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GreedFall PS4


Explore a fresh new world as you set foot - alongside many other settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters - on a remote island seeping with magic, rumored to be filled with riches and lost secrets. A grand journey filled with mystery follows, as you find yourself in the middle of ever-increasing tensions between the invading settlers and the locals, protected by supernatural beings, manifestation of the island's earthly magic.
GreedFall is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Spiders Games and published by Focus Home Interactive.
  • US September 10, 2019
  • EU September 10, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Trophy Platinum
Trophy Platinum: Earn all GreedFall trophies
All sails set!
All sails set!: You have finally taken the path to Teer Fradee
The Prince's secrets
The Prince's secrets: You have discovered the secret of the Congregation and your origins
Missed coup
Missed coup: You prevented the Coin Guard from attempting a coup
Betrayal in blood
Betrayal in blood: You had to kill the friend who betrayed you
In the name of the Enlightened
In the name of the Enlightened: You have decided to save Thélème from the Guard's coup
A preserved Alliance
A preserved Alliance: You have decided to save the Alliance from the Guard's coup
Waterproof: You have passed Glendan's test
Outside the stone prison
Outside the stone prison: You have freed Constantin from the claws of Vinbarr
Influence game
Influence game: You have influenced the election to make your favourite become high-king.
En on míl frichtimen
En on míl frichtimen: You entered the shrine and spoke to En on míl frichtimen
Something is rotten
Something is rotten: You have discovered Constantin's actions
All for one, one for all!
All for one, one for all!: You managed to unite all factions against Constantin
A better world
A better world: You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balance
Back to the roots
Back to the roots: You have decided to abandon the old continent to its sad fate
A big step towards peace
A big step towards peace: You have chosen balance, but you miss some of your allies
Island for sale
Island for sale: You have favoured the old world at the expense of your roots
New gods
New gods: You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin
A passion for extreme
A passion for extreme: Complete the game in extreme mode
Serve to convince
Serve to convince: Complete 20 secondary quests
Friendship above all
Friendship above all: Finish all companion quests
Guardian of love
Guardian of love: Be in a relationship with Kurt
Minundhanem: Be in a relationship with Siora
Love and botany
Love and botany: Be in a relationship with Aphra
Love and the sea
Love and the sea: Be in a relationship with Vasco
Arena Excellence
Arena Excellence: Succeed in all the challenges of the arena
Carants: Have a good reputation with the natives
Thélème's chosen
Thélème's chosen: Have a good reputation with Thélème
Favoured with the Bridge Alliance
Favoured with the Bridge Alliance: Have a good reputation with the Bridge Alliance
Explorer: Find and set all camp fires
Melee virtuoso
Melee virtuoso: Do damage 500 times with a melee weapon
War mage
War mage: Do damage 500 times with an offensive spell
Musketeer: Do damage 300 times with shots
Deceitful: Do damage 200 times with traps
Poisoning artist
Poisoning artist: Poison enemies 100 times
Another sip?
Another sip?: Use 50 potions
Shadow blade
Shadow blade: Use your assassination skills 30 times
Master of the woods
Master of the woods: Kill a Wood Guardian
King of the peaks
King of the peaks: Kill a Mountain Guardian
Swamp creature
Swamp creature: Kill a Swamp Guardian
The wrecker
The wrecker: Kill a Beach Guardian
The legend of the plains
The legend of the plains: Kill a Plains Guardian
Hunting with hounds
Hunting with hounds: Hunt 20 animals
The monsters' nightmare
The monsters' nightmare: Kill 600 monsters
Coercive diplomacy
Coercive diplomacy: Kill 300 humans
Full pockets
Full pockets: Empty 100 containers
Curiosity cabinet
Curiosity cabinet: Collect ingredients 200 times
Worthy of legends
Worthy of legends: Acquire a legendary item
In the footsteps of the masters
In the footsteps of the masters: Unlock a new skill
The art of war
The art of war: Unlock all the warrior skills
Incomparable technique
Incomparable technique: Unlock all Technical skills
Magical perfection
Magical perfection: Unlock all Magic skills
Full of talent
Full of talent: Allocate a new talent point
Expertise: Unlock the 3 levels of a talent
Cat burglar
Cat burglar: Pick 20 locks
Artisan: Craft 10 equipment improvements
Alchemist: Craft 10 alchemical elements
On the path to power
On the path to power: Allocate a new attribute point
In search of perfection
In search of perfection: Unlock the 5 levels of an attribute