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Chronos: Before the Ashes PS4

Chronos: Before the Ashes

Chronos: Before the Ashes is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles a hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Gunfire Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic
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  • 16 Trophy bronze icon
  • 21 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel BFA: Unlock Everything
The Bigger They Are…
Adjustment pixel The Bigger They Are…: Defeat the Krell Guardian
Many Faces, Few Words
Adjustment pixel Many Faces, Few Words: Defeat the Pan Guardian
What is the Labyrinth?
Adjustment pixel What is the Labyrinth?: Defeat the Labyrinth Guardian
Shouldn't Have Done That
Adjustment pixel Shouldn't Have Done That: Defeat the Dreamer
All Seeing Eye
Adjustment pixel All Seeing Eye: Defeat the Stone Golem
Your Royal Highness
Adjustment pixel Your Royal Highness: Defeat the Red Widow
Mirror, Mirror
Adjustment pixel Mirror, Mirror: Travel to Ward 16 by Way of the Mirror
Ball and Chain
Adjustment pixel Ball and Chain: Craft a Krell Mace
Not Your Enemy
Adjustment pixel Not Your Enemy: Meet the Krell Blacksmith
You Can't Touch This
Adjustment pixel You Can't Touch This: Acquire the Krell Hammer
Don't Fear the Reaper
Adjustment pixel Don't Fear the Reaper: Acquire the Labyrinth Scythe
Point the Sharp End at Enemies
Adjustment pixel Point the Sharp End at Enemies: Acquire the Pan Spear
Rock Wall
Adjustment pixel Rock Wall: Acquire the Krell Shield
More of a Buckler
Adjustment pixel More of a Buckler: Acquire the Pan Shield
I'll take it!
Adjustment pixel I'll take it!: Acquire the Krell Hidden Weapon
First of Many
Adjustment pixel First of Many: Upgrade Any Weapon
Maximum Power!
Adjustment pixel Maximum Power!: Upgrade Any Weapon to Max Level
Riddle me this
Adjustment pixel Riddle me this: Meet the Pan Flautist
It Burns!
Adjustment pixel It Burns!: Acquire the Fire Stone
Like Thunder
Adjustment pixel Like Thunder: Acquire the Lightning Stone
Light our Darkest Hour…
Adjustment pixel Light our Darkest Hour…: Acquire the Light Stone
What Evil Lurks…
Adjustment pixel What Evil Lurks…: Acquire the Shadow Stone
Too Clever
Adjustment pixel Too Clever: Solve the Flautist Riddles
Hard Choices
Adjustment pixel Hard Choices: Unlock Your First Trait
Strength in Numbers
Adjustment pixel Strength in Numbers: Put 30 Attribute Points into Strength
Surprisingly Spry
Adjustment pixel Surprisingly Spry: Put 30 Attribute Points into Agility
With Age Comes Wisdom
Adjustment pixel With Age Comes Wisdom: Put 30 Attribute Points into Arcane
Continuance of Life
Adjustment pixel Continuance of Life: Put 30 Attribute Points into Vitality
Old Enough
Adjustment pixel Old Enough: Complete the Game at age 21 or younger
Stories of Old
Adjustment pixel Stories of Old: Read 5 Books or Scrolls
Well Read
Adjustment pixel Well Read: Read 10 Books or Scrolls
Hard Choices
Adjustment pixel Hard Choices: Exchange you Starting Weapon with a Krell Version
Is this safe?
Adjustment pixel Is this safe?: Acquire a Dragon Heart
Do it yourself
Adjustment pixel Do it yourself: Create a Rare Dragon Shard
A Hidden Treasure
Adjustment pixel A Hidden Treasure: Open a Dragon Inscribed Box
A Small Momento
Adjustment pixel A Small Momento: Return a Keepsake to the Krell King
A Heroic Feat
Adjustment pixel A Heroic Feat: Complete the Game on HEROIC
The Hero's Journey
Adjustment pixel The Hero's Journey: Complete the Game on any Difficulty
A True Adventurer
Adjustment pixel A True Adventurer: Complete the Game on ADVENTURE