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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed PS5

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Join a team of 4 Ghostbusters and cross the streams to trap a Ghost terrorizing public locations before the environment gets too haunted. Or play as the Ghost and spook civilians, warp around the map using rifts, and slime those pesky Ghostbusters
  • US October 18, 2022
  • EU October 18, 2022
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: IllFonic
Publisher: IllFonic
  • 40 Trophy bronze icon
  • 9 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Legendary Buster
Adjustment pixel Legendary Buster: Earn all other trophies
Rift Destroyer
Adjustment pixel Rift Destroyer: Help Destroy 30 Rifts (30)
Rift Seeker
Adjustment pixel Rift Seeker: Uncover 50 Rifts (50)
Adjustment pixel Legions: Capture 1 of each of the 5 Ghost Types
Ghostbuster in Training
Adjustment pixel Ghostbuster in Training: Capture 25 Ghosts (25)
Solo Capture
Adjustment pixel Solo Capture: Capture a Ghost all by yourself
Pesky Jerks
Adjustment pixel Pesky Jerks: Destroy 100 Minions (100)
Adjustment pixel Whoopsie: Destroy a very Expensive Object
We have the best insurance
Adjustment pixel We have the best insurance: Finish a Job with the location totalled
Adjustment pixel Reckless: Do 100,000 Dollars of Property damage in one Job (100000)
Adjustment pixel Liability: Do 1,000,000 Dollars of Career Property Damage (1000000)
Catostrophic Destroyer
Adjustment pixel Catostrophic Destroyer: Do 5,000,000 Dollars of Career Property Damage (5000000)
Clutch Capture
Adjustment pixel Clutch Capture: Capture a ghost with less than 30 seconds to spare on the clock
Meticulously Efficient
Adjustment pixel Meticulously Efficient: Bust a Ghost with less than 1,000 dollars worth of property damage
Adjustment pixel Teamwork: Pull a Ghost into a trap with a 4 person tether
Adjustment pixel Therapeutic: Calm down 100 civilians from Scared state (100)
Adjustment pixel Discovery: Break open an artifact to reveal a Rift
Adjustment pixel Advancement: Equip an upgrade to a piece of gear
Fully Upgraded
Adjustment pixel Fully Upgraded: Equip an upgrade to every slot of a piece of gear
Adjustment pixel Mycophile: Collect all Spores, Molds, and Fungi in a location
Swift Rift Removers
Adjustment pixel Swift Rift Removers: Destroy all Ghost rifts within 5 minutes of the match start
Adjustment pixel Skilled: Fully Level up a piece of Gear
Adjustment pixel Cultured: Complete a Job at each location
There you are!
Adjustment pixel There you are!: PKE Blast Flush a Ghost out of hiding
Adjustment pixel Stunner: Stun a Ghost with your PKE Blast 25 Times (25)
Adjustment pixel Collector: Find all location secret clippings for a single location
Master Collector
Adjustment pixel Master Collector: Find all secret clippings for every location
Welcome to the Crew
Adjustment pixel Welcome to the Crew: Unlock all story elements
I collect Spores, Molds, and Fungi
Adjustment pixel I collect Spores, Molds, and Fungi: Collect 500 Spores, Molds, and Fungi (500)
I don't need these
Adjustment pixel I don't need these: Detonate all 3 of your rifts during 1 match and still win
Side Hustle
Adjustment pixel Side Hustle: Fully Complete a Contract
Daily Dose
Adjustment pixel Daily Dose: Complete a daily challenge
Vaporous Expansion
Adjustment pixel Vaporous Expansion: Unlock a Ghost class variant
Ectoplasmic Entity
Adjustment pixel Ectoplasmic Entity: Fully Haunt a Location without Getting captured Once
Escape Artist
Adjustment pixel Escape Artist: Break free from a 4 Buster tether
Adjustment pixel Terrifying: Send 5 Civis to Horrified state within 10 seconds as ghost
Ultimate Defense
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Defense: Down all 4 Busters with an Ultimate ability 5 times
Adjustment pixel Diabolical: Sabotage the entire team of Buster’s Proton Packs in one match
Icing on the Cake
Adjustment pixel Icing on the Cake: Pass Through a Buster to fully slime them down
Ghost Expert
Adjustment pixel Ghost Expert: Fully Level up a Ghost Class
Back Off
Adjustment pixel Back Off: Down a buster that is reviving another buster
Adjustment pixel Summoner: Summon 100 minions (100)
Adjustment pixel Animated: Haunt 50 Objects in a single match (50)
Adjustment pixel Surprise!: Down a Buster within 10 seconds of exiting a wall phase
Tobin's Prodigy
Adjustment pixel Tobin's Prodigy: Fully Haunt 10 Locations as a Ghost (10)
Line em' up
Adjustment pixel Line em' up: Pass through all 4 busters within a 3 second window
Right back at ya
Adjustment pixel Right back at ya: Break a tether and down the buster who tethered you within 10 seconds
Little Help Here
Adjustment pixel Little Help Here: Horrify 50 Civilians with Minions (50)
Adjustment pixel Rivalry: Down the same buster 5 times in a single match
Adjustment pixel Seasoned: Reach Profile Level 50 (50)
Fragile Panes
Adjustment pixel Fragile Panes: Destroy 150 Panes of Glass (150)
Adjustment pixel Stylish: Equip an unlocked cosmetic item to your Buster
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