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Sonic Forces PS4

Sonic Forces

When things look their darkest, even heroes need a helping hand.
Sonic Forces is a Platformer-game for the   developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.
  • US November 7, 2017
  • EU November 7, 2017
  • JP N/A
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A Sonic Hero
A Sonic Hero: Earned every trophy.
A New Story Begins
A New Story Begins: Cleared Stage 1.
Your Own Story
Your Own Story: Created an Avatar.
Sextuple Trouble
Sextuple Trouble: Defeated Zavok.
Infinite Possibilities
Infinite Possibilities: Drove off Infinite.
Mean Egg Machine
Mean Egg Machine: Drove off Eggman.
For the Future
For the Future: Liberated a world.
Courage in Hand
Courage in Hand: Drove off Infinite again.
Hope: Turned the tide of the conflict.
Bonds of Friendship
Bonds of Friendship: Defeated Infinite.
Saved the World
Saved the World: Restored peace to the world.
Sonic and the Secret Stages
Sonic and the Secret Stages: Cleared all Secret Stages.
Sonic EXtreme
Sonic EXtreme: Cleared all EX Stages.
Reach for the Red Stars
Reach for the Red Stars: Collected all Red Star Rings.
Sonic Teaches Numbers
Sonic Teaches Numbers: Collected Number Rings three times.
Don't Lose Count
Don't Lose Count: Collected all Number Rings.
Silver Moon Mania
Silver Moon Mania: Collected Silver Moon Rings three times.
Our Rings are Your Rings
Our Rings are Your Rings: Collected all Silver Moon Rings.
Ring Enthusiast
Ring Enthusiast: Collected a total of 10,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)
Ring Collector
Ring Collector: Collected a total of 50,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)
Ring King
Ring King: Collected a total of 100,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)
Fighter: Defeated 1,000 enemies.
Warrior: Defeated 5,000 enemies.
General: Defeated 10,000 enemies.
Hooked on Wispons
Hooked on Wispons: Changed Wispons for the first time.
Way Past Cool
Way Past Cool: Equipped a part in every slot.
Running in Style
Running in Style: Used the Closet.
On a Roll
On a Roll: Achieved a soldier's highest honor.
Honor Roll
Honor Roll: Achieved highest honors with all races.
Global Allies
Global Allies: Utilized the Rental Avatar function.
Rivalry Begins
Rivalry Begins: Made it into the rankings.
A New Beginning
A New Beginning: Created your second Avatar.
Sonic Blaster
Sonic Blaster: Collected 10 Wispons.
Sonic Jammer
Sonic Jammer: Collected 30 Wispons.
Sonic Battler
Sonic Battler: Collected all Wispons.
Outfitter: Collected 50 parts.
Style Hog
Style Hog: Collected 100 parts.
Fashion Unleashed
Fashion Unleashed: Collected 500 parts.
You Got Them All
You Got Them All: Collected all parts.
Everyday Enthusiast
Everyday Enthusiast: Completed 3 Daily Missions.
Daily Devotee
Daily Devotee: Completed 5 Daily Missions.
Constant Connoisseur
Constant Connoisseur: Completed 10 Daily Missions.
Super Sonic Rescue
Super Sonic Rescue: Completed your first SOS Mission.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter: Completed 5 SOS Missions.
Nameless Hero
Nameless Hero: Completed 10 SOS Missions.
Up for Any Challenge
Up for Any Challenge: Completed all Challenge Missions.
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