mort get a room for the night
For the old times sake
Adjustment pixel For the old times sake: Visit the Hop-Dog after the first Police scene
Adjustment pixel Projectionist: Get all the cutscenes of the game
Barking dogs never bite
Adjustment pixel Barking dogs never bite: 'Disturb Bloodbolye''s peace at least three times'
The Dame with a loaded gun
Adjustment pixel The Dame with a loaded gun: Get to the point where Natasha kills Albert Wessler
Is this love?
Adjustment pixel Is this love?: Ask Natasha about Ibn Wessler in her room
Police Squad!
Adjustment pixel Police Squad!: Talk with the "super-fan" nurse at the asylum
Sherlock Combs
Adjustment pixel Sherlock Combs: Finish the game with 0 failed questionings