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Lego The Incredibles PS4

Lego The Incredibles

Players take control of their favourite Incredibles characters in unforgettable scenes and action sequences from both Disney•Pixar films, The Incredibles and the upcoming Incredibles 2. The game encourages players to work together by combining the Parr family’s abilities and unique powers to conquer crime and family life in a Lego world full of fun and humour.
Lego The Incredibles is a Lego, Adventure-game for the   developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.
  • US June 15, 2018
  • EU June 15, 2018
  • JP N/A
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It's Showtime!
It's Showtime!: Unlock all trophies
Out in Public Again
Out in Public Again: Complete Chapter 1 - ''Undermined''
Cleaned, Well-Lubricated and Wound Tight
Cleaned, Well-Lubricated and Wound Tight: Throw five enemies into the gears during ''Undermined''
Trouble on the Tracks
Trouble on the Tracks: Complete Chapter 2 - ''Hover Train Hijinx''
Wheelie Good Time!
Wheelie Good Time!: Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds during ''Hover Train Hijinx''
Helicopter Havoc
Helicopter Havoc: Complete Chapter 3 - ''Revelations''
Raccoon Them Up
Raccoon Them Up: Score 'Incredible' in all raccoon encounters during ''Revelations''
A Slice of the Action
A Slice of the Action: Complete Chapter 4 - ''Elastigirl on the Case''
Making Parr
Making Parr: Chase down Screenslaver in ''Elastigirl On The Case'' within 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Parr-ty House
Parr-ty House: Complete Chapter 5 - ''House Parr-ty''
That's One Way to Unpack
That's One Way to Unpack: Destroy all the moving boxes during ''House Parr-ty''
A Momentous Occasion
A Momentous Occasion: Complete Chapter 6 - ''Screenslaver Showdown''
Your Own Kind of Incredible
Your Own Kind of Incredible: Extinguish the fires during ''Screenslaver Showdown'' without the Family Build
A Previous Engagement
A Previous Engagement: Complete Chapter 7 - ''The Golden Years''
A-MAZE-ing: Survive Bomb Voyage's maze during ''The Golden Years'' without taking damage
I Wanted to go Bowling!
I Wanted to go Bowling!: Complete Chapter 8 - ''Vigilant Vigilantes''
Stay Right On My Tail, it's Gonna Get Hot!
Stay Right On My Tail, it's Gonna Get Hot!: Complete ''Vigilant Vigilantes'' in 9 minutes
Worlds A-Parr-t
Worlds A-Parr-t: Complete Chapter 9 - ''Nomanisan Island''
It's Learning...
It's Learning...: Trigger all traps during ''Nomanisan Island''
An Unwelcome Guest
An Unwelcome Guest: Complete Chapter 10 - ''Return to Nomanisan Island''
Untouchable: Complete ''Return to Nomanisan Island'' without being hit by a goo cannon
I'm Just Happy You're Alive!
I'm Just Happy You're Alive!: Complete Chapter 11 - ''Above Parr''
Plane Crazy
Plane Crazy: Don't get hit by any plane parts during ''Above Parr''
Best Vacation Ever!
Best Vacation Ever!: Complete Chapter 12 - ''The Final Showdown''
Where's My Super Suit?!
Where's My Super Suit?!: Complete ''The Final Showdown'' with Lucius Best (Workout)
Where Are They Now?
Where Are They Now?: Complete ''Omnidroid Rampage''
The Best
The Best: Achieve True Super in any level
The Best of the Best
The Best of the Best: Achieve True Super in all levels
Kit Car
Kit Car: Collect all Minikits in a level
Kitted Up
Kitted Up: Collect all Minikits in the game
Better Than the BBQ!
Better Than the BBQ!: Complete your first Family Build
Truly Incredible!
Truly Incredible!: Complete all Family Builds
A Natural Advantage
A Natural Advantage: Collect a Red Brick
Luck Favors the Prepared
Luck Favors the Prepared: Collect all Red Bricks
Bold! Dramatic! Heroic!
Bold! Dramatic! Heroic!: Create a custom character
No Capes!
No Capes!: Create a custom character with a cape
I'm a Billionaire!
I'm a Billionaire!: Earn 1,000,000,000 Studs
Key to the City
Key to the City: Achieve 100%
Making the World a Better Place
Making the World a Better Place: Clean up a district
Superhero of the Year
Superhero of the Year: Clean up all districts
I'm Not Happy Bob. Not Happy
I'm Not Happy Bob. Not Happy: Attack Gilbert Huph with Bob Parr
A Close Second
A Close Second: Finish a race with Dash achieving silver
Everyone is Special
Everyone is Special: Defeat an enemy with a non-super character
That Was Totally Wicked!
That Was Totally Wicked!: Achieve a 75 hit combo
Jack-Jack Attack!
Jack-Jack Attack!: Use all of Jack-Jack's different powers
Someone's Always in Trouble
Someone's Always in Trouble: Release a district boss from prison
Senior Citizens Arrest
Senior Citizens Arrest: Defeat a district boss with a Senior Citizen
Freeze!: Freeze a police officer with Frozone
I'm You, But Stronger!
I'm You, But Stronger!: Pair Buddy Pine with Syndrome
Just Keep Swimming
Just Keep Swimming: Complete an underwater race as Dory
Doing Our Part!
Doing Our Part!: Complete an ambient crime in the city
The Supers Have Returned!
The Supers Have Returned!: Complete 50 ambient crimes in the city