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Reverie PS4


Reverie is an action adventure game set on a fictional island in New Zealand, inspired by the legend of Maui and the Giant Fish where the demigod himself fishes up the North Island with a powerful fishhook.
Reverie is a Action, Adventure-game for the   developed by Rainbite and published by EastAsiaSoft.
  • US April 5, 2018
  • EU April 5, 2018
  • JP May 18, 2018
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Progression: 35 of 35
Tai of New Zealand
Tai of New Zealand: Collect all other trophies.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:23:49 2019
We All Need a Hobby
We All Need a Hobby: Look at the feather book.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:06:11 2019
Everything in its Right Place
Everything in its Right Place: Rearrange your inventory.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:20:21 2019
Mr Moneybags
Mr Moneybags: Acquire the maximum amount of coins.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:30:44 2019
There's a Time and Place for Everything
There's a Time and Place for Everything: Use the wheelshoes inside your house.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:01:39 2019
The Right Side of History
The Right Side of History: Eat a slice of pizza without pineapple.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:26:00 2019
Legend in Training
Legend in Training: Score a try.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:01:32 2019
Mr Millan, I Presume?
Mr Millan, I Presume?: Become a dog whisperer.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:15:57 2019
Walkies: Take Ruby for a walk to the beach.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:17:30 2019
You Know Them Well!
You Know Them Well!: Meet all three members of the Kiwi Krew.
Earned Mon Jan 7 11:55:31 2019
Why Aren't They Sleeping?
Why Aren't They Sleeping?: Discover the kiwi grove.
Earned Mon Jan 7 11:05:10 2019
The Land Before Time
The Land Before Time: Discover the tuatara cave.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:41:14 2019
The Rugby Conspiracy
The Rugby Conspiracy: Discover the secret rugby facility.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:42:17 2019
The Competition is Heating Up!
The Competition is Heating Up!: Beat the microwave at MicroPong.
Earned Mon Jan 7 11:03:40 2019
Where Does He Fit Them All?
Where Does He Fit Them All?: Collected every permanent inventory item.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:23:49 2019
Hoarder: Collected every quest item.
Earned Mon Jan 7 13:59:25 2019
Renegade Fighter
Renegade Fighter: Beat the highest score on StarBlazer.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:22:25 2019
Determination Beats Luck
Determination Beats Luck: Become the fisherman's lucky charm.
Earned Mon Jan 7 12:52:55 2019
Just Like Captain Cook
Just Like Captain Cook: Reveal every tile on the world map.
Earned Mon Jan 7 13:07:23 2019
Peace on Toromi Island
Peace on Toromi Island: Complete the game!
Earned Mon Jan 7 12:47:50 2019
You're Making Me Violent
You're Making Me Violent: Beat the bonus dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 13:59:25 2019
Ornithologist: Collect every feather.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:23:24 2019
Not Your Standard Weapon
Not Your Standard Weapon: Acquire the cricket bat.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:06:03 2019
Wind it Up!
Wind it Up!: Acquire the yoyo.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:26:28 2019
Nerf This!
Nerf This!: Acquire the dart gun.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:42:02 2019
Do You Want to Build a Sand Castle?
Do You Want to Build a Sand Castle?: Acquire the shovel.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:02:21 2019
Ain't No River Wide Enough
Ain't No River Wide Enough: Acquire the snorkel.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:19:41 2019
I Shall Call Him Stephen
I Shall Call Him Stephen: Acquire the pet rock.
Earned Mon Jan 7 11:24:01 2019
Gotta Go Fast!
Gotta Go Fast!: Acquire the wheel shoes.
Earned Mon Jan 7 12:52:33 2019
Stop Trying to Hit Me and Hit Me!
Stop Trying to Hit Me and Hit Me!: Acquire the cloak.
Earned Mon Jan 7 14:23:48 2019
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller: Beat the first dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 09:15:04 2019
Tree Climber
Tree Climber: Beat the second dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:00:08 2019
Beach Boy
Beach Boy: Beat the third dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 10:38:52 2019
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider: Beat the fourth dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 11:46:33 2019
Mountaineer: Beat the fifth dungeon.
Earned Mon Jan 7 12:46:24 2019