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Dragon Lapis PS4

Dragon Lapis

The dawn of a new hero! A tale spanning a thousand years now begins to unfold
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Exe Create
Publisher: Kemco
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  • 26 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Millennial Story of Bonds
Adjustment pixel Millennial Story of Bonds: Obtained all the trophies.
Where It All Begins
Adjustment pixel Where It All Begins: Watched the opening.
Dawn of a New Hero
Adjustment pixel Dawn of a New Hero: Set out on an adventure.
A Hero's Companions
Adjustment pixel A Hero's Companions: Got a party together.
To the Open Sea!
Adjustment pixel To the Open Sea!: Obtained a ship.
Hero's Mission
Adjustment pixel Hero's Mission: Cleared Adri Desert.
Deepening Bonds
Adjustment pixel Deepening Bonds: Obtained the Light Lapis.
To the Skies
Adjustment pixel To the Skies: Became able to ride the Gold Dragon.
Fall of the Silver Dragon
Adjustment pixel Fall of the Silver Dragon: Defeated the Silver Dragon, Ishtar.
Normal End
Adjustment pixel Normal End: Earned the Normal Ending.
Happy End
Adjustment pixel Happy End: Earned the Happy Ending.
First Trial Clear
Adjustment pixel First Trial Clear: Cleared the first trial in the Goddess Shrine.
Second Trial Clear
Adjustment pixel Second Trial Clear: Cleared the second trial in the Goddess Shrine.
Third Trial Clear
Adjustment pixel Third Trial Clear: Cleared the third trial in the Goddess Shrine.
Fourth Trial Clear
Adjustment pixel Fourth Trial Clear: Cleared the fourth trial in the Goddess Shrine.
Fifth Trial Clear
Adjustment pixel Fifth Trial Clear: Cleared the fifth trial in the Goddess Shrine.
Fierce Trio
Adjustment pixel Fierce Trio: Cleared the Goddess Enah's first challenge.
Cute But Detestable
Adjustment pixel Cute But Detestable: Cleared the Goddess Enah's second challenge.
Eternal Idol
Adjustment pixel Eternal Idol: Cleared the Goddess Enah's third challenge.
Dragon Sinker
Adjustment pixel Dragon Sinker: Gained total victory at the Heroes' Grave.
Adjustment pixel Combatant: Defeated boss in Lodun Mine.
Adjustment pixel Man-at-Arms: Defeated boss in Rige Woods.
Adjustment pixel Trooper: Defeated boss in Wimdos Spire.
3rd-Class Unlocker
Adjustment pixel 3rd-Class Unlocker: Unlocked all slots on a growth plate.
2nd-Class Unlocker
Adjustment pixel 2nd-Class Unlocker: Unlocked 100 growth plate slots.
1st-Class Unlocker
Adjustment pixel 1st-Class Unlocker: Unlocked 500 growth plate slots.
Brave Master
Adjustment pixel Brave Master: Became a hero.
Dragonite Master
Adjustment pixel Dragonite Master: Became a hi-dragonite.
Sword Master
Adjustment pixel Sword Master: Mastered all warrior-class jobs.
Magic Master
Adjustment pixel Magic Master: Mastered all mage-class jobs.
Cleric Master
Adjustment pixel Cleric Master: Mastered all priest-class jobs.
Thief Master
Adjustment pixel Thief Master: Mastered all thief-class jobs.
Medicine Master
Adjustment pixel Medicine Master: Mastered all pharmacist-class jobs.
Psychic Master
Adjustment pixel Psychic Master: Mastered all mystic-class jobs.
Merchant Master
Adjustment pixel Merchant Master: Mastered all peddler-class jobs.
Knight Master
Adjustment pixel Knight Master: Mastered all soldier-class jobs.
Monster Researcher
Adjustment pixel Monster Researcher: Filled in 100 enemies for Monster Guide.
Monster Slayer
Adjustment pixel Monster Slayer: Filled in 200 enemies for Monster Guide.
Mission Expert
Adjustment pixel Mission Expert: Cleared 100 missions.
Heart of Gold
Adjustment pixel Heart of Gold: Cleared all subquests.
Metal Killer
Adjustment pixel Metal Killer: Defeated 100 metal monsters.
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