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Party Crashers PS4

Party Crashers

Party Crashers is a last-car-standing combat racer for one to four players
Party Crashers is a Racing, Vehicular combat-game for the   developed by Giant Margarita and published by Giant Margarita.
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Time for a Shoey!
Time for a Shoey!: Successfully master all the ways to play Party Crashers.
First!: Win a round of any game mode.
Too Slow
Too Slow: Get killed by falling too far behind the leader.
Cliff Diving
Cliff Diving: Get killed by driving off the track.
Full Contact Racing
Full Contact Racing: Push another player off the track.
Staying Alive
Staying Alive: Finish a round of at least ten of the Elimination game modes.
Schweetz!: Finish a round of at least ten of the Race game modes.
Tick Tick
Tick Tick: Finish a round of at least ten of the Time Trial game modes.
Master Blaster
Master Blaster: Finish a round of at least ten of the Battle game modes.
I Have the Power
I Have the Power: Try all of the powerups.
Blinky Approved
Blinky Approved: Try all of the mutators.
Thorough: Try a non-default setting from every deep customisation row.
Friends Forever
Friends Forever: All four human players are alive at the end of the round.
Enemies Eternal
Enemies Eternal: All four human players kill someone in the same round.
Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory: Your controller buddy won the match.
Three Legged Race
Three Legged Race: Finish a match in first and second place with your controller buddy.
Take That Skynet!
Take That Skynet!: Humans finish in 1st and 2nd in a two human versus two AI match, and only AI players are killed.
A Few Tweaks
A Few Tweaks: Change something using the mutators menu.
Complete Control
Complete Control: Use the customise menu.
Fairness Through Inequality
Fairness Through Inequality: Set some per-player options in the customise menu.
Options All the Way Down
Options All the Way Down: Find the deepest level of the customise menu.
Wheeeeeee!: Use the sliders to customise further.
Eat My Dust
Eat My Dust: Take the lead by using the speed boost pickup.
Outta My Way
Outta My Way: Launch a player into the air using the cowcatcher.
Dead Man's Boots
Dead Man's Boots: Take the lead by shooting the leading player.
Three Birds, One Stone
Three Birds, One Stone: Hit 3 players with one railgun shot.
Mass Murder
Mass Murder: Kill 3 other players in a single round.
The Resistance Starts Now
The Resistance Starts Now: Play against three AI and get at least 10 kills before getting killed by an AI.
The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down
The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down: Win a match of the Speed Limit game mode.
Ultra Sprint
Ultra Sprint: Win a match of the Super Classic Arcade game mode on the Bends Track.
Furiously Fast Four
Furiously Fast Four: All four humans players get a sub 12 second lap time on the Figure 8 track in Best Lap Time game mode.
No Plumbers nor Marsupials
No Plumbers nor Marsupials: Win a match of the Kart Racing game mode.
Why Race When You Can Shoot?
Why Race When You Can Shoot?: Win any battle mode against other humans.
Pacifist: Win a round without dealing any damage to or killing other players.
Non-Violent Resistance
Non-Violent Resistance: Win a match without dealing any damage to or killing other players.
Simplify: Win a round without using any pickups.
A Monk's Life
A Monk's Life: Win a match without using any pickups.
Unstoppable: Win every round in a match of 500 points.
Just Need to Know Where I've Been
Just Need to Know Where I've Been: Win a round while driving backwards.
On a Roll
On a Roll: Win 3 matches in a row in a single session.
Try Accelerating Next Time
Try Accelerating Next Time: Don't win a round in a match of 500 points or more.
Chicken Marengo
Chicken Marengo: Get killed 5 times in a row by falling too far behind the leader.
Don't Choke!
Don't Choke!: Be on match point 3 times in a row without winning the match.
Chair-Breaker: Lose the match after being on match point 5 or more times.
I Was Told There Would Be Medals
I Was Told There Would Be Medals: Fail to win the match even after winning the round while on match point.
Channelling Negative Energy
Channelling Negative Energy: Finish the match on a negative score.
Reversal of Fortune
Reversal of Fortune: Move from last place to first place in one round (against at least 3 competitors).
Keep on Swimming
Keep on Swimming: Win an elimination quick game with a score over 1000 points.
Doing a Bradbury
Doing a Bradbury: Win a match after there being 3 or more players on match-point above you.
Unbreakable: Win a round with less than 5% health.
Single Vehicle Accident
Single Vehicle Accident: Die by driving off the track without help.
CTR Rules
CTR Rules: Be selected for the podium after a match ends in a tie.
Good Times
Good Times: Play 1000 rounds.
Great Times
Great Times: Win 100 matches.
All Rounder
All Rounder: Win a match of at least half of the gamemodes.