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Razed PS4


Sprint through dynamic neon levels in the quickest time possible, employing skills such as super-speed boosts, mega-jumps, drifts, stomps and strafes to bypass obstacles and uncover shortcuts to propel yourself up the online leaderboards.
Razed is a Runner-game for the   developed by Warpfish Games and published by PQube.
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RAZED: Got all S grades
Clever clogs
Clever clogs: Found 5 upgrades
Dig your heels in
Dig your heels in: Unlocked Grip ability
Every now and then I fall apart
Every now and then I fall apart: 10 Smash deaths
firSt: Got first S grade for a level
Fleet of foot
Fleet of foot: Got first A grade for a level
Give it some wellie
Give it some wellie: Unlocked Boost ability
Give the slip
Give the slip: Drift for longer than 1 second
Gumshoe: Found first upgrade
Hop star
Hop star: Unlocked Jump ability
Moon boots
Moon boots: Get airtime of 2 seconds from a single jump
Put your foot down
Put your foot down: Unlocked Stomp ability
Really putting your foot down
Really putting your foot down: Boost for a total of 100 seconds
Rock your socks off
Rock your socks off: Got A grade for Down the Mines
Side step
Side step: Unlocked Strafe ability
Spring in your step
Spring in your step: Do 20 jumps
Stamp of approval
Stamp of approval: Do 100 stomps
Training shoes
Training shoes: Complete first level
Tread lightly
Tread lightly: Grip walls for a total of 10 seconds
Treading a fine line
Treading a fine line: Grip walls for a total of 100 seconds
A skyline redefineS
A skyline redefineS: Got S grade for A Skyline Redefined
Athlete's foot
Athlete's foot: Run a marathon
City sneakers
City sneakers: Got A grade for Destroy the Block
Clog: Got A grade for Into the Woods
DeStroy the block
DeStroy the block: Got S grade for Destroy the Block
Down the mineS
Down the mineS: Got S grade for Down the Mines
Falling into ruinS
Falling into ruinS: Got S grade for Falling Into Ruins
Fill your boots
Fill your boots: Found all upgrades
Freudian slip
Freudian slip: Drift for longer than 3 seconds
Green fingers
Green fingers: Kill 100 plants
High heels
High heels: Got A grade for A Skyline Redefined
Hot foot
Hot foot: Put out 100 fires
If the shoe fits
If the shoe fits: Unlocked Fusion mode
Into the woodS
Into the woodS: Got S grade for Into the Woods
Old boots
Old boots: Got A grade for Falling into Ruins
Parallax addict
Parallax addict: Do 100 strafes
Put your foot in it
Put your foot in it: Got A grade for Weird Science
Burn rubber
Burn rubber: Unlocked drift ability
Shoeper Sleuth
Shoeper Sleuth: Found 20 upgrades
The shoe Box
The shoe Box: Completed every level
Walking on sunshine
Walking on sunshine: Got all A grades
Weird science
Weird science: Got S grade for Weird Science