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My Name is Mayo PS4

My Name is Mayo

A game about touching a jar of mayo.
My Name is Mayo is a Simulation-game for the   developed by Green Lava Studios and published by Green Lava Studios.
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My Name is Mayo!
My Name is Mayo!: Unlock all the trophies!
You can see the hits!
You can see the hits!: Hit the Mayo 5 times!
No brainer
No brainer: Hit 20 times!
Trimmed hearts
Trimmed hearts: Hit 50 times!
Micro downsizing
Micro downsizing: Hit 200 times!
20th century diet
20th century diet: Hit 350 times!
Go eat cake
Go eat cake: Hit 500 times!
Nosey Caesar
Nosey Caesar: Hit 550 times!
Club: Hit 700 times!
Short timer
Short timer: Hit 1500 times!
Knee record
Knee record: Hit 3000 times!
Venus-wise: Hit 5000 times!
*The Crow movie pun*
*The Crow movie pun*: Hit 8000 times!
An ingredient to rule them all
An ingredient to rule them all: Hit 10000 times!
What do we do now?
What do we do now?: Unlock all the rewards!
Red Bikini!
Red Bikini!: This will cheer you up! (Hit Mayo 75 times)
Cheetah: Wear the bikini. (Hit this 50 times)
Topless!: Keep wearing the leopard (Hit this 100 times)
Crème a la Mayo
Crème a la Mayo: Tap it wild and free. (Hit this 125 times)
Banana!: Cool whip is sexy. (Hit this 200 times)
Potato!: Banana? (Hit this 300 times)
Catsup: Starchy fashion. (Hit this 200 times)
Red Cheetah
Red Cheetah: Red Mayonnaise. (Hit this 300 times)
Elephant fun times!
Elephant fun times!: Feline Ketchup. (Hit this 500 times)
Balls of yarn
Balls of yarn: Amazing Story (150 hits)
Rain: Spin the yarn. (Hit this 50 times)
Z's: Furry Rain. (Hit this 100 times)
Blonde bombshell!
Blonde bombshell!: Zzz... (Hit this 150 times)
Cheesy Rap
Cheesy Rap: Drop the bombshell! (Hit this 50 times)
Catch my cold!
Catch my cold!: Slap that cheese! (Hit this 250 times)
Screwed: Drink coffee. (Hit this 150 times)
Vanished...: Screw that. (Hit this 300 times)
I'm just a mayo.
I'm just a mayo.: Flipped. (Hit this 500 times)
Young Boy
Young Boy: I am Mayonnaise (90 hits)
Rock Star!
Rock Star!: Young soul. (Hit this 10 times)
Dad: Like that old time Rock and Roll! (Hit this 50 times)
Ordinary: Daddy issues. (Hit this 100 times)
Identity issues...
Identity issues...: Old fashioned and boring. (Hit this 200 times)
Best Seller
Best Seller: It's not a phase, it's who I am! (Hit this 10 times)
Glam Rock
Glam Rock: Follow in his footsteps. (Hit this 100 times)
Support!: While my guitar gently weeps. (Hit this 300 times)
A Mime?
A Mime?: In the end... (Hit this 50 times)
Something important
Something important: A Story About Life. (120 hits)
The Box of Love
The Box of Love: Something important. (10 hits, follow the life)
Just kidding...
Just kidding...: The Box of Love. (10 hits, follow the life)
Move: Just kidding... (10 hits, follow the life)
Muscles: Move. (10 hits, follow the life)
Part of life
Part of life: Muscles. (10 hits, follow the life)
Philosophy: Part of life. (10 hits, follow the life)
Talking about life
Talking about life: Philosophy. (10 hits, follow the life)
I am Mayonnaise!
I am Mayonnaise!: Talking about life. (10 hits, follow the life)