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Rack N Ruin PS4

Rack N Ruin

Rack n' Ruin is an action adventure game featuring Rack, a demonic wizard with a flair for chaos and destruction.

Use a combination of malevolent magic, apocalyptic abilities, woeful weapons and insidious items as you journey across a vast open world. Ransack ancient dungeons, defeat hordes of heroic and unholy forces, battle a collection of behemoths and bosses, and discover the secrets of the land you seek to conquer. Watch your demonic powers grow as you enslave and corrupt the land, twisting fairytales into nightmares and turning paradise into pandemonium.

The wonderful hand-painted artwork within the game is created by former Blizzard artist Tyler Hunter, whose work you may have seen in World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Prey. Rack n' Ruin aims to recapture the magic of classic adventure games like Legend of Zelda and Alundra, while also drawing inspiration from modern indie titles such as the Binding of Isaac. It's a nostalgic yet fresh experience - a cheeky adventure that leads players on an enchanting journey.
Rack N Ruin is a Action-game for the   developed by LifeSpark Entertainment and published by LifeSpark Entertainment.
  • US March 31, 2015
  • EU April 29, 2015
  • JP N/A
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Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy: Collect All Trophies
Seed of Darkness
Seed of Darkness: Corrupt the first shrine.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer: Defeat Amon.
Pesticide: Banish Nihil.
Freedom: Escape the Crystal Prison.
Desecrator: Destroy the Goddess.
Bomb Swatter
Bomb Swatter: Hit a bomb with the Blade of Ruin.
Ninja Kitty's Demise
Ninja Kitty's Demise: Kill a Leopard Guardian without triggering the roll.
Speed Demon
Speed Demon: Beat the game less than in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Dependency: Use 10 Wisp Dusts.
River of Tears
River of Tears: Destroy a Water Elemental.
Lord of Death
Lord of Death: Kill 5000 enemies.
Lord of Greed
Lord of Greed: Earn 150,000 souls.
Early Explorer
Early Explorer: Find the The Groto secret.
Riddle Master
Riddle Master: Solve the vampiric ring riddle.
Enchanter: Enchant the amulet.
End Bringer
End Bringer: Finish the game.
Wave Rider
Wave Rider: Defeat all the wave spawners.
Champion of Darkness
Champion of Darkness: Corrupt all the shrines.
Otherworldly Peddler
Otherworldly Peddler: Fully stock Baba Yaga's shop.
Pyrophobia: Destroy Amon without using fire damage.
Self Preservationist
Self Preservationist: Destroy the Guardian without ever taking damage.
How Quickly They Fall
How Quickly They Fall: Destroy the Crystalized Hero in less than 105 seconds.
Biotechnic Disaster
Biotechnic Disaster: Destroy the Goddess without using abilities or spellbooks.
Cephalid Slaughter
Cephalid Slaughter: Destroy the Demon Governor using only the boomerang.
Body Trader
Body Trader: Resurrect Sally.
Sate the Hunger
Sate the Hunger: Feed the pile of gunk to Norbit the demon.
Champion of Light and Dark
Champion of Light and Dark: Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
Soul Collector
Soul Collector: Find all 10 Souls of the Innocent.
Master Key
Master Key: Unlock all key doors.
Hoarder: Collect all usable items, upgrade items, and ability upgrades.
The True Master
The True Master: Destroy Ruin without using healing items.