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NBA Live 18 PS4

NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 is a basketball game by Electronic Arts
NBA Live 18 is a Basketball, Sports-game for the   developed by Electronic Arts and published by Electronic Arts.
  • US September 15, 2017
  • EU September 15, 2017
  • JP N/A
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Beyond LIVE
Beyond LIVE: Unlock All Trophies for NBA LIVE 18
Triple Double, Hold the Points
Triple Double, Hold the Points: Obtain a Triple Double with any combination of rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks
Alley By Myself
Alley By Myself: Perform a self-alley oop
Shooter's Touch
Shooter's Touch: Successfully perform every shot type within a game
Kidding Around
Kidding Around: Perform every type of pass in the game.
Call the Doctor
Call the Doctor: Perform an ankle breaker in a game
Defense Matters
Defense Matters: Cause 3 bumps to pickup over the course of a game
CLUTCH: Make a game winning shot with green release
No Buckets Allowed
No Buckets Allowed: Hold an opposing team scoreless for 4 minutes
The Journey Begins
The Journey Begins: Create a player
Leveling Up
Leveling Up: Get 1 Playstyle to Mastery
Beginning to Understand
Beginning to Understand: Complete any Objective within The One
Superstar: Get 1 Playstyle to Superstar
Golden: Equip 3 Gold Traits
Almost There
Almost There: Obtain a Hype Level of 100 in The League or The Streets within The One
Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player
Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player: Obtain a Hype Level of 100 in The League and The Streets within The One
Stacking Crates to the Ceiling
Stacking Crates to the Ceiling: Complete a Crate Collection
Joining the Elite
Joining the Elite: Win the MVP Award in The League within The One
Getting the Ring
Getting the Ring: Win the NBA Finals in The League within The One
Best Team in the League
Best Team in the League: Win the NBA Finals in Franchise
Chosen: Complete the Chosen League Venue in Pro-Am Tour
Own the Court
Own the Court: Complete all objectives at any Venue in Pro-Am Tour
Conquer The Drew
Conquer The Drew: Complete the Drew League in Pro-Am Tour
Street Legend
Street Legend: Complete all objectives in Pro-Am Tour
Climbing the Ranks
Climbing the Ranks: Win an Online Head to Head Game
Next: Win a Live Run Pick-Up Game
No I in Team
No I in Team: Play and win any Co-Op LIVE Event with a full team of five human players
Taking Over
Taking Over: Complete an entire series of games in any Takedown LIVE Event
Making a List
Making a List: Complete GM List Level 1
Checking it Twice
Checking it Twice: Complete GM List Level 2