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Dragon Quest: Heroes PS4

Dragon Quest: Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes for PS4 is an action-based RPG from the makers of Dynasty Warriors, set in the magical world of Dragon Quest.
Dragon Quest: Heroes is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Omega Force and published by Square Enix.
  • US October 13, 2015
  • EU October 13, 2015
  • JP N/A
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Glory Hunter
Glory Hunter: Awarded for successfully acquiring every trophy.
Daylight Saver
Daylight Saver: Awarded for defeating Shadroth, Lord of the Night, and thereby saving the world.
Personnel Trainer
Personnel Trainer: Awarded for training all party members to level 50 or above.
Variety Clubber
Variety Clubber: Awarded for defeating every single species of monster.
Beastmaster: Awarded for recruiting every single species of monster minion.
The Complete Alchemist
The Complete Alchemist: Awarded for obtaining every available ingredient.
Master at Arms
Master at Arms: Awarded for obtaining each and every weapon and orb.
Avid Accessoriser
Avid Accessoriser: Awarded for obtaining every variety of accessory.
Restless Quester
Restless Quester: Awarded for completing every quest.
Veteranarian: Awarded for defeating every variety of veteran monster.
Accessory to Alchemy
Accessory to Alchemy: Awarded for creating a total of 100 accessories by alchemy.
Halfpenny Millionaire
Halfpenny Millionaire: Awarded for collecting a total of 500,000 gold coins.
Gold Medallist
Gold Medallist: Awarded for collecting a total of 200 mini medals.
Puffington Host
Puffington Host: Awarded for treating every character to a Puff-Puff.
Fundamentalist: Awarded for mastering the fundamentals of fighting.
Dragonslayer: Awarded for defeating the green dragon and saving the city of Arba.
Giantkiller: Awarded for defeating the gigantes and saving the city of Caliburgh.
Colossus of Colissea
Colossus of Colissea: Awarded for defeating the three killing machines and saving the town of Colissea.
Saviour of Sylvea
Saviour of Sylvea: Awarded for defeating the rampaging monsters and saving the verdant village of Sylvea.
Guardian of Grannet
Guardian of Grannet: Awarded for defeating the living statue and saving the underground town of Grannet.
Treetop Trouncer
Treetop Trouncer: Awarded for battling through a horde of rampaging monsters to save the World Tree.
Towering Achiever
Towering Achiever: Awarded for climbing the Pinnacle of Light and winning an audience with the Goddess.
Clinical Trialist
Clinical Trialist: Awarded for defeating the Serpent of the Scales and gaining the true power of light.
Defender of Dawnsholm
Defender of Dawnsholm: Awarded for lifting the siege of Dawnsholm and obtaining the dew of the Tree of Life.
Yggdrasil Rooter
Yggdrasil Rooter: Awarded for taking the dew to the benighted World Tree and dispelling the darkness.
Double De-Faulter
Double De-Faulter: Awarded for defeating Velasco on the Fault, and vanquishing a legendary beast.
Mixed Griller
Mixed Griller: Awarded for defeating many different varieties of monster.
Diversity Trainer
Diversity Trainer: Awarded for recruiting many different species of monster minion.
Materialist: Awarded for collecting many different types of ingredients.
Equipmentalist: Awarded for collecting many different varieties of weapons and orbs.
Ornamentalist: Awarded for collecting all manner of accessories.
Avid Adventurer
Avid Adventurer: Awarded for completing a large number of quests.
Monster Masher
Monster Masher: Awarded for defeating a total of 10,000 monsters.
Map Maniac
Map Maniac: Awarded for completing a total of 50 challenges in the grottoes marked on mysterious maps.
Alchemist's Apprentice
Alchemist's Apprentice: Awarded for attempting to craft an accessory with alchemy.
Alchemy Aficionado
Alchemy Aficionado: Awarded for achieving your first alchemical sweet success.
Minion Maximiser
Minion Maximiser: Awarded for expanding your monster medal holder to maximum capacity.
Greedy for Ingredients
Greedy for Ingredients: Awarded for expanding your ingredients bag to maximum capacity.
Hardware Hoarder
Hardware Hoarder: Awarded for expanding your equipment bag to maximum capacity.
Really Healy
Really Healy: Awarded for obtaining the maximum number of Healstones.
Tensile Strengthener
Tensile Strengthener: Awarded for completing your tension training, and entering super-high-tension mode.
Heavy Hitter
Heavy Hitter: Awarded for performing a total of 100 critical hits.
Serial Skiller
Serial Skiller: Awarded for performing a total of 1000 spells or special skills.
Tous les Coups
Tous les Coups: Awarded for activating every party member's coup de grâce.
Seasoned Soldier
Seasoned Soldier: Awarded for clocking up 30 hours of play time in an adventure log.
Crème de la Combo
Crème de la Combo: Awarded for stringing together a combo of 300 hits or more.
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer: Awarded for discovering 40 different Zoom locations.
Metalworker: Awarded for defeating a metal slime.
Liquid Licker
Liquid Licker: Awarded for defeating a liquid metal slime.
King Klanger
King Klanger: Awarded for defeating a metal king slime.