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Destruction AllStars PS5

Destruction AllStars

Dominate the glittering global phenomenon of Destruction AllStars – the spectacular prime-time sport for dangerous driver
  • US February 2, 2021
  • EU February 2, 2021
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon

Developer: Lucid Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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  • 6 Trophy bronze icon
  • 17 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Hall of Fame
Adjustment pixel Hall of Fame: Unlock all Destruction AllStars Trophies
Adjustment pixel Rookie: Earn all of the star objectives for a single event
Ultimate Respect
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Respect: Earn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados' Series, Mutual Respect (21)
Adjustment pixel Wreckognised: Earn an S Rank Wreckognition rating or higher in any event
No Free Ride
Adjustment pixel No Free Ride: Complete the vehicle emote tutorial in Open Training with any character
Stars and Cars Collide
Adjustment pixel Stars and Cars Collide: Complete and Win the Mayhem Tutorial.
Detonate to Dominate
Adjustment pixel Detonate to Dominate: Complete and Win the Carnado Tutorial.
The Last AllStar
Adjustment pixel The Last AllStar: Complete and Win the Gridfall Tutorial.
Bankety Bank
Adjustment pixel Bankety Bank: Complete and Win the Stockpile Tutorial.
Wrecking Ball
Adjustment pixel Wrecking Ball: Perform 100 Wrecks in any mode (100)
The Hero we don't deserve
Adjustment pixel The Hero we don't deserve: Wreck an opponent's hero vehicle in an online match
Adjustment pixel Ghost: Deal 100 damage whilst stealth in Cypher, without taking any damage in an online match
Adjustment pixel Impenetrable: Block 100 damage with the Undisputed's shield in a single use of the breaker in an online match
Adjustment pixel Stronghold: Keep a full shield in Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online match
Adjustment pixel Bullet: Slice 2 vehicles in a single slice with Sabre in an online match
Adjustment pixel Flamethrower: Set an entire team on fire with Cerberus in an online match
Flame on
Adjustment pixel Flame on: Set 3 AllStars on fire at once with Wildfire in an online match
Pitch Perfect
Adjustment pixel Pitch Perfect: Wreck 3 enemies using CRASHendo in an online match
Home Run
Adjustment pixel Home Run: Wreck 3 opponents with a single use of Mr. Sparkles' breaker in an online match
Hit List
Adjustment pixel Hit List: Take out 3 targets in a single use of Xero's X-Ray in an Online Match
Ultimate Precision
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Precision: Take out 3 targets in a single use of Number One's Lock on in an online match
No Escape
Adjustment pixel No Escape: Wreck all opponents with Barong's Countdown in an Online match
Chewed Up
Adjustment pixel Chewed Up : Shred 3 cars in a single use of the Shredder in an online match
Adjustment pixel Prickly: Spike 3 enemies at once with the Morningstar in an online match
Instant Service
Adjustment pixel Instant Service: Attach drones to 3 enemies with The Boxmobile in one use in an online match
Party Animal
Adjustment pixel Party Animal: Smoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in one use in an online match
Terminal Velocity
Adjustment pixel Terminal Velocity: Reach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online match
Adjustment pixel AllStar: Win 50 online matches (50)
Checking out the competition
Adjustment pixel Checking out the competition: Win an online match with 16 different AllStars (16)