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Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir PS3 PS3

Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir PS3

Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir is an action RPG developed by Vanillaware and published by Atlus.
  • US June 7, 2016
  • EU June 24, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Vanillaware
Publisher: Atlus
  • 40 Trophy bronze icon
  • 3 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Odin Sphere
Adjustment pixel Odin Sphere: Obtained all trophies!
Adjustment pixel Valkyrie: Completed the Prelude of Gwendolyn's tale.
Clipped Wings
Adjustment pixel Clipped Wings: Completed Chapter 3 of Gwendolyn's tale.
Suffering Heart
Adjustment pixel Suffering Heart: Completed Chapter 6 of Gwendolyn's tale.
Gwendolyn Ending
Adjustment pixel Gwendolyn Ending: Completed Gwendolyn's tale.
The Pooka Prince
Adjustment pixel The Pooka Prince: Completed the Prelude of Cornelius's tale.
Twins of Valentine
Adjustment pixel Twins of Valentine: Completed Chapter 3 of Cornelius's tale.
Homeland's Crisis
Adjustment pixel Homeland's Crisis: Completed Chapter 6 of Cornelius's tale.
Cornelius Ending
Adjustment pixel Cornelius Ending: Completed Cornelius's tale.
Adjustment pixel Fairyland: Completed the Prelude of Mercedes's tale.
Rumors of the Magi
Adjustment pixel Rumors of the Magi: Completed Chapter 3 of Mercedes's tale.
Preparing to Attack
Adjustment pixel Preparing to Attack: Completed Chapter 6 of Mercedes's tale.
Mercedes Ending
Adjustment pixel Mercedes Ending: Completed Mercedes's tale.
The Black Sword
Adjustment pixel The Black Sword: Completed the Prelude of Oswald's tale.
Adjustment pixel Downfall: Completed Chapter 3 of Oswald's tale.
A Victim's Heart
Adjustment pixel A Victim's Heart: Completed Chapter 6 of Oswald's tale.
Oswald Ending
Adjustment pixel Oswald Ending: Completed Oswald's tale.
Adjustment pixel Fate: Completed the Prelude of Velvet's tale.
Silence the Cauldron
Adjustment pixel Silence the Cauldron: Completed Chapter 3 of Velvet's tale.
Love Unfazed
Adjustment pixel Love Unfazed: Completed Chapter 6 of Velvet's tale.
Velvet Ending
Adjustment pixel Velvet Ending: Completed Velvet's tale.
One Who Hunts the Six-Eyed Beast
Adjustment pixel One Who Hunts the Six-Eyed Beast: Defeated Darkova with Cornelius.
One Who Conquers the Lord of the Netherworld
Adjustment pixel One Who Conquers the Lord of the Netherworld: Defeated Gallon with Oswald.
One Who Douses the Inferno
Adjustment pixel One Who Douses the Inferno: Defeated Onyx with Mercedes.
One Who Obtains the Cauldron
Adjustment pixel One Who Obtains the Cauldron: Defeated the Cauldron with Velvet.
One Who Kills the Snake
Adjustment pixel One Who Kills the Snake: Defeated Leventhan with Gwendolyn.
Adjustment pixel Armageddon: Completed the Book of Armageddon.
One Who Inherits Life
Adjustment pixel One Who Inherits Life: Witnessed the earth's rebirth.
Adjustment pixel Blessing: Witnessed Cornelius's and Velvet's future.
Area Master
Adjustment pixel Area Master: Acquired an S Rank for all battle stages in any area.
All Ice-Spear Skills Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Ice-Spear Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Gwendolyn's Psypher skills.
All Lightning-Sword Skills Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Lightning-Sword Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Cornelius's Psypher skills.
All Magic-Bow Skills Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Magic-Bow Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Mercedes's Psypher skills.
All Magic-Sword Skills Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Magic-Sword Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Oswald's Psypher skills.
All Fire-Chain Skills Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Fire-Chain Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Velvet's Psypher skills.
Maximum Alchemy
Adjustment pixel Maximum Alchemy: Created the highest grade in alchemy.
Chain Ruler
Adjustment pixel Chain Ruler: Connected at least 200 chains from one attack.
All Dishes Conquered
Adjustment pixel All Dishes Conquered: Ate all types of cooking at Maury's Touring Restaurant.
Small Resistance
Adjustment pixel Small Resistance: Attacked by mandragora 5 times.
Power of Collecting
Adjustment pixel Power of Collecting: Absorbed a total of at least 1,000 Phozons.
Curtain Call
Adjustment pixel Curtain Call: Received a coin during the curtain call.
All Abilities Acquired
Adjustment pixel All Abilities Acquired: Acquired all abilities with any of the characters.
Road of Erion
Adjustment pixel Road of Erion: Completed the Churning Rift of the World.
Erion Memo
Adjustment pixel Erion Memo: Obtained your first text.
Erion Handbook
Adjustment pixel Erion Handbook: Gathered at least 10 texts.
Erion File
Adjustment pixel Erion File: Gathered at least 30 texts.
Erion Dictionary
Adjustment pixel Erion Dictionary: Gathered at least 50 texts.
Erion Encyclopedia
Adjustment pixel Erion Encyclopedia: Gathered all texts.
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