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Mafia 3

Mafia III follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a disenfranchised Vietnam veteran, returning from combat and looking for a home and a place to belong. Orphaned as a child, Lincoln at last achieves a semblance of family with the city’s black mob, finding the surrogate father and brother he has longed for. But when Lincoln’s new family is betrayed and slaughtered by the Italian mob, he becomes fixated on revenge and wages a brutal war against the Italians, disrupting the balance of power in the seedy underworld of New Orleans. As the story progresses, Lincoln allies himself with other criminals and builds an empire and a new family of his own that transforms the city.
Mafia 3 is a Action-game for the   developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games.
  • US October 7, 2016
  • EU October 7, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Let the Good Times Roll
Let the Good Times Roll: Obtained All Mafia III Trophies
Before They Bury You
Before They Bury You: Decided Lincoln's fate
Pray on the Way Up
Pray on the Way Up: You hung Ritchie Doucet from a Ferris wheel
It's a Brave New World
It's a Brave New World: You turned the Butcher over to Burke
Fish Gotta Eat
Fish Gotta Eat: You helped Vito capture Michael Grecco
Everyone Will Notice
Everyone Will Notice: You tossed Derazio out his penthouse window
My Name is Lincoln Clay
My Name is Lincoln Clay: You jammed a knife through Santangelo's head
Little Late for That
Little Late for That: You helped Enzo escape
The Poor Sumb****
The Poor Sumb****: You killed Judge Holden
Burn Like Napalm
Burn Like Napalm: Tommy Marcano was burned beyond recognition
Certainly Was Exciting
Certainly Was Exciting: You left Olivia Marcano to her fate
Yet Here We Are
Yet Here We Are: You have avenged Sammy and Ellis
Somethin' I've Gotta Do
Somethin' I've Gotta Do: You collected your things from Sammy's
For Old Time's Sake
For Old Time's Sake: Cassandra agreed to help you kill Marcano
Cut & Run
Cut & Run: Burke agreed to help you kill Marcano
We Partners Now
We Partners Now: Vito agreed to help you kill Marcano
Sure Thing, Boss
Sure Thing, Boss: Unlocked all Associates
IRA Don't Ask
IRA Don't Ask: Completed all of Burke's side-missions
I Need a Favor
I Need a Favor: Completed all of Vito's side-missions
.45 in My Hand
.45 in My Hand: Completed all of Cassandra's side-missions
Cash in Hand
Cash in Hand: Saved $150,000 between your wallet and the bank
Baby, You're a Rich Man
Baby, You're a Rich Man: Earned $500,000
Racketeer: Got the maximum earn from one of your Rackets
We're in This Together
We're in This Together: Kept all Underbosses alive until "Yet Here We Are"
Just You and Me
Just You and Me: Kept only one Underboss alive until "Yet Here We Are"
Trust: Reached the Loyal state with one Underboss
Family: Reached the Loyal state with all three Underbosses
Hole in Your Pocket
Hole in Your Pocket: Spent at least $500,000
Big Earner
Big Earner: Received $10,000 in earn from one Underboss
The New Boss
The New Boss: Flipped 16 Racket Bosses
Live Another Day
Live Another Day: Recruited 15 Racket Informants
No Loose Ends
No Loose Ends: Killed all of the Racket Bosses
Can't Trust a Rat
Can't Trust a Rat: Killed 15 Racket Informants
Custom 358
Custom 358: Drove at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds
Testing the Shocks
Testing the Shocks: While driving, performed a 50-meter jump and landed on your wheels
New Bordeaux Drifter
New Bordeaux Drifter: While driving, drifted for at least 5 seconds
One Good Turn
One Good Turn: Made a 180 degree turn at high speed without hitting anything
Wrecker: Executed 10 Vehicle Takedowns
Combat Specialist
Combat Specialist: Killed 300 enemies via Takedowns
Shh, shh
Shh, shh: Performed 100 Stealth Takedowns on enemies
Closed Casket
Closed Casket: Performed 50 Brutal Takedowns
Softened 'Em Up
Softened 'Em Up: Completely weakened a racket by killing all of its Enforcers
I'm Goin' In!
I'm Goin' In!: Attacked a Racket without killing any Enforcers
Standard Communication Grid
Standard Communication Grid: Wiretapped the Delray Hollow Smack Racket
Recruited to 5th SFG
Recruited to 5th SFG: Performed 5 headshots in 5 seconds
Bon Appétit!
Bon Appétit!: Fed a body to an alligator
Next Time Swim Faster
Next Time Swim Faster: Got eaten by an alligator
Sending A Message
Sending A Message: Chained together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns
Code 112
Code 112: Stole a Police car
Insurance Risk
Insurance Risk: Escaped a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes
Never Saw it Coming
Never Saw it Coming: Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door
Flambé: Made 10 enemies kill themselves with their own Molotovs
Real Nice Time
Real Nice Time: You gutted Lou Marcano like a catfish
The Connection to Cuba
The Connection to Cuba: You chased down and killed Frank Pagani
There's a War Goin' On
There's a War Goin' On: You burned Remy Duvall on a cross
Jesuit in New Mexico
Jesuit in New Mexico: You helped Alvarez escape
Mafia III: Faster, Baby!
Another Brother Falls
Another Brother Falls: You survived the drive into Sinclair Parish
Kickin' Up Dust
Kickin' Up Dust: You helped MJ and Roxy get the Witnesses free
Ain't Nowhere Safer
Ain't Nowhere Safer: You captured Slim Beaumont
Concerned Citizens
Concerned Citizens: You helped Irma, Jeremiah, and Christian
Herbalist: Reached the Max Herbalism level
Mr. Green Thumb
Mr. Green Thumb: Fully upgraded the Grow House
That Good Connect
That Good Connect: Sold a single batch of weed for $10,000 or more
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy: Destroyed 10 of Slim's re-election billboards
Danger Close
Danger Close: Killed 30 enemies using Proximity Mines
Trap Game Strong
Trap Game Strong: Successfully triggered 10 Vehicle Traps
Mafia III: Stones Unturned
Creature of Habit
Creature of Habit: You investigated the scene
Devotchka: You survived the trip to Boicherot's
Big Money
Big Money: You got a hot tip on a loose nuke
Aid and Comfort
Aid and Comfort: You helped Donovan end Connor Aldridge
There Are No Dominos
There Are No Dominos: You secured the nuke
Operation: Deep Sleep
Operation: Deep Sleep: Knocked out 30 people with the Dart Gun
Did I Forget Something?
Did I Forget Something?: Placed an unconscious person in the trunk of a car
Big Fat Party Animal
Big Fat Party Animal: Killed 50 enemies using the Hartmann 7.62mm and wearing the Party Animal outfit
Skip Trace
Skip Trace: Completed all Bounty Hunting assignments
Spotter: Killed 30 Enemies Using Sniper Support
Mafia III: Sign of the Times
A Little Closure
A Little Closure: You investigated the cult's activities at Sammy's
Covered in Blood
Covered in Blood: You met Bonnie Harless
Haunted Places
Haunted Places: Investigated the 3 "Places of Darkness"
…Worse Than Dying
…Worse Than Dying: You killed Bonnie Harless
Barkeep: Began Sammy's Renovation
Amateur Bouncer
Amateur Bouncer: Protected Sammy's from the Dixie Mafia
Pour Sammy!
Pour Sammy!: Fully renovated Sammy's
Pop, Pop
Pop, Pop: Killed 4 enemies using Slow-Mo Shooting 10 Times
Blade of Death
Blade of Death: Killed 20 enemies using Throwing Knives
Street Rocket
Street Rocket: Drove a distance of 50 km in the Samson Harrier