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Motor Strike: Immortal Legends PS4

Motor Strike: Immortal Legends

Fast paced action-racing game for PS4 where you will fight with your team in a non-stop bullet and nitro race to reach the winning score before your adversaries.
  • US December 15, 2016
  • EU December 15, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: FiveXGames
Publisher: FiveXGames
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  • 17 Trophy bronze icon
  • 12 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Motor Striker, and Immortal Legend
Adjustment pixel Motor Striker, and Immortal Legend: Become an Immortal Legend unlocking all Motor Strike Trophies.
We need a bigger trophy case... again
Adjustment pixel We need a bigger trophy case... again: Win 100 online Cups or 200 offline Cups.
Everyone wants to be in your team
Adjustment pixel Everyone wants to be in your team: Win 10 Online races or 25 Offline races in a row.
Yes, NOW you are a pro
Adjustment pixel Yes, NOW you are a pro: Reach Striker Level 20.
They'll see you in their sleep
Adjustment pixel They'll see you in their sleep: End 2000 adversaries in competitions.
Please, stop bullying
Adjustment pixel Please, stop bullying: End 2345 minions in competitions.
Am I a pro now?
Adjustment pixel Am I a pro now?: Win all races in an Online Cup or 10 Offline Cups.
Around the world
Adjustment pixel Around the world: Play all tracks.
The weakest link
Adjustment pixel The weakest link: End the competition leader 200 times.
Being clever
Adjustment pixel Being clever: End 5.553.368 minions (all game modes) or 200 tanks.
Natural born winner
Adjustment pixel Natural born winner: Win 20 Online races or 50 offline races.
Don't be surprised if they ragequit
Adjustment pixel Don't be surprised if they ragequit: End 15 adversaries in an Online race or 20 in an Offline race.
Adjustment pixel MVP!: Earn 5500 points in a race, and win it.
Immortal, but still not a Legend
Adjustment pixel Immortal, but still not a Legend: Win an online race without dying, or 3 offline.
Adjustment pixel Roadrunner: Reach 8 checkpoints being on first place in an Online race or 10 in an Offline race.
Thirst for Speed
Adjustment pixel Thirst for Speed: Win 10 Online Cups or 25 Offline.
Power surge
Adjustment pixel Power surge: Use 2000 energy points.
Die Hard
Adjustment pixel Die Hard: Finish a race with the highest score and the least deaths.
Adjustment pixel Tourist: Finish 5 cups without winning.
You're not a n00b anymore
Adjustment pixel You're not a n00b anymore: Reach Striker Level 10.
This is not a car game
Adjustment pixel This is not a car game: Drive 288 kilometres.
Adjustment pixel User: End 247 minions in competition mode.
My Precious!
Adjustment pixel My Precious!: Win an Online Cup or 5 Offline Cups.
Winning isn't everything...
Adjustment pixel Winning isn't everything...: Win an Online race or 3 Offline races.
Hook 'em all!
Adjustment pixel Hook 'em all!: Use the hook 150+1 times in a race.
Adjustment pixel FiveXGames: End 5 adversaries in an Online race or 15 in an Offline race.
4 digits. Now we're talking
Adjustment pixel 4 digits. Now we're talking: Be the top score in a cup final and win the cup.
Chill bruh!
Adjustment pixel Chill bruh!: End 30 minions in one race.
Adjustment pixel Exhausting: End 5 adversaries in the same race using Strike Back.
Motor Strike Driver License
Adjustment pixel Motor Strike Driver License: Finish all three tutorials.
Adjustment pixel Copycat: All cars of your team in a race are the same.
Last but First
Adjustment pixel Last but First: Finish last every single race of a cup but be part of the winning team.
Adjustment pixel Survivor: Dodge or recover 5000 damage with special abilities.
That was awesome
Adjustment pixel That was awesome: Inflict 5000 damage with special abilities.