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Rascal Revolt PS4

Rascal Revolt

Rascal Revolt is a cooperative shooter set in a theme park in which you’ll have to take down the evil toys that stole all your candy.
Rascal Revolt is a Action-game for the   developed by Seamantis Games and published by Seamantis Games.
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Rascal Revolution
Rascal Revolution: Get 100% of the trophies
From zero to hero
From zero to hero: Complete all the Mission Mode objectives
Halfway: Complete half the rounds in Survival Mode
Survivor: Complete all the rounds in Survival Mode
Just in time
Just in time: Deliver the last bag of toffees during the last 5 seconds in Candy Greed
Greedy: Complete the Candy Greed objective
Center of attention
Center of attention: Let the same player deliver all the candy sticks in Capture the Sweet
Sweets before Christmas
Sweets before Christmas: Complete the Capture the Sweet objective
United we stand
United we stand: Unravel an easter egg with the help of 3 other comrades during the Easter Quest
Does anyone have a shovel?
Does anyone have a shovel?: Complete the Easter Quest objective
The value of sweet
The value of sweet: Complete the Golden Chocolate objective
Be careful
Be careful: Resist with more than 50% of the standard's life during the King of the Park
Resist: Complete the King of the Park objective
Revolution: Complete the Littles in the Middle objective
It was there, I swear it!
It was there, I swear it!: Interact 3 times in a row with the wrong top hat in Magical Lollipop
The last trick of the night
The last trick of the night: Complete the Magical Lollipop objective
Deflated: Complete the Shoot the Balloon objective
Candy explosion
Candy explosion: Defeat the Giant Piñata in The Duel
Party master
Party master: Defeat the Giant Clown in The Duel
I think you have a loose screw
I think you have a loose screw: Defeat the Gigatron in The Duel
Oversweet: Complete the Thief Piñata objective
Mr. Hugs
Mr. Hugs: Destroy 100 Big Teddies in total
Anti programming
Anti programming: Destroy 50 Robotrons in total
Strawberry flavour
Strawberry flavour: Destroy 5 B-Machines in total
Puppet Master
Puppet Master: Destroy 50 Puppets in total
Bouncing: Destroy 150 MadBalls in total
Full of sweets
Full of sweets: Destroy 1000 Piñatas in total
Cambré: Destroy 150 Fairy Dancers in total
Top of the Class
Top of the Class: Get a score of 30.000 in a game
Degree with Honors
Degree with Honors: Get a score of 60.000 in a game
Just once more, please
Just once more, please: Activate Sugar Overload for the first time
Sugar addiction
Sugar addiction: Activate 5 times the Sugar Overload during a game
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer: Defeat Flario
Invasion: Defeat R.U.F.O.
Pirate King
Pirate King: Defeat Captain Sweetbeard
Need help?
Need help?: Resurect a teammate for the first time
First Aid Training
First Aid Training: Resurect 3 teammates in a game
Teamwork: Make your first combo
Strenght in numbers
Strenght in numbers: Make 5 combos in a game
Lost Heirs
Lost Heirs: Shoot all the missing children posters in Camelot during the same Game
Letter of Marque
Letter of Marque: Shoot all the missing children posters in Port Calavera during the same Game
The best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy
The best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy: Shoot all the missing children posters in Crater Station during the same Game
Gotta find'em all
Gotta find'em all: Shoot all the missing children posters in Camelot, Port Calavera and Crater Station