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Frostpunk PS4


Frostpunk is the first society survival game. As the ruler of the last city on Earth, it is your duty to manage both its citizens and its infrastructure. What decisions will you make to ensure your society's survival? What will you do when pushed to breaking point? Who will you become in the process?
Frostpunk is a Strategy-game for the   developed by 11 Bit Studio and published by 11 Bit Studio.
  • US October 11, 2019
  • EU October 11, 2019
  • JP N/A
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The Captain
The Captain: Obtain all the Trophies
Unskilled Labour
Unskilled Labour: Finish any scenario without constructing Steam or Advanced buildings
Power Overwhelming
Power Overwhelming: Have a fully upgraded Generator (power, range and overdrive)
Worse than London
Worse than London: Finish a playthrough without building a single House or Bunkhouse
Better than London
Better than London: Finish a playthrough without building a single Tent
Hyperefficient: Have a workplace with efficiency greater than ... [200%]
Charcoaled: Finish a playthrough with Charcoal Kilns as the only buildings that provide Coal
Satellites: Finish a scenario never expanding the range of the Generator
Central Heating
Central Heating: Finish a scenario without building a single Steam Hub
Shai Hulud Summoner
Shai Hulud Summoner: Have 4 Coal Thumpers working at the same time
Promised Land
Promised Land: Have maximum hope and no discontent
Bad at Politics
Bad at Politics: Keep every promise made during a playthrough
Leader: Finish the New Home scenario
Iron Man (New Home)
Iron Man (New Home): Finish the New Home scenario on Hard difficulty
United: In the New Home scenario, don't let anyone leave for London
Lost Souls
Lost Souls: In the New Home scenario, save every person in Frostland
Golden Path
Golden Path: Finish the New Home scenario without passing severe laws and using harsh abilities
The Iron Saviour
The Iron Saviour: Finish the New Home scenario with no deaths from cold, hunger, sickness or overwork on Hard difficulty
My Turn to Speak
My Turn to Speak: Let the Londoners speak and have the last word
Refugee: Finish the Refugees scenario
Iron Man (Refugees)
Iron Man (Refugees): Finish the Refugees scenario on Hard difficulty
The Union
The Union: Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict
Technocrat: Finish The Arks scenario
Iron Man (The Arks)
Iron Man (The Arks): Finish The Arks scenario on Hard difficulty
Everybody Lived for Once
Everybody Lived for Once: Finish The Arks scenario, saving both cities
New Home Survivor
New Home Survivor: Finish the New Home scenario in Survivor Mode.
Refugees Survivor
Refugees Survivor: Finish the Refugees scenario in Survivor Mode.
The Arks Survivor
The Arks Survivor: Finish The Arks scenario in Survivor Mode.
Full Dreadnought
Full Dreadnought: Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario, fully upgrading the Dreadnought and filling it with people.
Iron Man (Fall of Winterhome)
Iron Man (Fall of Winterhome): Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario on Hard difficulty.
The Winterhome Survivor
The Winterhome Survivor: Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario in Survivor Mode.
Winterhome: Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario.
Master Archivist
Master Archivist: Fill the Archives
Hi Marek!
Hi Marek!: Lose in Serenity mode
Full House
Full House: Have over 700 population
Ultramarathon Medium
Ultramarathon Medium: Survive 100 days of Endurance mode on Medium or higher difficulty
Ultramarathon Hard
Ultramarathon Hard: Survive 100 days of Endurance mode on Hard or higher difficulty
Ultramarathon Extreme
Ultramarathon Extreme: Survive 100 days of Endurance mode on Extreme difficulty