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Fossil Hunters PS4

Fossil Hunters

A casual action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs.
Fossil Hunters is a Casual, Action-game for the   developed by Reptoid Games and published by Reptoid Games.
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The Ultimate Fossil Hunter
The Ultimate Fossil Hunter: Collect all other trophies!
Where did everybody go?
Where did everybody go?: Have all of your friends drop out in a multiplayer game.
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month: Complete all of The Collector's requests.
Fossil Hunter
Fossil Hunter: Finish the game.
I Guess it Didn't Belong in a Museum...
I Guess it Didn't Belong in a Museum...: Collect all destruction trophies.
Hope That Wasn't Valuable
Hope That Wasn't Valuable: Drop a golden idol in a pit.
Overcapacity: Transport 12 or more items with the elevator.
You've Got Bones in Your Teeth
You've Got Bones in Your Teeth: Have a fossil eaten by a crawler.
They Mean Well...
They Mean Well...: Have a fossil smashed by a lavamander.
Mossil: Have a fossil covered in moss.
Smashing!: Have a fossil smashed by a cave-in.
It Belongs in a Museum!
It Belongs in a Museum!: Collect a golden idol.
Curator: Collect all golden idols.
I Knew I Left That Somewhere...
I Knew I Left That Somewhere...: Pick up an idol from the treasure hoard.
I'm Starting a Scrapbook
I'm Starting a Scrapbook: Collect all Digsite journal entries.
You Must be a Fun Guy
You Must be a Fun Guy: Collect all Mushroom Caverns journal entries.
Hot Takes
Hot Takes: Collect all Magma Chamber journal entries.
Spaced Out
Spaced Out: Collect all Abyss journal entries.
Historian: Collect all journal entries.
Interior Decorator
Interior Decorator: Rearrange the furniture in the lab.
Long Jump
Long Jump: Leap the maximum distance.
It's a Long Way Down...
It's a Long Way Down...: Die in a pit 100 times.
Butterfingers: Drop 50 fossils in pits.
The Squad
The Squad: Play as each of the Fossil Hunters.
It's Over 9000
It's Over 9000: Have all three power-ups active at once.
Special Sammy
Special Sammy: Pick up the Sammy rock and bring it to the elevator.
The Key to Discovery
The Key to Discovery: Unlock a schematic door.
Schematic Master
Schematic Master: Unlock all schematic doors.
Get Over It
Get Over It: Unlock the bridge shopkeep.
Business is Booming!
Business is Booming!: Unlock the dynamite shopkeep.
Oh, Deer!
Oh, Deer!: Unlock the support shopkeep.
Researcher: Make a skeleton.
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor: Make 10 skeletons.
Professor: Make 50 skeletons.
Master Paleontologist
Master Paleontologist: Make 100 skeletons.
Big Time
Big Time: Build 15 big skeletons.
Massive: Build 10 huge skeletons.
Colossal Fossils
Colossal Fossils: Build 5 colossal skeletons.
Good Enough
Good Enough: Submit a skeleton with every piece damaged.
Perfectionist: Submit 50 clean & pristine skeletons.
Abridged Edition
Abridged Edition: Use 20 bridges.
Explosive: Use 20 dynamite barrels.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Use 20 lamps.
Supportive Personality
Supportive Personality: Use 20 supports.
Narrow Escape
Narrow Escape: Prevent death with a dodge roll.
You Made a Friend!
You Made a Friend!: Unlock the lamp shopkeep.