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Fantasy Strike PS4

Fantasy Strike

The game emphasizes controls so simple that even non-fighting gamers can play, yet is still appropriate as a competitive e-sport. The characters are from Sirlin’s card games such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike, finally come to life in fighting game form.
  • US July 25, 2019
  • EU July 25, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Sirlin Games
Publisher: Sirlin Games
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  • 22 Trophy bronze icon
  • 18 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Fantasy Striker
Adjustment pixel Fantasy Striker: Collect all trophies.
Learn By Doing
Adjustment pixel Learn By Doing: Complete the tutorial.
Crossed Swords
Adjustment pixel Crossed Swords: Challenge a Friend to a Friendly Match.
Poking the Eye
Adjustment pixel Poking the Eye: Watch a Friend battle in Spectator Mode.
Enter the Dojo
Adjustment pixel Enter the Dojo: Spend 5 minutes in Practice Mode.
One Step at a Time
Adjustment pixel One Step at a Time: Activate the Frame Step feature in Practice mode.
Knowing the Opponent
Adjustment pixel Knowing the Opponent: Win a round with a successful Yomi Counter.
Saw That Coming
Adjustment pixel Saw That Coming: Win a game with a successful Yomi Counter.
Highlight Reel
Adjustment pixel Highlight Reel: Perform a 5+ damage combo in Practice mode.
The Taste of Victory
Adjustment pixel The Taste of Victory: Win your first Ranked Match.
Adjustment pixel 24/7: Beat at least 7 opponents in Daily Challenge.
Becoming the Champion
Adjustment pixel Becoming the Champion: Win 5 Ranked Matches.
Playing to Win
Adjustment pixel Playing to Win: Play 10 Ranked Matches.
Adjustment pixel Fundamentals: Win a match against a CPU opponent.
Mastering the Basics
Adjustment pixel Mastering the Basics: Win 5 matches against CPU opponents.
Adjustment pixel Survivor: Complete Survival: 20 Opponents.
Bold Survivor
Adjustment pixel Bold Survivor: Complete Survival: 35 Opponents.
Master Survivor
Adjustment pixel Master Survivor: Complete Survival: 50 Opponents.
Cruel Survivor
Adjustment pixel Cruel Survivor: Complete Survival: 10 Cruel Opponents.
One Story of Many
Adjustment pixel One Story of Many: Complete Arcade mode with any character.
The Wind Warrior
Adjustment pixel The Wind Warrior: Play as Grave 10 times in online modes.
The Phoenix Archer
Adjustment pixel The Phoenix Archer: Play as Jaina 10 times in online modes.
The Precise Watchmaker
Adjustment pixel The Precise Watchmaker: Play as Geiger 10 times in online modes.
The Water Shaman
Adjustment pixel The Water Shaman: Play as Argagarg 10 times in online modes.
The Ninja Student
Adjustment pixel The Ninja Student: Play as Setsuki 10 times in online modes.
The Manic Painter
Adjustment pixel The Manic Painter: Play as Valerie 10 times in online modes.
The Stone Golem
Adjustment pixel The Stone Golem: Play as Rook 10 times in online modes.
The Mentor Dragon
Adjustment pixel The Mentor Dragon: Play as Midori 10 times in online modes.
The Gambling Panda
Adjustment pixel The Gambling Panda: Play as Lum 10 times in online modes.
The Ghostly Diplomat
Adjustment pixel The Ghostly Diplomat: Play as DeGrey 10 times in online modes.
Climbing the Charts
Adjustment pixel Climbing the Charts: Reach Silver League in Ranked Mode.
Just Like Old Times
Adjustment pixel Just Like Old Times: Complete 10 matches in Local Play.
Three On Three
Adjustment pixel Three On Three: Complete 5 Team Battle matches in Local Play.
One On One
Adjustment pixel One On One: Complete 5 Standard matches in Local Play.
Master of Storms
Adjustment pixel Master of Storms: Dominate your opponent's wimpy projectile with your powerful one as Grave.
Playing with Fire
Adjustment pixel Playing with Fire: Win a round with Dragonheart while at 1 health remaining as Jaina.
Speed of the Fox
Adjustment pixel Speed of the Fox: Perform a 5 damage combo as Setsuki.
On the Rocks
Adjustment pixel On the Rocks: Summon a Mini-Rook as Lum.
Permanent Dragon
Adjustment pixel Permanent Dragon: Win two consecutive rounds while in Dragon Form the entire time as Midori.
Outta My Way
Adjustment pixel Outta My Way: Destroy 5 projectiles with Thunderclap as Rook.
Truth and Justice
Adjustment pixel Truth and Justice: Counter-hit the opponent into a 4 damage combo with DeGrey.
Hex of Murkwood
Adjustment pixel Hex of Murkwood: Stack poison 3 times as Argagarg.
You Can't Escape?
Adjustment pixel You Can't Escape?: Normal throw an opponent 3 times in one round without them Yomi Countering, for some reason.