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Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville PS4

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Featuring over-the-top action that fans of previous Plants vs. Zombies shooter titles have come to know and love, players can jump down into Giddy Park for light multiplayer battles or use the social board to interact with other players and group up.
  • US October 18, 2019
  • EU October 18, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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  • 38 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
Progression: 9 of 51
Adjustment pixel Platinum: Get all trophies
Adjustment pixel Peaskeeper: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Peashooter
Adjustment pixel Overgrowth: Dish out 1,000 overhealth as a Sunflower
Adjustment pixel Earned Sun Jul 25 08:32:28 2021
Cactus Makes Perfect
Adjustment pixel Cactus Makes Perfect: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Cactus
Snack Time
Adjustment pixel Snack Time: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Chomper
Adjustment pixel Popped!: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Kernel Corn
Zest of the Best
Adjustment pixel Zest of the Best: Block 1,000 damage with Peel Shield as a Citron
Comin’ up Roses
Adjustment pixel Comin’ up Roses: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Rose
Mind the Cap
Adjustment pixel Mind the Cap: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Night Cap
Adjustment pixel Earned Sat Sep 14 06:45:44 2019
Barbecue, Anyone?
Adjustment pixel Barbecue, Anyone?: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Snapdragon
Going Totally Nuts
Adjustment pixel Going Totally Nuts: Earn 200 vanquishes as an Acorn
One-Boot Camp
Adjustment pixel One-Boot Camp: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Foot Soldier
Medical Miracle
Adjustment pixel Medical Miracle: Give 1,000 overhealth as a Scientist
Job Well Done
Adjustment pixel Job Well Done: Earn 200 vanquishes as an Engineer
Adjustment pixel DE-FENCE! CLAP-CLAP! DE-FENCE: Block 1,000 damage with a Dummy Shield as an All-Star
Adjustment pixel Earned Sat Jan 23 12:45:00 2021
Impossibly Impressive
Adjustment pixel Impossibly Impressive: Earn 200 vanquishes as an Imp
Adjustment pixel SuperB: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Super Brainz
Aye Spy with My Little Aye
Adjustment pixel Aye Spy with My Little Aye: Earn 200 Vanquishes as a Captain Deadbeard
Blast from the Past
Adjustment pixel Blast from the Past: Earn 200 vanquishes as an 80s Action Hero
Clearing the Dance Floor
Adjustment pixel Clearing the Dance Floor: Earn 200 vanquishes as an Electric Slide
One BIG Step for Zombies
Adjustment pixel One BIG Step for Zombies: Earn 200 vanquishes as a Space Cadet
Gone Camping!
Adjustment pixel Gone Camping!: Complete "Zombie Prepared" quest in Weirding Woods
Adjustment pixel Open-Minded: Complete "Becoming One With The Dumb" quest in Weirding Woods
dniweR ,dniK eB
Adjustment pixel dniweR ,dniK eB: Complete "Be Kind, Rewind!" quest in Weirding Woods
Sawing Logs
Adjustment pixel Sawing Logs: Defeat Dreadwood
New Sheriff in Town
Adjustment pixel New Sheriff in Town: Complete "Will You Be My Posse?" quest in Mount Steep
Podcast Subscriber
Adjustment pixel Podcast Subscriber: Complete "Treasure Hunt" quest in Mount Steep
Adjustment pixel Earned Sun Jul 25 08:43:57 2021
Truest Grit
Adjustment pixel Truest Grit: Complete "The Genuine Article" quest in Mount Steep
Cool It!
Adjustment pixel Cool It!: Defeat Major Problem
Hat’s All Folks!
Adjustment pixel Hat’s All Folks!: Complete "Baron-Palooza" quest in Sundrop Hills
Adjustment pixel Earned Fri Sep 13 13:21:32 2019
Urban Brawl
Adjustment pixel Urban Brawl: Complete "Fight Zentrificiation" quest in Sundrop Hills
Chums and Chainz
Adjustment pixel Chums and Chainz: Complete "I Treasure You" quest in Sundrop Hills
Adjustment pixel Earned Sat Sep 14 06:46:57 2019
Nighty Night Club
Adjustment pixel Nighty Night Club: Defeat Olds Cool
Classical Pea-anist
Adjustment pixel Classical Pea-anist: Play PvZ theme on piano (G# A G# A F D)
Zombie See Zombie Do
Adjustment pixel Zombie See Zombie Do: Get a score of 25 or higher in the Dance Hall of Obedience
Adjustment pixel Earned Sun Jul 25 09:00:16 2021
The Medal’s Medal!
Adjustment pixel The Medal’s Medal!: Collect 75 medals
Get Back out There!
Adjustment pixel Get Back out There!: Revive 10 allies
Adjustment pixel Earned Fri Jul 2 06:02:51 2021
Broken Ice
Adjustment pixel Broken Ice: Use 25 expressions
Adjustment pixel Earned Sat Sep 14 07:17:48 2019
Adjustment pixel Beans-Eye: Destroy 20 targets at target range
Good to Grow
Adjustment pixel Good to Grow: Spawn 25 pots
Adjustment pixel Build-A-Buddy: Spawn 25 bots
Myth Maker
Adjustment pixel Myth Maker: Vanquish 35 gnomes
Adjustment pixel Weeee!: Vanquish 25 enemies while on a Giddy Park ride
Paradise Paver
Adjustment pixel Paradise Paver: Vanquish 100 plants in PvP
Brainz Unattained
Adjustment pixel Brainz Unattained: Vanquish 100 zombies in PvP
Time to Seriously Go Outside
Adjustment pixel Time to Seriously Go Outside: Promote 20 characters to the rank of Master
Natural Twenty
Adjustment pixel Natural Twenty: Earn 20 multi-vanquishes using Roll for Damage as an Oak
Giddy Up
Adjustment pixel Giddy Up: Earn 20 vanquishes using Rocket Ride as an 80s Action Hero
Midnight Jog
Adjustment pixel Midnight Jog: Use Shadow Sneak for 1,000 feet as a Night Cap
Science Friction
Adjustment pixel Science Friction: Earn 20 vanquishes using Crater Maker as a Space Station
Tornado Fandango
Adjustment pixel Tornado Fandango: Earn 20 vanquishes using Disco Tornado as an Electric Slide
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