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Just Ignore Them Vita Vita

Just Ignore Them Vita

One night can feel like a lifetime of pain, suffering and horror to a you have what it takes to survive the night? Play as an 8 year old child who is tormented by monsters in his house. Your choices make his future which lives can be saved or ended.
Just Ignore Them Vita is a Adventure-game for the   developed by Stranga Games and published by GrabTheGames.
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Platinum Mark
Platinum Mark: Get all the other trophies
Mysterious Photo
Mysterious Photo: A photo can catch a moment in time?
A Photo Can Tell A Thousand Words
A Photo Can Tell A Thousand Words: An empty frame tells a million.
I Don't Like Surprises
I Don't Like Surprises: Wrong closet.
I Better Stay Inside
I Better Stay Inside: Besides, it's too cold out.
I Don't Really Need To Go
I Don't Really Need To Go: I think I'll hold it.
They're Here
They're Here: The tv people.
But First, Let Me Take Uh...
But First, Let Me Take Uh...: Selfie?
This Is All A Bad Dream
This Is All A Bad Dream: I hope.
*Gasp* You Told!
*Gasp* You Told!: Why the hell did you do that for?
Welcome To Dayfield Motel
Welcome To Dayfield Motel: Enjoy your stay!
Mind Your Own Business!
Mind Your Own Business!: No one likes a peeping tom.
Interesting Concept!
Interesting Concept!: No problem.
Nice! Uh... Poster
Nice! Uh... Poster: He's got a good taste in... posters.
Be Kind Rewind.
Be Kind Rewind.: Our customers would appreciate it.
Tainted Footage
Tainted Footage: Do not watch this tape.
Sorry To Barge In!
Sorry To Barge In!: Uh... I'll come back later.
Feeling Lovesick?
Feeling Lovesick?: Or is it just gas?
Get It?
Get It?: 8-bit... Never mind -_-
Drink Your Sorrows Away
Drink Your Sorrows Away: What's the matter?
Are You Afraid?
Are You Afraid?: You should be.
Stop Copying Me!
Stop Copying Me!: I should take his picture.
Dinner Reservation For 2
Dinner Reservation For 2: Do you trust him?
I Shot The Sheriff
I Shot The Sheriff: But I did not shoot the deputy.
Fear Of Flying
Fear Of Flying: Especially if you have to fly the plane!
I Hate The Subway
I Hate The Subway: Are we there yet?
Is This The Right Thing To Do?
Is This The Right Thing To Do?: I'm not so sure.
Lust: Can be the darkest of temptations
Kiss From A Black Rose
Kiss From A Black Rose: Something has unlocked?
Ha Ha! Wrong!
Ha Ha! Wrong!: But, It said it was right!
A Tape Recorder?
A Tape Recorder?: Guess I'll need to find some tapes
The Love Potion
The Love Potion: For your deepest desires.
Mom?: Bad Ending.
Dad?: Good Ending.