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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising PS5

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Deep below the destitute town of a New Neveah, hidden riches await. After a massive earthquake reveals a path to the ruins beneath, fortune-seeking adventurers journey to the city. Three star-crossed heroes find their interests align and team up to explore the destruction and help restore New Neveah to its former glory.
  • US May 10, 2022
  • EU May 10, 2022
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Natsume Atari
Publisher: 505 Games
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  • 40 Trophy bronze icon
  • 8 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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An Adventurer for the Ages
Adjustment pixel An Adventurer for the Ages: Unlocked all trophies
Plenty More to Go
Adjustment pixel Plenty More to Go: Completed your first main scenario quest
Adjustment pixel Partners?: Teamed up with Garoo
...And Your Tax Money
Adjustment pixel ...And Your Tax Money: Teamed up with Isha
All Bark, No Bite
Adjustment pixel All Bark, No Bite: Defeated the Great Tree Fiend
Magical Mineral Golem
Adjustment pixel Magical Mineral Golem: Defeated the Lode Golem in the Quarry
The Lords of the Snowpeak
Adjustment pixel The Lords of the Snowpeak: Defeated the Blizzard Brothers on the Snowpeak
The Lava Mantor Wyrm
Adjustment pixel The Lava Mantor Wyrm: Defeated the Lava Mantor Wyrm
This Treasure I've Found
Adjustment pixel This Treasure I've Found: Cleared all main scenario quests
The Road to Recovery
Adjustment pixel The Road to Recovery: Completed your first side-quest
One-Hundred Resident Record
Adjustment pixel One-Hundred Resident Record: Cleared all resident quests
A Girl About the Town
Adjustment pixel A Girl About the Town: Completed the silver stamp card
The Go-To Girl
Adjustment pixel The Go-To Girl: Completed the gold stamp card
The Pride of the Town
Adjustment pixel The Pride of the Town: Completed the platinum stamp card
A Local Hero
Adjustment pixel A Local Hero: Completed the black stamp card
Scavenger's Honor
Adjustment pixel Scavenger's Honor: Brought CJ to level 30
One Mean Merc
Adjustment pixel One Mean Merc: Brought Garoo to level 30
Adept, for an Acting Mayor
Adjustment pixel Adept, for an Acting Mayor: Brought Isha to level 30
No One Better
Adjustment pixel No One Better: Brought a character to level 50
Full Force - CJ
Adjustment pixel Full Force - CJ: Fully enhanced CJ's weapon and armor
Full Force - Garoo
Adjustment pixel Full Force - Garoo: Fully enhanced Garoo's weapon and armor
Full Force - Isha
Adjustment pixel Full Force - Isha: Fully enhanced Isha's weapon and armor
Arms Master
Adjustment pixel Arms Master: Brought all party members' weapons to their max. level
Armor Master
Adjustment pixel Armor Master: Brought all party members' armor to its max. level
Amateur Adventurer
Adjustment pixel Amateur Adventurer: Obtained a total of 100 resources
Hopeful Hunter
Adjustment pixel Hopeful Hunter: Defeated 100 enemies
No Treasure Left Behind
Adjustment pixel No Treasure Left Behind: Obtained resources of all types
Natural Born Monster-Killer
Adjustment pixel Natural Born Monster-Killer: Defeated all types of enemies
On Outlander Lane
Adjustment pixel On Outlander Lane: Used town facilities 10 times
New Nevaeh's Number One Customer
Adjustment pixel New Nevaeh's Number One Customer: Used all town facilities
Adjustment pixel Gourmand: Ate max. level cuisine
Adjustment pixel Accessorizer: Created a max. level accessory
Adjustment pixel Sommelier: Obtained max. level a consumable
Rune Scholar
Adjustment pixel Rune Scholar: Created a max. level rune
Money, Money, Money
Adjustment pixel Money, Money, Money: Obtained 100,000 baqua
First Time Fishing
Adjustment pixel First Time Fishing: Caught a fish for the first time
First Time Hunting
Adjustment pixel First Time Hunting: Trapped a beast for the first time
Elementum Primo
Adjustment pixel Elementum Primo: Destroyed an Elementum Pillar for the first time
Fishing Master
Adjustment pixel Fishing Master: Caught a max. grade fish
Meat Master
Adjustment pixel Meat Master: Obtained max. grade meat
Elementum Mastery
Adjustment pixel Elementum Mastery: Destroyed all types of Elementum Pillar
The Great Forest...On Foot!
Adjustment pixel The Great Forest...On Foot!: Explored every area in the Great Forest
The Quarry...On Foot!
Adjustment pixel The Quarry...On Foot!: Explored every area in the Quarry
The Snowpeak...On Foot!
Adjustment pixel The Snowpeak...On Foot!: Explored every area in the Snowpeak
The Lava Ruins...On Foot!
Adjustment pixel The Lava Ruins...On Foot!: Explored every area in the Lava Ruins
The Runebarrows...On Foot!
Adjustment pixel The Runebarrows...On Foot!: Explored every area in the Runebarrows
Champion of the Great Forest
Adjustment pixel Champion of the Great Forest: Defeated the boss in the Great Forest on hard difficulty
Champion of the Quarry
Adjustment pixel Champion of the Quarry: Defeated the boss in the Quarry on hard difficulty
Champion of the Snowpeak
Adjustment pixel Champion of the Snowpeak: Defeated the boss in the Snowpeak on hard difficulty
Champion of the Lava Ruins
Adjustment pixel Champion of the Lava Ruins: Defeated the boss in the Lava Ruins on hard difficulty
Rising Champion
Adjustment pixel Rising Champion: Defeated the final boss on hard difficulty
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