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Like a Dragon: Ishin! PS5

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

1860s Kyo is plagued by vast inequality - one samurai will change the course of history in his search for justice. Draw your blade and join the revolution in this heated historical adventure. Pre-order now to add three exclusive weapons to your arsenal.
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios
Publisher: Sega
  • 48 Trophy bronze icon
  • 5 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Bakumatsu Boss
Adjustment pixel Bakumatsu Boss: Collected all trophies.
Home, Sweet Home
Adjustment pixel Home, Sweet Home: Set foot in Tosa.
Losing a Brother
Adjustment pixel Losing a Brother: Completed Chapter 2.
A Messy Investigation
Adjustment pixel A Messy Investigation: Completed Chapter 4.
That Was Close!
Adjustment pixel That Was Close!: Completed Chapter 6.
The Bottom Drops Out
Adjustment pixel The Bottom Drops Out: Completed Chapter 8.
Secrets Revealed
Adjustment pixel Secrets Revealed: Completed Chapter 10.
Cold Betrayal
Adjustment pixel Cold Betrayal: Completed Chapter 12.
Hero of a Nation
Adjustment pixel Hero of a Nation: Completed the final chapter.
Legend of an Era
Adjustment pixel Legend of an Era: Completed the game on Legend difficulty.
Ultimate Champion
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Champion: Completed every Ultimate Challenge.
Halfway There
Adjustment pixel Halfway There: Brought the Completion List to 50%.
Adjustment pixel Taskmaster: Brought the Completion List to 100%.
Nominally Virtuous
Adjustment pixel Nominally Virtuous: Earned at least 10,000 Virtue in total.
Fairly Virtuous
Adjustment pixel Fairly Virtuous: Earned at least 50,000 Virtue in total.
Extraordinarily Virtuous
Adjustment pixel Extraordinarily Virtuous: Earned at least 100,000 Virtue in total.
Divinely Virtuous
Adjustment pixel Divinely Virtuous: Earned at least 300,000 Virtue in total.
The Gods Smile Upon Thee
Adjustment pixel The Gods Smile Upon Thee: Completed 5 tasks in the Diligence Records.
The Gods Rejoice at Thee
Adjustment pixel The Gods Rejoice at Thee: Completed 20 tasks in the Diligence Records.
The Gods Sing Thy Praises
Adjustment pixel The Gods Sing Thy Praises: Completed 50 tasks in the Diligence Records.
The Gods Hath Been Humbled
Adjustment pixel The Gods Hath Been Humbled: Completed all tasks in the Diligence Records.
Making a Difference
Adjustment pixel Making a Difference: Completed your first Bond.
Everybody Loves Ryoma
Adjustment pixel Everybody Loves Ryoma: Completed all Bonds.
Social Butterfly
Adjustment pixel Social Butterfly: Reached max Social Rank in one of the locales.
I'll Have One of Everything
Adjustment pixel I'll Have One of Everything: Ordered at least one item at every restaurant.
Kyo's Little Helper
Adjustment pixel Kyo's Little Helper: Completed 10 Substories.
Saint of Kyo
Adjustment pixel Saint of Kyo: Completed 40 Substories.
Savior of Kyo
Adjustment pixel Savior of Kyo: Completed all Substories.
Student Among Masters
Adjustment pixel Student Among Masters: Trained with each master of combat.
You've Got Soul
Adjustment pixel You've Got Soul: Unlocked 10 abilities with Soul Orbs.
On the Level
Adjustment pixel On the Level: Reached Level 50.
Limit Breaker
Adjustment pixel Limit Breaker: Broke Ryoma's stats beyond their limits.
This is MY Ring!
Adjustment pixel This is MY Ring!: Won 10 arena battles.
Revelation Reveler
Adjustment pixel Revelation Reveler: Attained all Revelations.
Bring Down the Hammer
Adjustment pixel Bring Down the Hammer: Enhanced equipment 100 times.
Adjustment pixel Showoff: Defeated 100 enemies with Special Moves outside Ultimate Challenges.
The Abyss Stares Back
Adjustment pixel The Abyss Stares Back: Entered a Battle Dungeon 3 times.
Bandit Rustler
Adjustment pixel Bandit Rustler: Cleared the Bandits' Cave.
Bandit Wrangler
Adjustment pixel Bandit Wrangler: Cleared the Bandits' Mine.
Sanada Takedown
Adjustment pixel Sanada Takedown: Cleared the Sanada Stronghold.
Drop and Give Me 100
Adjustment pixel Drop and Give Me 100: Gathered 100 troopers for the Third Division.
Tengu Tamer
Adjustment pixel Tengu Tamer: Helped the Tachibanagumi bring the Tengu to justice.
An Honest Day's Work
Adjustment pixel An Honest Day's Work: Grew 10 different kinds of plants in the garden.
Chef's Special
Adjustment pixel Chef's Special: Cooked 7 different dishes.
Side Hustler
Adjustment pixel Side Hustler: Fulfilled 10 trade orders at your second home.
A Well-Rounded Cast
Adjustment pixel A Well-Rounded Cast: Caught a total of 10 fish.
Platonic Bliss
Adjustment pixel Platonic Bliss: Watched a Slice of Life event at your second home.
World's Greatest Uncle
Adjustment pixel World's Greatest Uncle: Paid off Haruka's debt in full.
Now It Feels Like Home
Adjustment pixel Now It Feels Like Home: Changed the interior design of your second home.
The Man Who Does It All
Adjustment pixel The Man Who Does It All: Played every minigame.
Easy Come, Easy Go
Adjustment pixel Easy Come, Easy Go: Tried your hand at each type of gambling.
Noodle-Slinger Supreme
Adjustment pixel Noodle-Slinger Supreme: Made at least 10 ryo in sales at the Udon Shop.
Sing Your Heart Out
Adjustment pixel Sing Your Heart Out: Performed every song at Utamaruya.
Lord of the Dance
Adjustment pixel Lord of the Dance: Performed every dance at Nichibuza.
Adjustment pixel Cocksure: Placed bets on 5 chicken races.
Like a Dragon in Heaven
Adjustment pixel Like a Dragon in Heaven: Cleared each of the courtesan minigames.
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