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God Wars Vita Vita

God Wars Vita

A tactical RPG that depicts the conflict and surge of young heroes in ancient Japan. An adventure that merges the world of Kojiki, Japan’s oldest history book, and the fairy-tales of Japanese folklore.

The amazing saga of mighty heroes who fought bravely against their fate and the wrath of the Gods, has now been revealed.
God Wars Vita is a Tactical, Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Kadokawa Shoten and published by Kadokawa Shoten.
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Mythology Scholar
Mythology Scholar: Obtained all other trophies.
Arbitrator of the Gods
Arbitrator of the Gods: Cleared Chapter 4.
Protector of Mizuho
Protector of Mizuho: Cleared all requests.
A Step Toward Peace
A Step Toward Peace: Cleared a request for the first time.
Returned from Yomi
Returned from Yomi: Cleared Chapter 3.
Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies: Used a God Skill for the first time.
Skill Master
Skill Master: Maxed out all skill levels.
Skill Guru
Skill Guru: Unlocked every skill.
Epiphany: Leveled up a skill for the first time.
Yasakani no Magatama
Yasakani no Magatama: Cleared Chapter 2.
Sanctum Preacher
Sanctum Preacher: Used a Holy Skill for the first time.
Yomi Visitor
Yomi Visitor: Cleared Chapter 1.
Job Master
Job Master: Maxed out all job levels.
Secret Skill Awakened
Secret Skill Awakened: Used a Secret Skill for the first time.
Treasure Master
Treasure Master: Found all hidden treasures.
Treasure Maniac
Treasure Maniac: Found 30 hidden treasures.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: Found a hidden treasure for the first time.
Combat Master
Combat Master: Maxed out all ally levels.
Rabid Curiosity
Rabid Curiosity: Obtained all treasures from wicker boxes.
Something Caught My Eye
Something Caught My Eye: Obtained a treasure from a wicker box for the first time.
Equipment Collector
Equipment Collector: Collected all equipment.
Equipment Seeker
Equipment Seeker: Collected 100 pieces of equipment.
Welcome to Odd Jobs
Welcome to Odd Jobs: Went shopping for the first time.
Job Guru
Job Guru: Unlocked every job.
Million Leaves
Million Leaves: Collected 1,000,000 leaves.
Hundred Thousand Leaves
Hundred Thousand Leaves: Collected 100,000 leaves.
Devout Worshiper
Devout Worshiper: Maxed out shrine levels.
Earnest Worshiper
Earnest Worshiper: Increased the shrine level.
It Pays to Pray
It Pays to Pray: Made an offering at a shrine for the first time.
Pacifier: Cleared 30 requests.
Wish Granter
Wish Granter: Cleared 10 requests.
The People's Prayer
The People's Prayer: Accepted a request for the first time.