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Ghost 1.0 PS4

Ghost 1.0

A mysterious agent, capable of becoming a digital ghost, sneaks aboard the Nakamura Space Station. This is where the fun begins: the station is well-protected with its heavy defences, never-ending arsenal of weapons, and mysterious artifacts. It will all have to be destroyed.
Ghost 1.0 is a Action-game for the   developed by @unepic_fran and published by @unepic_fran.
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ALL TROPHIES EARNED: Congratulations!
Survival 1
Survival 1: Survive alarm level 1.
Survival 4
Survival 4: Survive alarm level 4.
Survival 8
Survival 8: Survive alarm level 8.
Supremacy 1
Supremacy 1: Survive alarm level 1 without being harmed.
Supremacy 2
Supremacy 2: Survive alarm level 2 without being harmed.
Supremacy 3
Supremacy 3: Survive alarm level 3 without being harmed.
Supremacy 4
Supremacy 4: Survive alarm level 4 without being harmed.
Total Supremacy
Total Supremacy: Survive alarm level 5 without being harmed.
Survival 10
Survival 10: Survive alarm level 10.
Survival 12
Survival 12: Survive alarm level 12.
Survival 14
Survival 14: Survive alarm level 14.
Survival 16
Survival 16: Survive alarm level 16.
Survival 18
Survival 18: Survive alarm level 18.
Survival 20
Survival 20: Survive alarm level 20.
Treason: Kill 100 enemies in a single game using controlled robots.
Energy Overload
Energy Overload: Accumulate 10,000 energy cubes.
Archon: Accumulate 20,000 energy cubes.
Greenhouse: Explore the whole greenhouse.
Strange device
Strange device: Find a hidden strange device.
Out of service
Out of service: Find the hidden broken robot.
Blow up
Blow up: Destroy the big biped.
You Win!
You Win!: Finish the game.
You Lose!
You Lose!: Finish the game with an unhappy ending.
The End
The End: Finish the game in Classic mode.
Survivor: Finish the game in Survival mode.
You Rocked it!
You Rocked it!: Finish the game in Hard difficulty.
Blue Survival Expert
Blue Survival Expert: Survive all alarms in the center zone in Survival mode.
Green Survival Expert
Green Survival Expert: Survive all alarms in the greenhouse in Survival mode.
Purple Survival Expert
Purple Survival Expert: Survive all alarms in the laboratories in Survival mode.
The Drone Collector
The Drone Collector: Complete the mission "The Drone Collector".
The Ropes
The Ropes: Complete the mission "The Ropes".
Aikido: Complete the mission "Aikido".
Radiation: Complete the mission "Radiation"
Leap gun
Leap gun: Complete the mission "Leap gun"
Spread it
Spread it: Complete the mission "Spread it".
Basket: Complete the mission "Basket".
Boom Boom Boom!
Boom Boom Boom!: Complete the mission "Boom Boom Boom!".
Debug Squad
Debug Squad: Complete the mission "Debug Squad".
Robot Factory
Robot Factory: Complete the mission "Robot Factory".
No secrets
No secrets: Collect all souls in the Center Zone.
Plant Girl
Plant Girl: Collect all souls in the Greenhouse.
Chemical hidden elements
Chemical hidden elements: Collect all souls in the Labs.
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle: Collect all souls in the Chunker.
Penitent: Stay crouched for 30 seconds during an alarm.
Masochist: Finish the game having selected the last skill of all Nakamura's row as soon as they were available.
Box Up
Box Up: Destroy 8 boxes with one jump wave.
To Know the Character
To Know the Character: Use the voice routine 3 times.
Die Hard
Die Hard: Defeat 200 punks.
Boxing King
Boxing King: Defeat 15 or more punks with a single Megapunch.
Meddlesome: Cut a conversation between two droids by possessing one of them.
Ride in a box
Ride in a box: Be carried within a box by a service robot.
Recycle: Kill a robot throwing it into the Chunker's crushers.
Trolled!: The programmer replaced cubes with bombs in a reward box just to troll you.
Trolled... again!
Trolled... again!: The programmer replaced cubes by slugs in a reward box just to troll you... again.