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One Finger Death Punch 2 PS4

One Finger Death Punch 2

The world's fastest brawler is back. Experience cinematic kung-fu in the most epic stickman fighter ever made. Staying true to the original, you play with only two buttons. Every press matters, do not button mash
  • US September 30, 2020
  • EU September 30, 2020
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Silver Dollar Games
Publisher: Silver Dollar Games
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  • 28 Trophy bronze icon
  • 12 Trophy silver icon
  • 3 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Master Smasher
Adjustment pixel Master Smasher: Beat all other challenges
Marching On
Adjustment pixel Marching On: Complete 100 levels
The Master Wanders the Lands
Adjustment pixel The Master Wanders the Lands: Complete 150 levels
Heading to the Top
Adjustment pixel Heading to the Top: Unlock survival tower tier 5
Your Kung-Fu is not Strong
Adjustment pixel Your Kung-Fu is not Strong: Achieve 5000 kill count
You are a Legend
Adjustment pixel You are a Legend: Achieve 10000 kill count
I Have the Power
Adjustment pixel I Have the Power: Get a revenge token
Revenge is Waiting
Adjustment pixel Revenge is Waiting: Get 10 revenge tokens
Tutorial Complete
Adjustment pixel Tutorial Complete: Complete tutorial level 16
Complete the Forest
Adjustment pixel Complete the Forest: Complete the forest
Complete the Swamps
Adjustment pixel Complete the Swamps: Complete the swamps
Complete the Lava Lands
Adjustment pixel Complete the Lava Lands: Complete the Lava Lands
Complete the Ice Lands
Adjustment pixel Complete the Ice Lands: Complete the Ice Lands
Complete the Alien Crash Site
Adjustment pixel Complete the Alien Crash Site: Complete the Alien Crash Site
Complete the Sky Lands
Adjustment pixel Complete the Sky Lands: Complete the Sky Lands
Complete the Wastelands
Adjustment pixel Complete the Wastelands: Complete the Wastelands
Complete the Land of Temples
Adjustment pixel Complete the Land of Temples: Complete the Land of Temples
Adjustment pixel Victory: Beat the last level on the map
Combo Master
Adjustment pixel Combo Master: Achieve a 150 hit combo
My Power is Growing
Adjustment pixel My Power is Growing: Get 35 skill points
Highly Skilled
Adjustment pixel Highly Skilled: Max out 10 skills
Unleashing the Gods
Adjustment pixel Unleashing the Gods: Use skills 500 times
Spirit Within
Adjustment pixel Spirit Within: Spirit attack 500 times
A Storm is Coming
Adjustment pixel A Storm is Coming: Tornado kick 15 times
It's Party Time
Adjustment pixel It's Party Time: Get a dance party
Adjustment pixel Perfection: Get perfect 5 times
Digging In and Climbing High
Adjustment pixel Digging In and Climbing High: Play survival mode 10 times
Get Ready for the Real Challenge
Adjustment pixel Get Ready for the Real Challenge: Enter the computer room
What in the World?
Adjustment pixel What in the World?: Summon the Who's The Daddy guy
Watch Your Step
Adjustment pixel Watch Your Step: Complete 4 stages of Johnny's Minefield
Why am I Doing This?
Adjustment pixel Why am I Doing This?: Discover 5 boogers in Flick or Eat
Adjustment pixel Wavelength: Enter the music test
King of the Hill
Adjustment pixel King of the Hill: Unlock tier 8 in Normal Survival
Five Stars all the Way
Adjustment pixel Five Stars all the Way: Get 5 stars 25 times
Fight Me
Adjustment pixel Fight Me: Kill 1000 brawlers
I'm the Real Boss
Adjustment pixel I'm the Real Boss: Kill 250 bosses
No More Grey
Adjustment pixel No More Grey: Kill 5000 grey enemies
No More Green
Adjustment pixel No More Green: Kill 1000 green enemies
No More Blue
Adjustment pixel No More Blue: Kill 1000 blue enemies
No More Nemesis
Adjustment pixel No More Nemesis: Kill 10 nemesis
Ball of Death
Adjustment pixel Ball of Death: Kill with the ball of death 250 times
Weapon Master
Adjustment pixel Weapon Master: Kill using a weapon 2000 times
Power Weapon Master
Adjustment pixel Power Weapon Master: Kill using a power weapon 1000 times
Chainsaw Master
Adjustment pixel Chainsaw Master: Kill using a chainsaw 1000 times