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Kitten\'d PS4


Take care of cute kittens - lots and lots of cute kittens. Get points for keeping them happy and lose points for everything they destroy. Use points to upgrade your tools. Or just hang out and play with lots of cute kittens in the more relaxed sandbox mode.
Kitten'd is a Simulation, Casual-game for the   developed by Star Vault AB and published by Star Vault AB.
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You did it!
You did it!: We love you!
Accessoriesed!: Find and equip 2 accessories in story mode!
More accessories!
More accessories!: Find and equip 5 accessories in story mode!
Fashion Guru
Fashion Guru: Find and equip 10 accessories in story mode!
Madhatter: Find and equip 15 accessories in story mode!
Free Throw
Free Throw: Throw 5 poops into the trash
Hook Shot!
Hook Shot!: Throw 25 poops into the trash
Slam DUNK!
Slam DUNK!: Throw 50 poops into the trash
BOOM shakalaka
BOOM shakalaka: Throw 100 poops into the trash
Firefighter Trainee
Firefighter Trainee: Put out 25 fires
Novice Firefighter
Novice Firefighter: Put out 50 fires
Veteran Firefighter
Veteran Firefighter: Put out 100 fires
Expert Firefighter
Expert Firefighter: Put out 200 fires
Savings: Earned 10 coins
College fund
College fund: Earned 25 coins
Life savings
Life savings: Earned 50 coins
Millionaire!: Earned 100 coins
Nice!: Get 7 coins on a level
Purrfect!: Get 7 coins on 5 levels.
Purrfecter!: Get 7 coins on 10 levels.
Purrfectest!: Get 7 coins on 15 levels.
Careful!: Complete 3 levels without breaking anything.
Watch it!
Watch it!: Complete 6 levels without breaking anything.
Caution!: Complete 10 levels without breaking anything.
No Break!
No Break!: Complete 15 levels without breaking anything.
To go where no cat has gone before
To go where no cat has gone before: Blast off!
Prepare for impact!
Prepare for impact!: We are going down!
Happy Cat
Happy Cat: Complete a level with all cats at full happiness
Wall street fat cat
Wall street fat cat: Put the top hat on the American Shorthair
Crazy cat lady
Crazy cat lady: Adopt 20 cats
It's better now!
It's better now!: Buy 3 upgrades in story mode
Better tools!
Better tools!: Buy 5 upgrades in story mode
Upgrader!: Buy 10 upgrades in story mode
All the things!
All the things!: Buy 15 upgrades in story mode
Rockstar: Destroy everything breakable in a room
Abyssinian: Meet the Abyssinian
Ragdoll: Meet the Ragdoll
Siamese: Meet the Siamese
American Shorthair
American Shorthair: Meet the American Shorthair
Singapura: Meet the Singapura
Persian: Meet the Persian
Sphynx: Meet the Sphynx
Let's get large!
Let's get large!: All grown up now
Terraforming: It's a new age