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Exit the Gungeon PS4

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is a small, spin-off 'dungeon climber' immediately following the adventures of the misfit Gungeoneers.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Dodge Roll
Publisher: Devolver Digital
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  • 32 Trophy bronze icon
  • 14 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Exit the Gungeon
Adjustment pixel Exit the Gungeon: Exit the Gungeon
Passing My Test
Adjustment pixel Passing My Test: Completed Manuel's Test, A Great Achievement
Adjustment pixel Win: Successfully Exited The Gungeon
Bull In The Heather
Adjustment pixel Bull In The Heather: Mastered The Coltaur
Adjustment pixel Dethroned: Mastered His Majesty's Chancellor
Hollow Victory
Adjustment pixel Hollow Victory: Mastered The High Priest Past
Six Six Six Gun
Adjustment pixel Six Six Six Gun: Mastered The Chamber Of Flame.+
Smash Brother
Adjustment pixel Smash Brother: Mastered The Mecha Bullet.
Set In Stone
Adjustment pixel Set In Stone: Mastered The Medusalier
Gato Roboto
Adjustment pixel Gato Roboto: Mastered The Meowitzer
Adjustment pixel Ouroboros: Mastered The Bolt Python
Behold, Again
Adjustment pixel Behold, Again: Mastered The Armored Beholster
Death From Below
Adjustment pixel Death From Below: Mastered The Deathvator
Shrine On
Adjustment pixel Shrine On: Mastered The Kill Shrine
Four Guns
Adjustment pixel Four Guns: Mastered Gungamesh
The Last Boss
Adjustment pixel The Last Boss: Mastered The Lich Dragun
Elevated Enlightenment
Adjustment pixel Elevated Enlightenment: Accessed All Elevator Types
Adjustment pixel Breakout: Rescued All Npcs From The Cell
Green No More
Adjustment pixel Green No More: Aced Just Dessert Golf
Chester Bester
Adjustment pixel Chester Bester: Aced Winchester's Game
Flawless Beginner
Adjustment pixel Flawless Beginner: Completed Level 1 Boss Without Taking Damage.
Flawless Journeyman
Adjustment pixel Flawless Journeyman: Completed Level 2 Boss Without Taking Damage.
Flawless Apprentice
Adjustment pixel Flawless Apprentice: Completed Level 3 Boss Without Taking Damage.
Flawless Master
Adjustment pixel Flawless Master: Completed Level 4 Boss Without Taking Damage.
Flawless Victory
Adjustment pixel Flawless Victory: Completed Level 5 Boss Without Taking Damage.
Man Of Hats
Adjustment pixel Man Of Hats: Bought All Hats.
Skin Trade
Adjustment pixel Skin Trade: Bought All Skins.
Getting The Band Back Together
Adjustment pixel Getting The Band Back Together: Unlocked All Characters.
Big Spender
Adjustment pixel Big Spender: Bought Something From Bello.
Year Of The Ox
Adjustment pixel Year Of The Ox: Bought Something From Cadence And Ox.
Sunset Overdrive
Adjustment pixel Sunset Overdrive: Exited The Gungeon As The Pilot.
Money, Cash, Woes
Adjustment pixel Money, Cash, Woes: Exited The Gungeon As The Convict.
Soldier Of Fortune
Adjustment pixel Soldier Of Fortune: Exited The Gungeon As The Marine.
Hunter Exit Hunter
Adjustment pixel Hunter Exit Hunter: Exited The Gungeon As The Hunter.
Blue Screen
Adjustment pixel Blue Screen: Exited The Gungeon As The Robot.
Sidekick Story
Adjustment pixel Sidekick Story: Exited The Gungeon As The Cultist.
Bullet Time
Adjustment pixel Bullet Time: Exited The Gungeon As The Bullet.
Combo Breaker
Adjustment pixel Combo Breaker: Reached Max Combo.
Lock Steps
Adjustment pixel Lock Steps: Helped Flynt Avoid Embarassment.
Lost in Translation
Adjustment pixel Lost in Translation: Helped Goopton With Something Personal.
Secure Seating
Adjustment pixel Secure Seating: Upgraded Bello's Stools.
Natural and Artificial Flavors
Adjustment pixel Natural and Artificial Flavors: Sated Daisuke's Craving.
No Link Cable Needed
Adjustment pixel No Link Cable Needed: Gave The Old Man Something To Fiddle With.
Adjustment pixel Able: Reunited Old Red with Daisy.
Adjustment pixel Beastmaster: Achieved Beast Mode Level 2.
Tentacle Espionage Action
Adjustment pixel Tentacle Espionage Action: Mastered The Glocktopus.
At The Helm
Adjustment pixel At The Helm: Aced Helmet Kick.
Adjustment pixel Octo-Rockin': Carry Eight Weapons At Once