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Jagged Alliance: Rage! PS4

Jagged Alliance: Rage!

In Jagged Alliance: Rage! you are constantly on the brink of breakdown. Badly equipped and outnumbered, it's up to the player to lead their seasoned mercenaries in tactical turn-based missions and to light the spark of a revolution.
Jagged Alliance: Rage! is a Strategy, Action, Turn-based-game for the   developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published by HandyGames.
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Mercenary: You have truly lived the life of a mercenary
Escaped: Finished level "Dungeon"
The French Girl
The French Girl: Met Veronique
The Rebel
The Rebel: Met Alvita
Rebel grounds
Rebel grounds: Enter area 2
Blissed grounds
Blissed grounds: Enter area 3
Back at the castle
Back at the castle: Enter the castle
Triumph: Finished JA Rage
Lord of war
Lord of war: Found all weapon types in the game
First blood
First blood: Killed first enemy
The merc's lost clothes
The merc's lost clothes: Found your clothes
Raaaagggee: Used rage skill for the first time
It's Dull, you twit
It's Dull, you twit: Killed an enemy with a spoon
Blue Raja
Blue Raja: Killed enemies with each kitchen utensil in the game
Water saver
Water saver: Killed the water poisoner in Reservoir before he could poison all 4 basins
People saver
People saver: Most civilians survived in Prison
Bliss saver
Bliss saver: Killed the Black Mercs in Harbor before they could flee
Team player
Team player: Finished the game with all mercs
Alien: Found alien weapon
With a few good friends
With a few good friends: Played a map in co-op
Master rager
Master rager: Used all rage skills in the game
The good guy
The good guy: No civilian was killed in a playthrough
Blissed!: Under the influence of Bliss for the first time
Convoy: Intercepted a convoy
Way of the rubberduck
Way of the rubberduck: Carried a rubberduck through the whole game
Guard killer
Guard killer: Killed 100 guards
Black killer
Black killer: Killed 50 black mercs
Modder: Has modified a weapon
Crafter: Has crafted an item
Rebel leader
Rebel leader: Use a rebel squad to stop an enemy troop
Hard guy
Hard guy: Finished the game in hard difficulty mode
Don't hit yourself
Don't hit yourself: 10 enemies killed a guy from their own team
Small team
Small team: Finish the game only with 2 mercs
Tourist: You've seen all maps in the game