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Shenmue III PS4

Shenmue III

Following the events of Shenmue II, teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki has reached Guilin, China in search of his father's killer, Lan Di. There he met Ling Shenhua, a mysterious girl who previously appeared in his dreams. After learning the legend of her village which foretells a united path between them, they embark on a new journey which will reveal their shared destinies. Lan Di will return, with a new antagonist Niao Sun.
Shenmue III is a Adventure, Role-playing game-game for the   developed by YS Net and published by Deep Silver.
  • US November 19, 2019
  • EU November 19, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Shenmue Hero
Shenmue Hero: Acquired all trophies
Wild Wild Plant Hoarder
Wild Wild Plant Hoarder: Collected all herbs in Bailu
Wild Wild Plant Master
Wild Wild Plant Master: Collected all herbs in Niaowu
Expert Herbalist
Expert Herbalist: Collected all available herbs
Rumored Rodman
Rumored Rodman: Fished in all spots in Bailu
Rumored Fisherman
Rumored Fisherman: Fished in all spots in Niaowu
Adept Angler
Adept Angler: Fished in all available spots
Angler Extraordinaire
Angler Extraordinaire: Caught 1,000 fish
Fat Cat
Fat Cat: Owned over 1,000 yuan
Village Tycoon
Village Tycoon: Owned over 5,000 yuan
City Magnate
City Magnate: Owned over 10,000 yuan
Novice Gambler
Novice Gambler: Owned over 20,000 tokens
Experienced Gambler
Experienced Gambler: Owned over 50,000 tokens
King of Gamblers
King of Gamblers: Owned over 500,000 tokens
Regular Shopper
Regular Shopper: Bought 10 items at a store
Super Shopper
Super Shopper: Bought 100 items at a store
Shopkeeper?: Bought 1,000 items at a store
Capsule Fan
Capsule Fan: Collected 5 series of capsule toys
Capsule Star
Capsule Star: Collected 15 series of capsule toys
Capsule Hero
Capsule Hero: Collected all series of capsule toys
Bailu Village
Bailu Village: Completed key tasks in Bailu
Niaowu: Completed key tasks in Niaowu
Good Karma
Good Karma: Completed all subquests
Babysitter: Completed a game of hide-and-seek
Scenic Point
Scenic Point: Climbed the bell tower
Gon: Trained under Sun and learned the Body Check
Jie: Trained under Bei and learned the Reverse Body Check
Dan: Saved the fortune teller from a drunk in the Promenade
Yi: Got back the bag that was snatched
Old Castle
Old Castle: Cross to the other shore in Niaowu to reach the old castle
Inseparable: Reunited with Ren Wuying
Verdant Bridge's Secret
Verdant Bridge's Secret: Heard an old story about Verdant Bridge
VIP: Acquired a VIP Card for the Golden Goose
Technique Master
Technique Master: Collected all skill books
Battle Master
Battle Master: Won against 36 people in the arena
High-Score Master
High-Score Master: Got the high score in all minigames
Chopping Master
Chopping Master: Split 1,000 logs of wood
Story Quest Pack
Long Time No See
Long Time No See: Completed "A Reunion With Zhang Shuqin"
Where Did Zhang Go?
Where Did Zhang Go?: Completed "Zhang's Disappearance"
Another One Bites the Dust
Another One Bites the Dust: Completed "The Blue Spiders' Poison"
We'll Meet Again
We'll Meet Again: Completed "Saving Mr. Zhang"
Chawan Sign Pilgrimage
Chawan Sign Pilgrimage: Signed Chawan Sign Paper at all locations
Three Years on a Stone
Three Years on a Stone: Spent over 100 hours waiting for Chawan Signs
Rice Cake from the Shelf
Rice Cake from the Shelf: Acquired Snake Power with Chawan Sign
Watch What You Eat
Watch What You Eat: Acquired Raw Oyster with Chawan Sign
Delicious Shaomai
Delicious Shaomai: Acquired Crab Shaomai with Chawan Sign
You're Not Going to Eat It?
You're Not Going to Eat It?: Acquired Peking Duck with Chawan Sign
No Can Opener!
No Can Opener!: Acquired Canned Corn with Chawan Sign
Where Is the Demand?
Where Is the Demand?: Acquired Monk Maniac with Chawan Sign
Big Merry Cruise
Completed Flower, Bird, Wind, & Moon
Completed Flower, Bird, Wind, & Moon: Completed Flower, Bird, Wind, & Moon challenge mission
Completed Roll it on Top
Completed Roll it on Top: Completed Roll it on Top challenge mission
Completed Lucky Hit
Completed Lucky Hit: Completed Lucky Hit challenge mission
Completed Frog Race
Completed Frog Race: Completed Frog Race challenge mission
Completed Turtle Race
Completed Turtle Race: Completed Turtle Race challenge mission
Save the Brats!
Save the Brats!: Rescued lost kids
For My Big Brother
For My Big Brother: Gave super rare figurine of "Star Girl" to Shi Baolin
Fancy Martial Artist
Fancy Martial Artist: Acquired all available clothing in the Sailing Venture
Battle Rally
Super Sprinter
Super Sprinter: Won 1st place in a Short Course
Marvel in the Middle
Marvel in the Middle: Won 1st place in a Middle Course
Long-lasting Legend
Long-lasting Legend: Won 1st place in a Long Course
King of Battle Rally
King of Battle Rally: Won 1st place in all courses
Bailu Chan Hunter
Bailu Chan Hunter: Found 80 Bailu Chan
Bailu Chan Maniac
Bailu Chan Maniac: Found 100 Bailu Chan
Bailu Chan Master
Bailu Chan Master: Found 120 Bailu Chan