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Habroxia 2 Vita Vita

Habroxia 2 Vita

n the aftermath of a brutal attack on Free Space, humanity sends scout ships to the star system that was at the source of the assault. But when one of the pilots doesn’t return home, it’s up to his daughter -- the talented starpilot Sabrina -- to find him. Habroxia 2 is a non-linear, old-school space shooter with upgrades, boss fights, and even New Game+, all wrapped in a retro package combining pixel graphics, chiptunes, and stellar gameplay.
  • US February 3, 2021
  • EU February 3, 2021
  • JP February 3, 2021
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: Lillymo
Publisher: EastAsiaSoft
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  • 29 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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There Is An End
Adjustment pixel There Is An End: Earn all other Trophies.
Moon Rocks
Adjustment pixel Moon Rocks: Defeat the Guardian of the Ore.
Time to Hide
Adjustment pixel Time to Hide: Defeat the Asteroid Destroyer.
Blood and Rockets
Adjustment pixel Blood and Rockets: Defeat the Sorter of Value.
Cowgirl in the Sand
Adjustment pixel Cowgirl in the Sand: Defeat the Ecology Keeper.
Be Miner
Adjustment pixel Be Miner: Defeat the Deep Space Drill.
Little Wing
Adjustment pixel Little Wing: Defeat the Warden.
Lady Midnight
Adjustment pixel Lady Midnight: Defeat the Subterranean Fugitive.
Straight Shooter
Adjustment pixel Straight Shooter: Defeat the Rogue Defender.
Adjustment pixel Disarm: Defeat the Volatile Centrifuge.
Adjustment pixel Hands: Defeat the Field Scholar.
Some Strange Rain
Adjustment pixel Some Strange Rain: Defeat the Mobile Filtration System.
Farewell Transmission
Adjustment pixel Farewell Transmission: Defeat the Armament Engineer.
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Adjustment pixel Happiness Is A Warm Gun: Defeat the Nuclear Cruiser.
Adjustment pixel Cannon: Defeat the Foreman.
How To Disappear Completely
Adjustment pixel How To Disappear Completely: Defeat the Senatorial Protector.
Black Mirror
Adjustment pixel Black Mirror: Defeat the Lodestar.
Stick to Yr Guns
Adjustment pixel Stick to Yr Guns: Defeat the Megalithic Gunship.
On Sight
Adjustment pixel On Sight: Defeat the Fusion Cannon.
Binary Love
Adjustment pixel Binary Love: Defeat the Twin Fighters.
Astronomy Domine
Adjustment pixel Astronomy Domine: Defeat the Control Mainframe.
Adjustment pixel Myth: Defeat the Terrible Experiment.
Adjustment pixel Galaxy: Defeat Galactic Chaos.
Adjustment pixel Afterimage: Remember the Proxima Centurai Incident.
Adjustment pixel Breakdown: Fail to complete a level.
Can't Find My Heart
Adjustment pixel Can't Find My Heart: Finish a level with 25 health (or less).
Help Me
Adjustment pixel Help Me: Rescue a Lost Astronaut.
Let Me Get There
Adjustment pixel Let Me Get There: Achieve an S rank on any level.
Lift Off
Adjustment pixel Lift Off: Finish the tutorial.
No Compassion
Adjustment pixel No Compassion: Kill 10 Lost Astronauts.
Obstacle 1
Adjustment pixel Obstacle 1: Successfully hunt a bounty.
Show You the Way
Adjustment pixel Show You the Way: Discover an alternate route.
The Chase
Adjustment pixel The Chase: Destroy a boss by boosting.
Haste Make
Adjustment pixel Haste Make: Complete Boost Rush Mode.
Adjustment pixel Homesick: Rescue all Lost Astronauts.
She's Gone
Adjustment pixel She's Gone: Finish Level 1 on New Game+.
To Death With You
Adjustment pixel To Death With You: Achieve an A rank (or higher) in Boss Rush Mode.
Adjustment pixel Unattainable: Achieve a 100x combo.
Just Say Goodbye
Adjustment pixel Just Say Goodbye: Complete New Game+.
Pure Gold
Adjustment pixel Pure Gold: Hold more than 1,000 credits at once.
The Hunter
Adjustment pixel The Hunter: Successfully hunt all bounties.
Additional Trophies: New trophies for the update.
Adjustment pixel Textbook: Defeat the Ancient Archive.
Hi-Speed Soul
Adjustment pixel Hi-Speed Soul: Complete Boost Rush Mode Level 2.
It's Impossible
Adjustment pixel It's Impossible: Complete New Game++.
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