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Final Horizon PS4

Final Horizon

Final Horizon is a real-time strategy game by Eiconic Games.
  • US December 2, 2014
  • EU December 3, 2014
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon
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Developer: Eiconic Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 24 Trophy bronze icon
  • 16 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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The Destroyer of Worlds
Adjustment pixel The Destroyer of Worlds: Unlock all the other trophies
The Final Horizon
Adjustment pixel The Final Horizon: Complete the story 100%
Shipwrecked and Comatose
Adjustment pixel Shipwrecked and Comatose: Complete any Act 100%
Mostly Harmless
Adjustment pixel Mostly Harmless: Complete any Planet 100%
Make like a shepherd
Adjustment pixel Make like a shepherd: Evacuate the Vega System
Set course for Alderaan
Adjustment pixel Set course for Alderaan: Locate the Swarm home system
The only way to be sure
Adjustment pixel The only way to be sure: Destroy the Swarm home planet
Sting in the tail
Adjustment pixel Sting in the tail: Kill 120 Skorpions
Fly swatter
Adjustment pixel Fly swatter: Kill 250 Hornets
Pest control
Adjustment pixel Pest control: Kill 2500 Hornets
Full of Venom
Adjustment pixel Full of Venom: Kill 100 Wasps
Adjustment pixel Arachnophobia: Kill 250 Level 1 Spider Tanks
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Adjustment pixel Crushed like a bug in the ground: Kill 2500 Level 1 Spider Tanks
Adjustment pixel Beetlebug: Kill 100 Scarabs
Philip J Fried
Adjustment pixel Philip J Fried: Kill 20 Swarm with a single Killstreak
The fog is lifted
Adjustment pixel The fog is lifted: Reveal every item from the main game in the Object Intel viewer
Know your enemy
Adjustment pixel Know your enemy: Unlock all the Swarm units from the main game in the Object Intel viewer
Weird science
Adjustment pixel Weird science: Make a kill with the third arc from a Thunderbolt L2
Pan-galactic gargle blaster
Adjustment pixel Pan-galactic gargle blaster: Get 250 Boost kills
Kill it with fire!
Adjustment pixel Kill it with fire!: Get 10 kills with a missile killstreak
Nuke them from orbit
Adjustment pixel Nuke them from orbit: Get 5 kills with one Firestrike blast
Use of Weapons
Adjustment pixel Use of Weapons: Kill 10 L1 SpiderTanks with GroundQuake shells
Danger! High Voltage
Adjustment pixel Danger! High Voltage: Get 300 kills with the Thunderbolt
Get to the chopper!
Adjustment pixel Get to the chopper!: Complete both secondary objectives in Vega Delta 8 at the same time
Everybody's dead, Dave
Adjustment pixel Everybody's dead, Dave: Kill just one enemy with the Orbital Bombardment Killstreak
Training Day
Adjustment pixel Training Day: Complete Vega Delta VR modes
Virtual Insanity
Adjustment pixel Virtual Insanity: Complete all weapons training
Icarus unleashed
Adjustment pixel Icarus unleashed: Complete Icarus launcher training
Bring the heat
Adjustment pixel Bring the heat: Complete Afterburner training
Boom shake the room
Adjustment pixel Boom shake the room: Complete GroundQuake training
Challenge yourself
Adjustment pixel Challenge yourself: Complete a Score Challenge level
Player of Games
Adjustment pixel Player of Games: Get a 15X bonus multiplier in a Score Challenge game
Take it to the next level
Adjustment pixel Take it to the next level: Complete a Score challenge with a 2X score modifier
Push through the pain barrier
Adjustment pixel Push through the pain barrier: Complete a Score challenge with a 4X score modifier
Per Ardua ad Astra
Adjustment pixel Per Ardua ad Astra: Complete both secondary objectives on Kondoi 4 at the same time
Adjustment pixel Frostbite: Complete both secondary objectives on Ushtuk 3 at the same time
Alien Homeworld
Adjustment pixel Alien Homeworld: Complete both secondary objectives on Acari 2 at the same time
Flawless Victory!
Adjustment pixel Flawless Victory!: Complete Acari 3 with no damage to the planetary drill
Dark Galaxy
Electro-Shock Blues
Adjustment pixel Electro-Shock Blues: Get 75 EMP kills
Caught in a web
Adjustment pixel Caught in a web: Kill 250 Spider Bombs
Dark Swarm
Adjustment pixel Dark Swarm: Kill 250 Dark Hornets
Laser Guided
Adjustment pixel Laser Guided: Get 50 Plasma Cannon kills
Mists of Agrion
Adjustment pixel Mists of Agrion: Complete all secondary objectives on Agrion 3 at the same time
Start the fireworks
Adjustment pixel Start the fireworks: Complete all secondary objectives on Carabus 2 at the same time
A Light in the Darkness
Adjustment pixel A Light in the Darkness: Complete The Dark Galaxy 100%
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