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Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Embark on a compelling, emotional journey and unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet, and of life itself.
  • US February 28, 2017
  • EU March 1, 2017
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 65 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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All trophies obtained
Adjustment pixel All trophies obtained: Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.
Stealth killed 10 machines
Adjustment pixel Stealth killed 10 machines: Performed a stealth kill on 10 machines.
3 Strikes From Above
Adjustment pixel 3 Strikes From Above: Killed 3 enemies using the Strike from Above skill.
Tore off 10 components
Adjustment pixel Tore off 10 components: Detached 10 components from machines during combat.
10 Vulnerable machine kills
Adjustment pixel 10 Vulnerable machine kills: Killed 10 machines weak to Fire while burning, or weak to Freeze while frozen.
Tore off 5 heavy weapons
Adjustment pixel Tore off 5 heavy weapons: Detached 5 heavy weapons from machines during combat.
7 types of machine overridden
Adjustment pixel 7 types of machine overridden: Unlocked and used the overrides for 7 different types of machine.
Headshot 30 human enemies
Adjustment pixel Headshot 30 human enemies: Killed 30 human enemies by landing headshots on them.
Downed 23 Grazer dummies
Adjustment pixel Downed 23 Grazer dummies: Found and knocked over all of the Grazer training dummies in the Nora region.
First Modification
Adjustment pixel First Modification: Used a Weapon Coil or Outfit Weave on a modifiable weapon or outfit.
All Acquisition machines killed
Adjustment pixel All Acquisition machines killed: Killed at least one of every type of Acquisition machine.
All Recon machines killed
Adjustment pixel All Recon machines killed: Killed at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine.
All Combat machines killed
Adjustment pixel All Combat machines killed: Killed at least one of every type of Combat machine.
All Transport machines killed
Adjustment pixel All Transport machines killed: Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine.
Reached level 10
Adjustment pixel Reached level 10: Reached player level 10.
Reached level 25
Adjustment pixel Reached level 25: Reached player level 25.
Reached level 40
Adjustment pixel Reached level 40: Reached player level 40.
Reached level 50
Adjustment pixel Reached level 50: Reached player level 50.
All Skills learned
Adjustment pixel All Skills learned: Learned all available skills.
First Tallneck Overridden
Adjustment pixel First Tallneck Overridden: Scaled a Tallneck and accessed its information.
First Bandit Camp cleared
Adjustment pixel First Bandit Camp cleared: Took back a settlement from a bandit clan.
First Core Overridden
Adjustment pixel First Core Overridden: Reached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information.
All Suns at one Ground
Adjustment pixel All Suns at one Ground: Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.
Blazing Suns at one Ground
Adjustment pixel Blazing Suns at one Ground: Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.
First Corrupted Zone cleared
Adjustment pixel First Corrupted Zone cleared: Killed all the corrupted machines in a Corrupted Zone.
All Tallnecks Overridden
Adjustment pixel All Tallnecks Overridden: Scaled all of the Tallnecks and accessed their information.
Cleared all the Bandit Camps
Adjustment pixel Cleared all the Bandit Camps: Took back all settlements from the bandit clans.
All Cores Overridden
Adjustment pixel All Cores Overridden: Reached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed the information within.
All Suns at all Grounds
Adjustment pixel All Suns at all Grounds: Earned at least a Half Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.
Blazing Suns at all Grounds
Adjustment pixel Blazing Suns at all Grounds: Earned a Blazing Sun mark in all trials at all of the Hunting Grounds.
All Corrupted Zones cleared
Adjustment pixel All Corrupted Zones cleared: Killed all the corrupted machines in every Corrupted Zone.
All machines catalogued
Adjustment pixel All machines catalogued: Encountered and Focus scanned every type of machine.
First Vantage found
Adjustment pixel First Vantage found: Found and accessed a Vantage datapoint.
First Metal Flower found
Adjustment pixel First Metal Flower found: Discovered a strange metal flower.
First Banuk Figure found
Adjustment pixel First Banuk Figure found: Found a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler.
First Ancient Vessel found
Adjustment pixel First Ancient Vessel found: Found an ancient vessel once used by the Old Ones.
All Vantages found
Adjustment pixel All Vantages found: Found and accessed all of the Vantage datapoints.
All Metal Flowers found
Adjustment pixel All Metal Flowers found: Found all of the Metal Flowers.
All Banuk Figures found
Adjustment pixel All Banuk Figures found: Found all of Arnak's figures.
All Ancient Vessels found
Adjustment pixel All Ancient Vessels found: Found all the Ancient Vessels.
Got the Shield-Weaver outfit
Adjustment pixel Got the Shield-Weaver outfit: Recovered an ancient technology and put it to use.
Followed Rost's teachings
Adjustment pixel Followed Rost's teachings: Learned to hunt and fight alongside Rost.
Defeated the Sawtooth
Adjustment pixel Defeated the Sawtooth: Defeated the Sawtooth that threatened the Nora.
Triumphed in the Proving
Adjustment pixel Triumphed in the Proving: Overcame adversity and placed first in the Proving.
Fought back the corruption
Adjustment pixel Fought back the corruption: Destroyed the corruption inside the Nora valley.
Learned of the ancient past
Adjustment pixel Learned of the ancient past: Learned of the ancient past at Maker's End.
Crashed the Eclipse network
Adjustment pixel Crashed the Eclipse network: Infiltrated the Eclipse battle camp and crashed their network.
Discovered the truth
Adjustment pixel Discovered the truth: Discovered the truth of Zero Dawn.
Broke the siege of All-Mother
Adjustment pixel Broke the siege of All-Mother: Defeated the invaders and went inside the sacred mountain.
Recovered a powerful weapon
Adjustment pixel Recovered a powerful weapon: Explored the Mountain That Fell and recovered a powerful weapon.
All allies joined
Adjustment pixel All allies joined: Given Aloy's actions, all possible optional allies joined the defense.
Ended the war machine threat
Adjustment pixel Ended the war machine threat: Ended the threat of the ancient war machines.
Victorious with the War-Chief
Adjustment pixel Victorious with the War-Chief: Found the Nora War-Chief and defeated the killers in the Ring of Metal.
Saved Meridian from its foe
Adjustment pixel Saved Meridian from its foe: Helped Erend investigate Ersa's fate, and foiled a plot against Meridian.
Aided the defectors
Adjustment pixel Aided the defectors: Aided the escapes of Uthid and the child king Itamen from the Shadow Carja.
Hunted Redmaw with Talanah
Adjustment pixel Hunted Redmaw with Talanah: Rose through the ranks of the Hunters Lodge and helped Talanah defeat Redmaw.
New Game+
New Game+ Completed
Adjustment pixel New Game+ Completed: Completed a New Game+ playthrough on any difficulty.
Ultra Hard Completed
Adjustment pixel Ultra Hard Completed: Completed a New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.
The Frozen Wilds - Quests
Took the Shaman's Path
Adjustment pixel Took the Shaman's Path: Survived the Shaman's Path and found Ourea's retreat.
Won the Werak Challenge
Adjustment pixel Won the Werak Challenge: Challenged Aratak at the Frostfigures and won.
Completed the Second Expedition
Adjustment pixel Completed the Second Expedition: Successfully assaulted Thunder's Drum.
Conquered the Mountain
Adjustment pixel Conquered the Mountain: Drove out the threat within the mountain.
Drained the Flood
Adjustment pixel Drained the Flood: Completely drained the floodwater from inside the Greycatch.
Won Ikrie's Challenge
Adjustment pixel Won Ikrie's Challenge: Met Ikrie again at the Snowchants Hunting Ground and took first place in her challenge.
Fully Improved Weapons
Adjustment pixel Fully Improved Weapons: Acquired the improved versions of three weapons from Varga.
All Quests completed
Adjustment pixel All Quests completed: Completed all side quests and errands in the Frozen Wilds.
All Activities completed
Adjustment pixel All Activities completed: Completed the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground in the Cut.
The Frozen Wilds - Feats
First Spear Modification
Adjustment pixel First Spear Modification: Applied a modification to your spear.
5 Dismount Strikes
Adjustment pixel 5 Dismount Strikes: Killed 5 enemies using the Dismount Strike skill.
5 Machine Types Repaired
Adjustment pixel 5 Machine Types Repaired: Used the Machine Repair or Mount Repair skill on 5 different types of machine.
Killed 15 Scorchers
Adjustment pixel Killed 15 Scorchers: Killed 15 Scorcher machines.
Killed 10 Frostclaws
Adjustment pixel Killed 10 Frostclaws: Killed 10 Frostclaw machines.
Killed 6 Fireclaws
Adjustment pixel Killed 6 Fireclaws: Killed 6 Fireclaw machines.
All Control Towers disabled
Adjustment pixel All Control Towers disabled: Disabled all Control Towers by overriding or destroying them.
All Pigments found
Adjustment pixel All Pigments found: Found all of the Pigments in the Cut.
All Animal Figurines found
Adjustment pixel All Animal Figurines found: Found all of the Animal Figurines in the Cut.
First Bluegleam Trade
Adjustment pixel First Bluegleam Trade: Traded Bluegleam for a special weapon or outfit.
All Frozen Wilds Skills
Adjustment pixel All Frozen Wilds Skills: Learned all of the new skills in the Frozen Wilds.
Reached Level 60
Adjustment pixel Reached Level 60: Reached player level 60.
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