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Crazy Athletics PS5

Crazy Athletics

On your marks, get set, go. This is definitely the craziest summer sports game ever! Ten games and many more crazy tasks, with cartoon 2D graphics in 4K resolution and 120FPS/60FPS! Musical feast. 100+ different indie songs with vocals. + mp3 soundtrack.
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon

Developer: Crazysoft Limited
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited
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True Champion
Adjustment pixel True Champion: Finish all maps successfully.
Like a Dolphin
Adjustment pixel Like a Dolphin: Win the North American Swim Tournament. (Event 2)
NA Winner
Adjustment pixel NA Winner: Finish North American map. (Event 6)
Beat 'Thor'
Adjustment pixel Beat 'Thor': Beat 'Thor' at Javelin. (Event 10)
European Tournament
Adjustment pixel European Tournament: Win the European Tournament and finish the map. (Event 13)
Jump High
Adjustment pixel Jump High: Can you jump as high as 1.50m? (Event 3)
Beat 'Hermes'
Adjustment pixel Beat 'Hermes': Beat 'Hermes' at Long Jump. (Event 12)
Shot Put Tournament
Adjustment pixel Shot Put Tournament: Win the Shot Put Tournament. (Event 19)
Dino Run
Adjustment pixel Dino Run: Don't let the dinosaur catch you. (Event 20)
Water Dragon
Adjustment pixel Water Dragon: Can you beat 'Water Dragon' at swimming? (Event 22)
Space Rocket
Adjustment pixel Space Rocket: 'Space Rocket' is the best 400m runner. (Event 24)
Russian Tournament
Adjustment pixel Russian Tournament: Win the Russian Tournament and finish the map. (Event 27)
Australian Tournament
Adjustment pixel Australian Tournament: Win the Australian swimming tournament. (Event 32)
Target Snake
Adjustment pixel Target Snake: Can you target your shot on a snake? (Event 34)
Beat 'Kaira'
Adjustment pixel Beat 'Kaira': Can you beat 'Kaira' at Javelin? (Event 38)
Chinese Tournament
Adjustment pixel Chinese Tournament: Win the Chinese 100m running tournament. (Event 40)
Javelin Tournament
Adjustment pixel Javelin Tournament: Win the Javelin Tournament and finish the map. (Event 42)
Hurdles Tournament
Adjustment pixel Hurdles Tournament: Win a running with hurdles tournament near the pyramids. (Event 45)
Crocodile Pit
Adjustment pixel Crocodile Pit: Jump over a crocodile pit and finish the map. (Event 49)
Samba Runner
Adjustment pixel Samba Runner: Win 'Samba Runner' in 400m with hurdles. (Event 53)
Long Jump Tournament
Adjustment pixel Long Jump Tournament: Win the Long Jump Tournament and finish the map. (Event 56)
Middle Eastern Tournament
Adjustment pixel Middle Eastern Tournament: Win the Middle Eastern 400m running Tournament. (Event 60)
Jump Cactus
Adjustment pixel Jump Cactus: Jump over the cacti and finish the map. (Event 63)
Jakarta Tournament
Adjustment pixel Jakarta Tournament: Win the Jakarta swimming Tournament. (Event 68)
High Jump Tournament
Adjustment pixel High Jump Tournament: Win the High Jump Tournament and finish the game. (Event 70)
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