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DEEMO -Reborn- PS4

DEEMO -Reborn-

Master more than 60 songs including DEEMO fan favorites and new additions to unlock scenes exclusive to PlayStation 4. Explore a gorgeous castle, rebuilt from scratch in 3D, and find sheet music to add to your repertoire.
DEEMO -Reborn- is a Rhythm, PlayStation VR-game for the   developed by Rababa Games and published by Unties.
  • US November 21, 2019
  • EU November 21, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Reborn: Collect all Trophies in DEEMO -Reborn-
Falling Girl
Falling Girl: A mysterious girl who fell from the sky
Debut: First Performance
Budding: Why is there... a tree bud here?
Music In The Cherry Blossoms
Music In The Cherry Blossoms: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Book Room
Librarian: Solve all secrets in the Book Room
Melody & Tree
Melody & Tree: It sprouted~
Growing: The tree bud seems to grow with the music
I Miss My Home
I Miss My Home: When can I go home?
Music In The Table
Music In The Table: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Loft Room
The Mysterious Loft
The Mysterious Loft: Solve all secrets in the Loft Room
Blossom: The tree... has blossomed
Leave: Looks like you guys are having a fun time~
Where It Goes
Where It Goes: Where is this painting connected to?
The New Tree
The New Tree: The tree seems to have grown taller and bigger!
Music In The Sail Boat
Music In The Sail Boat: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Second Floor Lobby
The Long Trip
The Long Trip: Solve all secrets in the Second Floor Lobby
Music In The Mystical Garden
Music In The Mystical Garden: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Trophy Room
Masked Lady's Room
Masked Lady's Room: Solve all secrets in the Trophy Room
Music In The Pipe Organ
Music In The Pipe Organ: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Basement
The World Beneath
The World Beneath: Solve all secrets in the Basement
The Key
The Key: Deemo, help me
Music In The Cube
Music In The Cube: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Stack Room
Between Here and There
Between Here and There: Solve all secrets in the Stack Room
Her Little Secret
Her Little Secret: Saw Masked Lady's treasured scenery
You Cannot Go
You Cannot Go: I... I won't allow you to proceed ahead!!
Memories: Are these... my memories?
I Believe
I Believe: This should be... okay, right?
Goodbye: Farewell Time
Golden Carousel
Golden Carousel: Obtain the golden sheet music in the Piano Room
I Miss You
I Miss You: Play a song and Miss all notes
1st Perfect
1st Perfect: First perfect performance
Mandoras: Is this some sort of weird... creature?
Painting Detective
Painting Detective: Recover all the wall paintings in the Trophy Room
Doodles: Find all the sketches in the castle
Mirai's Hide and Seek
Mirai's Hide and Seek: Mirai's castle adventures
Good Ideas
Good Ideas: There is no puzzle the feather duster can't solve.
Illumination: Illuminate the entire castle
Rune Collector
Rune Collector: Collect all Runes on the stone tablets
Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master: Complete all the puzzles in the castle
Dream Builders
Dream Builders: Watch the entire credits
The Performer
The Performer: Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on 30 different songs
The Pianist
The Pianist: Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on 50 different songs
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect: Achieve All Charming on 30 different charts
All These Melodies
All These Melodies: Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on all songs
Rhythm Game Master
Rhythm Game Master: Play the Hard chart of all songs and achieve a score of 80% or higher on all of them