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Halloween Forever PS4

Halloween Forever

You control Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult forces on a quest to discover why things are so creepy. And you vomit candy corn.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Imaginary Monsters
Publisher: Imaginary Monsters
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  • 7 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Radiant Pumpkin
Adjustment pixel Radiant Pumpkin: You've done it all in the world of Halloween Forever. You rule!
Beat Chainsaw Megamaniac
Adjustment pixel Beat Chainsaw Megamaniac: You bested Chainsaw Megamaniac! There's no chainsaw maniac tougher than this one.
Beat Big Bat
Adjustment pixel Beat Big Bat: You bested Big Bat! Have you ever seen a bat so big?
Beat Green Hydra
Adjustment pixel Beat Green Hydra: You bested Green Hydra! Two heads are better than none, but that won't slow us down.
Beat Red Devil
Adjustment pixel Beat Red Devil: You bested Red Devil! Yow, it's hot in here!
Beat Eyeskuller
Adjustment pixel Beat Eyeskuller: You bested Eyeskuller! Eye spy with my little eye something that's about to explode!
Beat Necromancer
Adjustment pixel Beat Necromancer: You bested Necromancer! Back to ghoul school with you, fool!
Beat Manleech
Adjustment pixel Beat Manleech: You bested Manleech! Say your lamprey-ers!
Beat Frog King
Adjustment pixel Beat Frog King: You bested Frog King! I toad you so!
Beat Blue Devil
Adjustment pixel Beat Blue Devil: You bested Blue Devil! Necessity is the moth of invention.
Beat Necroking
Adjustment pixel Beat Necroking: You bested Necroking! The return of Necromancer! How the mighty have fallen.
Rescued Butternut Bro
Adjustment pixel Rescued Butternut Bro: You rescued Butternut Bro! Your gourd from another lord.
Win the game as Butternut Bro
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Butternut Bro: You won as Butternut Bro! Way to squash the opposition.
Rescued Ms. Witch
Adjustment pixel Rescued Ms. Witch: You rescued Ms. Witch! She has endless cats!
Win the game as Ms. Witch
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Ms. Witch: You won as Ms. Witch! Hope you had a feline time.
Rescued A Skeleton
Adjustment pixel Rescued A Skeleton: You rescued A Skeleton! A bony vertebra buddy.
Win the game as A Skeleton
Adjustment pixel Win the game as A Skeleton: You won as A Skeleton! I knew you had it in you (I can see through your ribgaps).
Rescued Grizzledude
Adjustment pixel Rescued Grizzledude: You rescued Grizzledude. What is he doing here? Let's be friends.
Win the game as Grizzledude
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Grizzledude: You won the game as Grizzledude! He's got a good cranium, that one.
Rescued Chainsaw Maniac
Adjustment pixel Rescued Chainsaw Maniac: You rescued Chainsaw Maniac! Ready to cut loose!
Win the game as Chainsaw Maniac
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Chainsaw Maniac: You won the game as Chainsaw Maniac! Got any plans for Summer vacation?
Rescued Demon Joe
Adjustment pixel Rescued Demon Joe: You Rescued Demon Joe! Like a bat out of hell.
Win the game as Demon Joe
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Demon Joe: You won the game as Demon Joe! Now we have an all powerful demonic hero...wait a minute!
Win the game as Pumpkin Man
Adjustment pixel Win the game as Pumpkin Man: You won as Pumpkin Man! Get pumped!
Mysteries of Abyxsis
Adjustment pixel Mysteries of Abyxsis: Discover the five hidden mysteries of Abyxsis, the upcoming game by Imaginary Monsters!
Chainsaw Dance
Adjustment pixel Chainsaw Dance: Make Chainsaw Megamaniac leave his chainsaw behind when he dies.
Killed By Death
Adjustment pixel Killed By Death: Destroy five hanging skeletons before they hit the ground.
Spider Inciter
Adjustment pixel Spider Inciter: Knock five spiders off the wall.
Let Sleeping Frogs Lie
Adjustment pixel Let Sleeping Frogs Lie: Wake up 6 sleepy frogs.
Bat Marm
Adjustment pixel Bat Marm: Never harm little bats! Ever!
Secret Seeker
Adjustment pixel Secret Seeker: Destroy a breakable wall.
Rune Goon
Adjustment pixel Rune Goon: Find all six hidden runes for a secret ending!
Bulletproof Pumpkin
Adjustment pixel Bulletproof Pumpkin: Beat a world without taking a hit.
Hardcore Gourd
Adjustment pixel Hardcore Gourd: Beat the game with 1 HP Mode enabled! HARDCORE!!!
Bad Touches
Adjustment pixel Bad Touches: Get grabbed by Blue Devil three times.
Ooze It or Lose It
Adjustment pixel Ooze It or Lose It: Watch Manleech vomit 10 times. Yucky!
101 Spikes
Adjustment pixel 101 Spikes: Trigger spike traps 101 times.
Crazy Cat Lady
Adjustment pixel Crazy Cat Lady: Set loose 666 cats as Ms. Witch.
Crow No...
Adjustment pixel Crow No...: Run away from a crow for a very long time.