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One Piece Odyssey PS5

One Piece Odyssey

During their journey, the Straw Hats headed by Monkey D. Luffy are swallowed by a huge storm at sea and end up on a mysterious island full of nature amidst the storm, separated from each other, with the Thousand Sunny completely broken. The crew set outs on a new adventurous journey filled with wonders of a raging nature, powerful enemies, and strange encounters with the island locals. Players will have to work together with Luffy and the members of his crew to set sail once again
  • US January 13, 2023
  • EU January 13, 2023
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: ILCA
Publisher: Bandai-Namco
  • 39 Trophy bronze icon
  • 9 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Odyssey Master
Adjustment pixel Odyssey Master: The Mark of a True Adventurer
High Leveler
Adjustment pixel High Leveler: Got everyone past level 70.
Challenge Enemy Conqueror
Adjustment pixel Challenge Enemy Conqueror: Defeat all the powerful challenge enemies twice or more.
Final Chapter Clear
Adjustment pixel Final Chapter Clear: Cleared the final chapter.
Pit Stop Pro
Adjustment pixel Pit Stop Pro: Cleared all side stories.
Bounty Hunter
Adjustment pixel Bounty Hunter: Turned in all bounties.
Certified Fray Fixer
Adjustment pixel Certified Fray Fixer: Cleared all Memory Links.
Top Cook
Adjustment pixel Top Cook: Made all recipes.
Trick Ball Whiz
Adjustment pixel Trick Ball Whiz: Made all Trick Balls.
Treasure Hunter
Adjustment pixel Treasure Hunter: Opened all the locked treasure chests.
Challenge Enemy Beginner
Adjustment pixel Challenge Enemy Beginner: Defeat one powerful challenge enemy.
Battle Master
Adjustment pixel Battle Master: Won 300 battles.
Chapter 1 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 1 Clear: Cleared chapter 1.
Chapter 2 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 2 Clear: Cleared chapter 2.
Chapter 3 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 3 Clear: Cleared chapter 3.
Chapter 4 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 4 Clear: Cleared chapter 4.
Chapter 5 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 5 Clear: Cleared chapter 5.
Chapter 6 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 6 Clear: Cleared chapter 6.
Chapter 7 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 7 Clear: Cleared chapter 7.
Chapter 8 Clear
Adjustment pixel Chapter 8 Clear: Cleared chapter 8.
Journeyman Cook
Adjustment pixel Journeyman Cook: Made 10 recipes.
Trick Ball Beginner
Adjustment pixel Trick Ball Beginner: Made 10 Trick Balls.
Chasing Champion
Adjustment pixel Chasing Champion: Fused 30 accessories.
Craft Enthusiast
Adjustment pixel Craft Enthusiast: Fused 5 accessories.
Jewelry Master
Adjustment pixel Jewelry Master: Made an accessory with 4 effects.
Pit Stop Amateur
Adjustment pixel Pit Stop Amateur: Cleared 10 side stories.
Journeyman Hunter
Adjustment pixel Journeyman Hunter: Turned in 10 bounties.
Fixed a Fray
Adjustment pixel Fixed a Fray: Cleared 5 Memory Links.
Party Animal
Adjustment pixel Party Animal: Had 30 parties.
Adjustment pixel Collector: Collected 99 Yaya Cubes.
Cube Collector: Luffy
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Luffy: Collected 50 of Luffy's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Zoro
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Zoro: Collected 50 of Zoro's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Nami
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Nami: Collected 30 of Nami's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Usopp
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Usopp: Collected 40 of Usopp's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Sanji
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Sanji: Collected 40 of Sanji's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Chopper
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Chopper: Collected 30 of Chopper's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Robin
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Robin: Collected 30 of Robin's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Franky
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Franky: Collected 20 of Franky's cube fragments.
Cube Collector: Brook
Adjustment pixel Cube Collector: Brook: Collected 6 of Brook's cube fragments.
Savings Savant
Adjustment pixel Savings Savant: Obtained a total of 20,000,000 berries.
Bond Battler
Adjustment pixel Bond Battler: Activated 20 Bond Arts.
Singular Strike
Adjustment pixel Singular Strike: Did more than 10,000 damage to an enemy with a single attack.
Gum-Gum Rocket
Adjustment pixel Gum-Gum Rocket: Traveled with Gum-Gum Rocket 100 times.
Iron Door Slicer
Adjustment pixel Iron Door Slicer: Cut 20 doors with Zoro's Door Slice.
Usopp's Slingshot
Adjustment pixel Usopp's Slingshot: Used Usopp's Shot 100 times.
Archaeologist's Appraisal
Adjustment pixel Archaeologist's Appraisal: Robin collected 20 items with Archaeologist's Appraisals.
Cook's Nose
Adjustment pixel Cook's Nose: Sanji collected 25 items with Cook's Nose.
Treasure Sensor
Adjustment pixel Treasure Sensor: Nami collected 25 Items with Treasure Sensor.
Franky Skywalk
Adjustment pixel Franky Skywalk: Built a bridge 10 times with Franky Skywalk.
Adjustment pixel Victor: Won 50 battles.
Escape is Victory
Adjustment pixel Escape is Victory: Ran from three battles.
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