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Ryū ga Gotoku Kiwami PS4

Ryū ga Gotoku Kiwami

Ryū ga Gotoku Kiwami is an action-adventure game published by Sega.
Ryū ga Gotoku Kiwami is a Action, Adventure-game for the   developed by Sega and published by Sega.
  • US August 29, 2017
  • EU August 29, 2017
  • JP January 21, 2016
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Progression: 0 of 55
KIWAMI: Obtained all trophies.
When You Don't Pay Your Debts...
When You Don't Pay Your Debts...: Collected the money owed.
Things Will Never Be the Same
Things Will Never Be the Same: Completed chapter 1.
Turmoil In the Tojo Clan
Turmoil In the Tojo Clan: Completed chapter 2.
Funeral For the Old Ways
Funeral For the Old Ways: Completed chapter 3.
Mother and Child
Mother and Child: Completed chapter 4.
The Price of Life
The Price of Life: Completed chapter 5.
Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father: Completed chapter 6.
The Dragon and the Koi
The Dragon and the Koi: Completed chapter 7.
Puppet Masters
Puppet Masters: Completed chapter 8.
A Man's Conviction
A Man's Conviction: Completed chapter 9.
The Dragon Roars
The Dragon Roars: Completed chapter 10.
Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes: Completed chapter 11.
Legends Never Die
Legends Never Die: Completed chapter 12.
Thank You!
Thank You!: Completed the final chapter.
Dragon of Legend
Dragon of Legend: Completed the game in Legend Mode.
Half the Battle
Half the Battle: Completed 50% of the Completion List.
Perfectionist: Completed 100% of the Completion List.
Kiryu-chan!: Got chased by Majima.
Let's Fight!
Let's Fight!: Thug Majima forced his way into a fight.
Swing For the Fences!
Swing For the Fences!: Slugger Majima forced his way into a fight.
Break it Down!
Break it Down!: Breaker Majima forced his way into a fight.
Are Ya Havin' Fun Yet?
Are Ya Havin' Fun Yet?: The Mad Dog of Shimano forced his way into a fight.
Majima From Above
Majima From Above: Assaulted by Majima from above.
Majima From Below
Majima From Below: Assaulted by Majima from a manhole.
Goromi the Hostess
Goromi the Hostess: Met the mysterious lady, Goromi.
Majima On the Beat
Majima On the Beat: Met Officer Majima.
Majima of the End
Majima of the End: Met Zombie Majima.
It's Not Over Yet!
It's Not Over Yet!: Reached Rank B in Majima Everywhere.
The Dragon of Dojima Returns!
The Dragon of Dojima Returns!: Upgraded all Majima Everywhere abilities.
You'll Only Get Burned
You'll Only Get Burned: Completed "The Price of an F-Cup."
That's a Man!
That's a Man!: Completed "My Baby's a Showgirl."
Sonic Right Hook
Sonic Right Hook: Completed "Bet On A Champ."
An Answer Owed
An Answer Owed: Completed "Wife of a Yakuza."
Kidney Stones
Kidney Stones: Completed "A Doctor's Duty."
A Bad Business
A Bad Business: Completed "The Fake Mizuki's Truth."
She's Worth It?
She's Worth It?: Completed "Man On a Ledge."
Yui the Hostess
Yui the Hostess: Spent a steamy moment with Yui.
Rina the Hostess
Rina the Hostess: Spent a steamy moment with Rina.
Tell Me a Story
Tell Me a Story: Completed 10 substories.
Hero of the Story
Hero of the Story: Completed 30 substories.
Story of My Life
Story of My Life: Completed all substories.
Amon Defeated
Amon Defeated: Defeated Amon.
Death By Climax
Death By Climax: Completed all of the Climax Battles.
Komaki Style Master
Komaki Style Master: Completed all training for Komaki Style.
Take Back Those Ten Years!
Take Back Those Ten Years!: Obtained at least 10 Soul, Technique, and Body abilities.
Master of Body and Soul
Master of Body and Soul: Obtained all Soul, Technique, and Body abilities.
The Strongest Fighter
The Strongest Fighter: Won all tournaments in the underground coliseum.
Can I Call You?
Can I Call You?: Successfully asked a hostess out on a date.
Sexy Ron
Sexy Ron: Enjoyed mahjong with a hostess.
The Dragon of Pocket Circuit Reborn!
The Dragon of Pocket Circuit Reborn!: Won all Pocket Circuit races.
Throne of the MesuKing!
Throne of the MesuKing!: Won against all rivals in MesuKing.
What a Player
What a Player: Played all minigames.
Hand In Hand
Hand In Hand: Walked 1km during Premium Adventure while holding Haruka's hand.
Mister Master
Mister Master: Obtained EX Rank on Haruka's Requests.