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Peggle 2 PS4

Peggle 2

You’re invited to bounce into a wondrous new world of Peggle — one of “the top 5 most addictive games of all time.”* Shoot balls at colorful, challenging boards of pegs to reach Extreme Fever in this astounding new experience.

Unleash the amazing magic powers of Peggle Masters like Bjorn, and all-new masters like the dark and mysterious Luna, as you attempt to conquer new boards and challenges.
Peggle 2 is a Puzzle-game for the   developed by PopCap Games and published by PopCap Games.
  • US October 14, 2014
  • EU October 15, 2014
  • JP N/A
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Progression: 32 of 33
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy: You've unlocked all of the trophies!
Earned Thu Jan 21 05:49:07 2016
Toured the Campus
Toured the Campus: Completed every level in the Peggle Institute
Earned Wed Oct 15 17:36:53 2014
Institutionalized: Completed every trial in the Peggle Institute
Earned Thu Oct 16 21:12:58 2014
Trolled: Completed every level in Mountain Highs
Earned Wed Oct 15 18:14:40 2014
Higher Ground
Higher Ground: Completed every trial in Mountain Highs
Earned Mon Oct 20 21:31:38 2014
Found Frozen Friends
Found Frozen Friends: Completed every level in Winter Blunderland
Earned Wed Oct 15 21:21:23 2014
SSSSlide: Completed every trial in Winter Blunderland
Earned Mon Oct 20 22:01:28 2014
Found So Many Contraptions
Found So Many Contraptions: Completed every level in Gnorman's Gneighborhood
Earned Thu Oct 16 19:43:02 2014
Grounded: Completed every trial in Gnorman's Gneighborhood
Earned Mon Oct 20 21:17:53 2014
Not Too Scary
Not Too Scary: Completed every level in Gravely Grove
Earned Thu Oct 16 20:30:34 2014
Trials and Some Tribulations
Trials and Some Tribulations: Completed every trial in the Gravely Grove
Earned Mon Oct 20 20:31:49 2014
Peggle Master
Peggle Master: Completed every Celestial Realm level
Earned Sat Oct 18 22:25:20 2014
Cryptic Cryptid
Cryptic Cryptid: Completed every Celestial Realm trial
Earned Sun Mar 1 14:30:25 2015
Opt-in: Completed 30 Optional Objectives
Earned Thu Oct 16 20:27:49 2014
Objection!: Completed 60 Optional Objectives
Earned Sun Oct 26 21:21:41 2014
Half-Way Yay!
Half-Way Yay!: Completed 90 Optional Objectives
Earned Thu Oct 30 20:19:49 2014
Extreme Objectification
Extreme Objectification: Completed 120 Optional Objectives
Earned Sun Mar 1 18:48:33 2015
Ultra Extreme Objectification
Ultra Extreme Objectification: Completed 150 Optional Objectives
Earned Mon Mar 2 16:48:37 2015
All the Cheevos!
All the Cheevos!: Completed 180 Optional Objectives
Earned Thu Jan 21 05:49:07 2016
Baller: Won a level with at least 12 balls left (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Earned Thu Oct 30 19:40:09 2014
Superior Shot
Superior Shot: Earned 3 free balls on one shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Earned Wed Oct 15 17:52:41 2014
Stylin': Got 75,000 styleshot points in a shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Earned Wed Oct 15 16:11:29 2014
Coolest Clear
Coolest Clear: Won a level with the cool clear style shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer)
Earned Tue Oct 21 10:07:10 2014
Every Day I'm Pegglin'
Every Day I'm Pegglin': Hit 10000 blue pegs
Earned Mon Oct 20 20:33:08 2014
Orange Crusher
Orange Crusher: Hit 5000 orange pegs
Earned Tue Oct 21 09:48:55 2014
I'd Hit That
I'd Hit That: Hit 300 green pegs
Earned Mon Oct 20 21:02:21 2014
Ace'd!: Beat your first ace score
Earned Wed Oct 15 16:10:46 2014
Ultra Extreme Fever
Ultra Extreme Fever: Cleared all pegs in a level (Singleplayer Only)
Earned Wed Oct 15 16:24:30 2014
I Got a Fever
I Got a Fever: Cleared all orange pegs in a level (Singleplayer Only)
Earned Wed Oct 15 15:54:10 2014
Windy the Fairy Master Pack
Fairily Complete
Fairily Complete: Completed all Hallelujah Hollow levels
Earned Sun Mar 1 16:49:50 2015
Viva the Violet
Viva the Violet: Complete all Hallelujah Hollow trials
Jimmy Lightning Master Pack
Multiballular Madness!
Multiballular Madness!: Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt levels
Earned Thu Oct 30 20:03:53 2014
Jump That Shark!
Jump That Shark!: Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt trials
Earned Thu Jan 21 06:12:05 2016