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Pixel Heroes PS4

Pixel Heroes

Enter the world of PIXEL HEROES and prepare yourself for a thrilling RPG/Roguelike experience like you have never seen before
Pixel Heroes is a Role-playing game, Action-game for the   developed by The Bitfather and published by Headup Games.
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Unbelievable: Earn every trophy.
First Blood
First Blood: Defeat your first enemy.
Welcome to Pixel Heroes
Welcome to Pixel Heroes: Lose all your heroes for the first time.
Hero in Training
Hero in Training: Finish your first quest.
Nice Graveyard!
Nice Graveyard!: Lose 10 times.
Die like a boss!
Die like a boss!: Lose 50 times.
Mass Grave
Mass Grave: Lose 100 times.
The Humanity
The Humanity: Finish an adventure with an all-Human party.
Short and Sturdy
Short and Sturdy: Finish an adventure with an all-Dwarf party.
The Blue Girls
The Blue Girls: Finish an adventure with an all-Skyborn party.
Be creative!
Be creative!: Finish 6 dungeons during one adventure.
M-M-M-Monsterkill!: Defeat three enemies with one hit.
Nuck Chorris
Nuck Chorris: Defeat an enemy only with the fist.
Good Listener
Good Listener: Listen to all stories of the barkeeper.
Darkest Secrets
Darkest Secrets: Uncover the dark secret of the casino owner.
Lucky Foot
Lucky Foot: Unlock a treasure chest with no more than 20% chance.
Dark as my Soul
Dark as my Soul: Evade an attack by the use of Concealed.
Tubes of Yu
Tubes of Yu: Listen to Layment, the travelling musicians.
Staying Alive
Staying Alive: Survive through 3 dungeons in a row.
For Love and Justice
For Love and Justice: Revive 3 fallen heroes during one adventure.
Addicted to Red
Addicted to Red: Drink 50 healing potions during one adventure.
Drink Responsibly!
Drink Responsibly!: Drink 100 glasses of beer during one adventure.
Mecha-Dwarf: Defeat the boss of the Arcane Armory.
Large and Hairy
Large and Hairy: Defeat the boss of the Goblin Outpost.
Blind Beauty
Blind Beauty: Defeat the boss of the Sunken Empire.
Ding dong, the witch is dead...
Ding dong, the witch is dead...: Defeat the boss of the Byting Woods.
Viking Voyage
Viking Voyage: Defeat the boss of the Stormy Peaks.
Jumpscares are Cheap
Jumpscares are Cheap: Defeat the boss of the Haunted Mansion.
Toxic Pears
Toxic Pears: Defeat the boss of The Boneyard.
R'lyeh is Near
R'lyeh is Near: Defeat the boss of the Devils Reef.
Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff: Defeat the boss of the Old Volcano.
Rock Hard
Rock Hard: Defeat the boss of the Ancient Temple.
DDADD&D: Defeat the boss of the Cyclopean Pyramid.
Random Randoom
Random Randoom: Defeat the boss of the Randoom Meteorite.
Godslayer: Defeat the boss of the Gates of Ashtur.
Hairy Feet
Hairy Feet: Help Mustachio on his path to self-fulfillment.
Arrrrrrrrrrrr!: Help Captain Capslock on his path to self-fulfillment.
I'm Blue da ba di...
I'm Blue da ba di...: Help Sapphire on her path to self-fulfillment.
Strike the Earth!
Strike the Earth!: Help Shroom on his path to self-fulfillment.
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs: Help Jindid on his path to self-fulfillment.
R u a Wizard?
R u a Wizard?: Finish a complete adventure without a hero dying.
Don't Worry, be Happy!
Don't Worry, be Happy!: Lead all citizens to maximum happiness.
Catch them All!
Catch them All!: Unlock all hero classes.
Play all the Heroes!
Play all the Heroes!: Play at least once with each hero class.
Veni, Vidi, Vici!
Veni, Vidi, Vici!: Finish an adventure with each hero class.
Safety First
Safety First: Finish an adventure with Herbalist, Priest and Brewmaster.
Brute Force
Brute Force: Finish an adventure with Fighter, Barbarian and Warrioress.
It's Magic
It's Magic: Finish an adventure with Enchantress, Shadowmancer and Skyweaver.
Annoying Flies!
Annoying Flies!: Escape the red flyswarm 4 times.
Riddle me This
Riddle me This: Solve all 4 riddles of the enigmatic idols.
Living Punching Bag
Living Punching Bag: Reach 500 HP with one hero.
Perfect Duo
Perfect Duo: Enter a bossfight with two alive heroes and be victorious.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf: Enter a bossfight with a single alive hero and be victorious.
The Pixton Horror
The Pixton Horror: Defeat the inscrutable flying polyp.
Kill Death Himself
Kill Death Himself: Defeat the captor of souls himself.
Godmode: Finish the final campaign without a hero dying.