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Cyberbike 2 PS3

Cyberbike 2

Play through the 18 levels of Cyberbike 2 and help your eco citizen avatar clean up the planet Cyclo. Whether on the ground, underground, in the water or in the air explore 4 different environments with 4 original vehicles, (bike, hydroplane, trolley and helicopter). The whole family can play in 3 game modes: rise up to challenges, unlock new accessories and new vehicles in Story mode, compete against your friends online in Multiplayer mode or work out on 3 types of training circuits.
  • US December 2, 2011
  • EU N/A
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Eko
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
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  • 20 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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King of the track
Adjustment pixel King of the track: All trophies have been unlocked
Tuning addict
Adjustment pixel Tuning addict: Unlock all the vehicles’ accessories
Fashion addict
Adjustment pixel Fashion addict: Unlock all the costumes
Finish line
Adjustment pixel Finish line: Finish Arcade mode
Dream body
Adjustment pixel Dream body: Reach a fitness factor of 100
Perfect course
Adjustment pixel Perfect course: Collect all the bonuses in a race in the right order
Yellow jersey
Adjustment pixel Yellow jersey: Win an on-line tournament
Iron constitution
Adjustment pixel Iron constitution: Reach a fitness factor of 70
Globetrotter 2
Adjustment pixel Globetrotter 2: Cover more than 30 miles (added up)
Adjustment pixel Globetrotter: Cover more than 20 miles (added up)
Discipline and willpower
Adjustment pixel Discipline and willpower: Reach a program's fourth week
Expert collector
Adjustment pixel Expert collector: Exceed level 5 during a race
Pedal pro
Adjustment pixel Pedal pro: Exceed 60 000 points at the end of a race with the CycloBooster
Flying ace
Adjustment pixel Flying ace: Exceed 15 000 points at the end of a race with the CycloCopter
Bold adventurer
Adjustment pixel Bold adventurer: Exceed 70 000 points at the end of a race with the CycloRail
Star on ice
Adjustment pixel Star on ice: Exceed 35 000 points at the end of a race with the CycloGlider
Community cyclist
Adjustment pixel Community cyclist: Play an on-line game
Champion of the day
Adjustment pixel Champion of the day: Reach 1st place in an on-line race
Light at the end of the tunnel
Adjustment pixel Light at the end of the tunnel: Win a race while blinded.
Counter measure
Adjustment pixel Counter measure: Use a remedy to cancel a malus
Pimp my bike
Adjustment pixel Pimp my bike: Put an accessory on a vehicle
Fashion victim
Adjustment pixel Fashion victim: Change your avatar's skin
Tourist at large
Adjustment pixel Tourist at large: Cover more than 10 miles (added up)
Shape up
Adjustment pixel Shape up: Reach a fitness factor of 50
Amateur collector
Adjustment pixel Amateur collector: Exceed level 3 during a race
Adjustment pixel Warm-up: Finish the first race
Adjustment pixel Chandelle: Perform a jump standing on the pedals
Adjustment pixel Freewheel: Cover 0.15 miles without pedalling
Super copter
Adjustment pixel Super copter: Finish a race in less than 120 seconds with the CycloCopter
One-way ticket
Adjustment pixel One-way ticket: Finish a race without touching the gulls
Angry birds
Adjustment pixel Angry birds: Flee the attacking seagulls
Speed of light
Adjustment pixel Speed of light: Finish a race in less than 240 seconds with the CycloRail
Adjustment pixel Untouchable: Finish a race without touching any obstacles with the CycloRail
Unidentified flying object
Adjustment pixel Unidentified flying object: Perform a gliding jump lasting over 2 seconds with the CycloRail
Ice fusion
Adjustment pixel Ice fusion: Finish a race in less than 260 seconds with the CycloGlider
Swan dive
Adjustment pixel Swan dive: Perform a gliding jump lasting over 1.5 seconds with the CycloGlider