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How to Train Your Dragon PS3

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon is a third-person action-adventure where the gamer plays as a Viking hero that must embark upon an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer.

In this larger-than-life adventure, players will train dragons, explore environments and battle in prestigious dragon tournaments as they battle for Viking victory. Plus, gamers can become the Dragon hero of their living room as they square-off with friends and family in endless head-to-head multi-player combat.
How to Train Your Dragon is a Adventure-game for the   developed by Etranges Libellules and published by Activision.
  • US N/A
  • EU March 26, 2010
  • JP N/A
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Best Viking Ever
Best Viking Ever: Get all trophies
First Step
First Step: Win a fight in either Story mode or 1 Player Arcade mode.
Glory to Hiccup
Glory to Hiccup: Finish the Story mode with Hiccup.
Glory to Astrid
Glory to Astrid: Finish the Story mode with Astrid.
Great Speaker
Great Speaker: Talk to every person on the island in Story mode.
In Feathers
In Feathers: Catch 200 chickens.
More Wild Meat
More Wild Meat: Catch 200 sheep or boars.
New Champion
New Champion: Win against the leader of the first Tournament.
Courageous: Win against the leader of the second Tournament.
Daring: Win against the leader of the third Tournament.
Fearless: Win against the leader of the fourth Tournament.
Unstoppable: Win the first Tournament without being defeated.
In Great Shape
In Great Shape: Win the second Tournament without taking care of your dragons during it.
Valiant: Win the third Tournament always fighting the lowest rated opponent.
Brave: Win the fourth Tournament always fighting the highest rated opponent.
Invulnerable: Win the final Championship with none of your dragons being KO.
Weapon Master
Weapon Master: Make a dragon finish all trainings.
Duelist: Win a wild fight.
Legendary Fighter
Legendary Fighter: Win all wild fights.
Shopping Master
Shopping Master: Spend 10,000 gold at the shop.
Cooking Master
Cooking Master: Buy all recipes from the shop.
Rich Harvest
Rich Harvest: Gather 1,000 common ingredients.
Enlightened: Gather 100 rare ingredients.
Dragon Doctor
Dragon Doctor: Have 4 dragons in a great shape in Story mode.
Final Evolution
Final Evolution: Have a level 25 dragon.
All Stars
All Stars: Have 4 level 25 dragons.
Belong to the Legend
Belong to the Legend: Unlock all legendary dragons.
Perfectionist: Have a dragon with 20 points in a characteristic in Story mode.
Ultimate Customization
Ultimate Customization: Unlock all customizations of a dragon family.
Perfect: Win 50 fights without being injured in 1 Player Arcade mode.
Conqueror: Win 100 fights in either 1 Player or 2 Players Arcade mode.
Commander: Win 10 fights in a row in 1 Player Arcade mode on Hard difficulty.
All for One
All for One: Win a fight with each default and Legendary dragons in 1 Player Arcade mode.
They Are Alive!
They Are Alive!: Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of dragons created with the Dragon Editor.
Exceptional Tamer
Exceptional Tamer: Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of custom dragons from the Story mode.
Game Over!
Game Over!: Win all the medals for all difficulty levels in each challenge.
Young Competitor
Young Competitor: Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Novice difficulty.
Outstanding Competitor
Outstanding Competitor: Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Normal difficulty.
Extreme Competitor
Extreme Competitor: Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Expert difficulty.
To Hit the Bull's Eyes
To Hit the Bull's Eyes: Clear 5 checkpoint rings in a row in the Looping Race challenge on Expert difficulty.
What an Artist!
What an Artist!: Sculpt 10 ice blocks in a row in the Ice Sculpting challenge on Expert difficulty.
Shepherd Dragon
Shepherd Dragon: Bring back 5 brown sheep in a row in the Flying Shepherd challenge on Expert difficulty.
Brainy: Perform 6 sequences in a row in the Memory Torch challenge on Expert difficulty.
Precise: Recreate 3 dragons in a row without mistakes in the Puzzle Dragon challenge on Expert difficulty.
Success: Earn a gold medal in each challenge.
Viking Gold
Viking Gold: Have 10,000 gold in Story mode.
Viking Inhabitant
Viking Inhabitant: Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode.
Ally or Enemy?
Ally or Enemy?: Import at least one dragon in Arcade mode.