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Concrete Genie PS4

Concrete Genie

It’s an action adventure game about a boy called Ash who discovers he can bring his paintings to life.
Concrete Genie is a Adventure-game for the   developed by Pixelopus and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • US October 9, 2019
  • EU October 8, 2019
  • JP N/A
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The Artist of Denska
The Artist of Denska: Known as "the street artist who brought Denska back to life".
Luna's Apprentice
Luna's Apprentice: Finish your first painting in the Lighthouse.
Let the Light Shine
Let the Light Shine: Turn on the Lighthouse beacon.
Just Like Old Times
Just Like Old Times: Finish the Masterpiece at the Fishing Port.
Power's Back!
Power's Back!: Finish the Masterpiece at the Hydroelectric Plant.
Water's Clear!
Water's Clear!: Finish the Masterpiece in the Waterways.
Forced to Fight
Forced to Fight: Defeat all the Minions in the Lighthouse.
The name's Ash
The name's Ash: Save Zack and the Dark Fire Genie at the Fishing Port.
Doing the Right Thing
Doing the Right Thing: Save Chuck, Janie and the Dark Electric Genies at the Hydroelectric Plant.
I made a promise...
I made a promise...: Save Beatrice and the Dark Wind Genies in the Waterways.
The Curse is Lifted
The Curse is Lifted: Save the Dark Alpha Genie in the Cave.
Fresh Start
Fresh Start: Break the cycle of bullying and make new friends.
Something New!
Something New!: Collect your first flying Landscape page.
Choices, Choices
Choices, Choices: Collect 5 flying Genie Body or Feature pages.
Stunning Landscape
Stunning Landscape: Collect all the Landscape pages in a level.
Every Possible Look
Every Possible Look: Collect all the Genie Body and Feature pages in a level.
Art Gallery
Art Gallery: Collect all the Landscape pages.
Perfectly Restored
Perfectly Restored: Collect all the pages in the Sketchbook.
Colorful Companion
Colorful Companion: Bring your first biped Genie to life.
Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?
Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?: Bring your first quadruped Genie to life.
All Ears
All Ears: Attach Ears to a Genie.
Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion!: Attach more than 5 different Features to a Genie.
Besties: Wave to your Genie more than 3 times.
High Five!
High Five!: High-five your Genie after scoring a basket.
Karaoke Night!
Karaoke Night!: Hear your Genie sing.
Peekaboo!: Play Peekaboo with your Genie and get Peekabooed.
Om Nom Nom Nom
Om Nom Nom Nom: Watch a Genie throw an Apple to another Genie.
My Happy Place
My Happy Place: Sit by the Campfire with your Genie.
Weeeeeeeeeeee!: Watch your Genie run away with a Kite or a Pinwheel.
Feel the Thunder
Feel the Thunder: Scare or delight your Genie with a Lightning strike.
Is It Raining?
Is It Raining?: Watch your Genie hide under an Umbrella Plant.
Anyone There?
Anyone There?: Watch your Genie talk into a Storm Lily.
Don't Eat Me!
Don't Eat Me!: Watch your Genie get scared by a Venus Fly Trap.
Carried Away
Carried Away: Watch your Genie fly up with a Balloon.
Sugar Rush!
Sugar Rush!: Watch your Genie run around after eating a Storm Vine Fruit or a Mushroom Vine Fruit.
Chillaxing: Watch your Genie sit on top of an Iceberg.
Frozen Treat
Frozen Treat: Watch your Genie try to eat snowflakes.
In the Zone
In the Zone: Paint for 3 minutes without leaving paint mode.
Starchild: Paint a total of 20 streams of Stars.
Pyromaniac: Paint more than 10 Campfires in a row.
What Does It Mean?
What Does It Mean?: Paint a Double Rainbow.
Lunatic: Paint more than 10 Moons in a row.
Festival Time!
Festival Time!: Paint a total of 30 Mushroom Vines.
Snow Season
Snow Season: Paint a total of 20 Blackbirches.
Free Style
Free Style: Paint in all the Free Paint levels.
Living Photo
Living Photo: Use the replay feature in the Photo Mode.
I'm Back!
I'm Back!: Continue painting after the game is finished.
Stories of Denska
Stories of Denska: Read all the newspapers.
Faded Memories
Faded Memories: Find and finish your first Billboard.
Memories Restored
Memories Restored: Find and finish all the Billboards.
A Secret Moment
A Secret Moment: Complete your first Genie Moments sketch.
Capture the Moments
Capture the Moments: Complete all the Genie Moments sketches.
Luna's Secret
Luna's Secret: Find Luna's secret under the Lighthouse.
VR Trophies
Helloooo!: Wave at Splotch.
Musical Genius
Musical Genius: Paint Wind on 6 or more Pipe Organ Plants in one stroke.
Crystal Artist
Crystal Artist: Paint Crystals in The Crystal Meadow.