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Far Cry 6 PS5

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 plunges players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution set in Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. President Anton Castillo (Esposito) vows to restore his country to its former glory while grooming his son Diego (Gonzalez) to follow in his footsteps. Yet paradise has a price, and enriching his country means subjugating those who don’t adhere to his vision. In this island nation in turmoil, players will experience the adrenaline and chaos of guerrilla combat as they are swept up in a revolutionary movement to take down a tyrant.
  • US October 7, 2021
  • EU October 7, 2021
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
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  • 46 Trophy bronze icon
  • 5 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel Conquistador: Unlock all trophies
Yo Soy Dani Rojas
Adjustment pixel Yo Soy Dani Rojas: Select Dani's look (Solo Campaign only)
Hidden In Plain Sight
Adjustment pixel Hidden In Plain Sight: Find your way to Miami
Cutting Foreign Ties
Adjustment pixel Cutting Foreign Ties: Recruit the Legends of '67 and La Moral
Montero Justicia
Adjustment pixel Montero Justicia: Recruit the Monteros
Voz del Pueblo
Adjustment pixel Voz del Pueblo: Recruit Máximas Matanzas
Viva La Revolución
Adjustment pixel Viva La Revolución: Take back Yara
Adjustment pixel Ninjerilla: Capture an FND Base without being detected (Solo Campaign only)
Adjustment pixel Co-Dependent: Capture an FND base with a Co-op partner
Adjustment pixel Liberty: Capture all FND Bases (Solo Campaign only)
Finders Keepers!
Adjustment pixel Finders Keepers!: Return 3 FND Resource vehicles in mint condition
Check It Out
Adjustment pixel Check It Out: Capture 10 Checkpoints (Solo Campaign only)
Friendly Skies
Adjustment pixel Friendly Skies: Blow up 16 Anti-Aircraft Cannons (Solo Campaign only)
It's Raining Treasure!
Adjustment pixel It's Raining Treasure!: Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Solo Campaign Only)
Undying Tradition
Adjustment pixel Undying Tradition: Complete the Yaran Story "Triada Blessings"
Top of the Pecking Order
Adjustment pixel Top of the Pecking Order: Win a Cockfighting match
Speed Racer
Adjustment pixel Speed Racer: Complete 3 Gran Premios
Beginner's Luck
Adjustment pixel Beginner's Luck: Win a Dominoes game
Adjustment pixel Overheated: Complete a Special Operation
Alpha Guerrilla
Adjustment pixel Alpha Guerrilla: Successfully complete 5 Bandido Operations
Road Rage
Adjustment pixel Road Rage: Perform a Vehicle Machete Kill from a horse
Armed to the Teeth
Adjustment pixel Armed to the Teeth: Collect 49 Unique Weapons
Hogar Dulce Hogar
Adjustment pixel Hogar Dulce Hogar: Fully upgrade one Camp Facility at any Guerrilla Camp (Solo Campaign only)
Adjustment pixel Backpacking: Acquire every Supremo in Yara
Fry Cry
Adjustment pixel Fry Cry: Purchase 15 Meals
That's My Jam
Adjustment pixel That's My Jam: Find 15 USB Sticks
That's Puzzling
Adjustment pixel That's Puzzling: Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests
Car Cry
Adjustment pixel Car Cry: Collect all 4 Rides
Adjustment pixel Recrooster: Find all Roosters
Loyal Army
Adjustment pixel Loyal Army: Recruit 5 Amigos
Adjustment pixel @CanYouPetTheCroc: Pet Guapo
Strutting His Stuff
Adjustment pixel Strutting His Stuff: Equip Chicharrón with the Motherclucker Outfit
Secret Weapon
Adjustment pixel Secret Weapon: Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo
Heated Conflict
Adjustment pixel Heated Conflict: Take out 10 soldiers with active Heat
Jawson Brody
Adjustment pixel Jawson Brody: Take out a shark with an explosion
Adjustment pixel Sophishticated: Catch 10 fish
Outdated Tech
Adjustment pixel Outdated Tech: Take out a soldier by sabotaging an alarm
Oh No You Don't!
Adjustment pixel Oh No You Don't!: Take out 3 Insurgent Leaders
Not So Special
Adjustment pixel Not So Special: Take out 10 Special Forces soldiers
Not So Tough
Adjustment pixel Not So Tough: Disable and hijack a tank using an EMP device
Ultimate Predator
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Predator: Hunt all Mythical Animals (Solo Campaign only)
Slip Sliding Away
Adjustment pixel Slip Sliding Away: Slide 200m at once
Hit 'n Run
Adjustment pixel Hit 'n Run: Run over 10 soldiers in a vehicle
Didn't See That Coming!
Adjustment pixel Didn't See That Coming!: Use a Security Control Center to disable all cameras and alarms
Death From Above
Adjustment pixel Death From Above: Take out a soldier from 50m above them
Toxic Influence
Adjustment pixel Toxic Influence: Have poisoned soldiers kill 5 other enemies
Adjustment pixel Fashionista: Equip a full matching Gear Set
Do It Yourself
Adjustment pixel Do It Yourself: Install every Mod on a single Resolver Weapon
Adjustment pixel Glamping: Build one of each Camp Facility (Solo Campaign only)
Furiously Fast
Adjustment pixel Furiously Fast: Have 10 parts installed on a Ride
Glorious Leader
Adjustment pixel Glorious Leader: Reach the Rank of Comandante
Stay Cool
Adjustment pixel Stay Cool: Complete any Special Operation without exceeding 50% on the PG-240X's temperature meter
Hidden Cash
Adjustment pixel Hidden Cash: Locate a stash of hidden Moneda in any Special Operation
Termination Phase
Adjustment pixel Termination Phase: Free 30 hostages during a Lola's Informants challenge in any Special Operation
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