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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 PS3

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Set in the future, chaotic warfare has engulfed the universe. The world is ripe with strife as gigantic mecha called Mobile Suits march to war on land and in space. Featuring characters and mecha from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga series, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 thrusts players into the galactic melee with over 50 playable and upgradable characters and over 70 playable and upgradeable Mobile Suits combed from the Gundam universe. New additions include Mobile Suits from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam UC and many more.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 also features a number of gameplay additions to the series, including three brand new featured systems, including the Partner Strike, Emergency Dash and Recovery Gauge Systems, which will bring a new level of tactical engagement to the series. Partner Strike System will enable the player to summon partner characters to the battlefield to assist at crucial moments, affecting your character’s current melee engagement or possibly the overall battlefield conditions for your army. Emergency Dash System will allow players to execute new cancel and evasion moves negating enemy attacks. This system will bring a new level to gameplay since powerful combos can be more easily parried. The new Recovery System enables players to recover armor during battle allowing players more flexibility in their tactics on the battlefield.
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is a ActionRPG-game for the   developed by Koei, Omega Force and published by Bandai-Namco.
  • US June 28, 2011
  • EU July 1, 2011
  • JP October 16, 2012
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Ultimate Dynasty Warrior Gundam
Ultimate Dynasty Warrior Gundam: Unlock all DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM 3 Trophies
Master Ace
Master Ace: 10000
Legendary Master Ace
Legendary Master Ace: Shoot down 100,000 enemies
Cross of Zeon
Cross of Zeon: Exceed 100 plays
Order of the Nebula
Order of the Nebula: Exceed 200 plays
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter: Obtain more than 10,000 G
Last Shooting
Last Shooting: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam" history missions
Riders in the Skies
Riders in the Skies: Clear all "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" history missions
Warriors, Again...
Warriors, Again...: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ" history missions
Space Rainbow
Space Rainbow: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" history missions
Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn" history missions
Space Pirate
Space Pirate: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam F91" history missions
Ascent of Angels
Ascent of Angels: Clear all "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam" history missions
Stardust Memory
Stardust Memory: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083" history missions
A Hopeful Future; Ready, Go!
A Hopeful Future; Ready, Go!: Clear all "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" history missions
The Final Victor
The Final Victor: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" history missions
The Moon Will Always Be There
The Moon Will Always Be There: Clear all "After War Gundam X" history missions
Golden Autumn
Golden Autumn: Clear all "Mobile Suit Turn A Gundam" history missions
The Chosen Future
The Chosen Future: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" history missions
Celestial Being
Celestial Being: Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" history missions
Tales of the Dark History
Tales of the Dark History: Clear all history missions
Leader of Humanity
Leader of Humanity: Completely finish either of the story missions "Those Who Understand" or "Those Who Fight."
Reformer of Humanity
Reformer of Humanity: Clear all story missions
True Dynasty Warrior Gundam
True Dynasty Warrior Gundam: Clear all missions
Demon of the Lab
Demon of the Lab: Reach tech level 10 in the Mobile Suit lab
Instructor from Hell
Instructor from Hell: 50
Licensed to Ride
Licensed to Ride: Obtain all licenses
Pilot Gatherer
Pilot Gatherer: Unlock all playable characters
Mobile Suit Gatherer
Mobile Suit Gatherer: Unlock all playable Mobile Suits
Purebred Innovator
Purebred Innovator: Friendship level of all characters reaches level 5
Character Collector
Character Collector: Complete the character gallery
Mobile Suit Collector
Mobile Suit Collector: Complete the Mobile Suit gallery
Sound Collector
Sound Collector: Complete the sound gallery
Movie Collector
Movie Collector: Complete the movie gallery
Online Play 20
Online Play 20: Play online 20 times
Online Play 100
Online Play 100: Play online 100 times
Avenger: Shoot down 100 enemies online
Fierce Avenger
Fierce Avenger: Shoot down 1,000 enemies online