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Powered by Harmonix's proprietary technology, FUSER will allow players to seamlessly blend vocals, bass lines, and other instrumentation from a multitude of different music genres and artists to define their own unique sound through seamless, innovative gameplay. Players will also be able to share their creations socially, making their game performances available for watching online.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Publisher: NCSOFT
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  • 6 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Go Platinum
Adjustment pixel Go Platinum: Collect All other trophies.
Adjustment pixel Synergize!: Calibrate your system for the optimal experience.
You Have Arrived
Adjustment pixel You Have Arrived: Complete the introduction.
The Party...Is in You
Adjustment pixel The Party...Is in You: Complete Rhythmic Guardian.
For Corgi Lovers Worldwide
Adjustment pixel For Corgi Lovers Worldwide: Complete Cherry Dip'd.
Cosmic Journey
Adjustment pixel Cosmic Journey: Complete Sub Astral.
Core Competencies
Adjustment pixel Core Competencies: Complete Source Decay.
Partners in Crime
Adjustment pixel Partners in Crime: Complete Ravaged Reef.
Full of Surprises
Adjustment pixel Full of Surprises: Complete Starglacier.
Crushed It
Adjustment pixel Crushed It: Earn five stars on a Campaign set.
Bound for Greatness
Adjustment pixel Bound for Greatness: Earn five stars on 50% of the Campaign sets.
Best in the World
Adjustment pixel Best in the World: Earn five stars on every Campaign set.
Double Down
Adjustment pixel Double Down: Fulfill 20 request combos in Campaign.
Irrational Exuberance
Adjustment pixel Irrational Exuberance: Perform on an instrument for 32 consecutive bars.
All in the Timing
Adjustment pixel All in the Timing: Play 100 discs perfectly on downbeat.
Less Can Be More
Adjustment pixel Less Can Be More: Eject 100 discs perfectly on downbeat.
Moving the Needle
Adjustment pixel Moving the Needle: Swap 100 discs perfectly on downbeat.
Pick Yourself Up and Try Again
Adjustment pixel Pick Yourself Up and Try Again: Play 100 discs perfectly on pickup.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Adjustment pixel Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Swap 100 discs perfectly on pickup.
Grab That Spotlight
Adjustment pixel Grab That Spotlight: Solo 100 discs, each for exactly one bar.
Take It Down a Notch
Adjustment pixel Take It Down a Notch: Mute 100 discs, each for exactly one bar.
Go Dreamy
Adjustment pixel Go Dreamy: Apply audio effects to 100 discs, each for exactly one bar.
Big, Bold Changes
Adjustment pixel Big, Bold Changes: Execute 100 risers.
This Will Make a Good Story Later
Adjustment pixel This Will Make a Good Story Later: Take a snapshot of your own mix.
The Work of Your Predecessors
Adjustment pixel The Work of Your Predecessors: Snapshot another player's shared mix.
Let Your Memories Be Your Brush
Adjustment pixel Let Your Memories Be Your Brush: Take 100 unique snapshots.
Can’t Start a Party Without Some Tunes
Adjustment pixel Can’t Start a Party Without Some Tunes: Customize a crate.
Set the Stage
Adjustment pixel Set the Stage: Customize a stage kit.
Put It Down on Wax
Adjustment pixel Put It Down on Wax: Redeem music tokens for a new instrument.
Add Those Sprinkles
Adjustment pixel Add Those Sprinkles: Redeem music tokens for a new audio effect.
Adjustment pixel Headliner: Reach the level cap.
Crate Digging
Adjustment pixel Crate Digging: Unlock all core songs.
A Wise Investment
Adjustment pixel A Wise Investment: Unlock all core instruments.
My Special Secret Tools
Adjustment pixel My Special Secret Tools: Unlock all core audio effects.
Adjustment pixel Accessorize!: Unlock all core styles.
Broaden Your Horizons
Adjustment pixel Broaden Your Horizons: Unlock all core stage kit items.
You Look… Different
Adjustment pixel You Look… Different: Perform in 5 unique looks.
Cue the Lasers!
Adjustment pixel Cue the Lasers!: Perform with 5 unique stage kits.
Get the Party Started
Adjustment pixel Get the Party Started: Perform in a round of Co-op Freestyle.
Keep the Party Going
Adjustment pixel Keep the Party Going: Perform in 20 rounds of Co-op Freestyle.
Good Vibes
Adjustment pixel Good Vibes: Participate in a round of Co-op Freestyle as a viewer.
Keep the Good Vibes Flowing
Adjustment pixel Keep the Good Vibes Flowing: Participate in 20 rounds of Co-op Freestyle as a viewer.
Brand Loyalty
Adjustment pixel Brand Loyalty: Follow another player.
Whip Something Up Real Quick
Adjustment pixel Whip Something Up Real Quick: Capture a mix in Freestyle and share it with the FUSER community.
Show 'Em What You've Got
Adjustment pixel Show 'Em What You've Got: Submit a mix for an Event.
Diversified Portfolio
Adjustment pixel Diversified Portfolio: Capture and share 10 mixes.
Hearts and Earholes
Adjustment pixel Hearts and Earholes: Earn the voting reward in an Event.
Community Service
Adjustment pixel Community Service: Submit a mix or earn a voting reward in 4 Events.
More than a Hobby
Adjustment pixel More than a Hobby: Submit a mix or earn a voting reward in 8 Events.